Hi everyone, I was wondering how can I define a sprite's width and height?. I read the documentation page, but can't find the answer

Hi guys !

I'm wandering how to make the viewport follow a Entity in the scene ? when i just update the offset x and y to the entity x and y i have some... offset.
thx ;)

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Hi all, In Windows, I cannot run the examples in debug mode after building the source (debug build). Anyone has the same problem?

I'm still strangling to create game with multiple levels...
Could someone tell me if this is technically OK to have multiple Scene components in Game ? in order to have few game levels ? or should I find different approach to achieve this ?

( btw. in some cases with too many Scene's game crashes ;/ )

I was trying to look in to machines-vs-machines source but it looks like they implemented there own complete game engine... with PageLoader etc...

Any thoughts ?

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I'm trying to use Loader component in combination with pushScane() function in my game and just can't get it to work... any hints please ?


Any tips on how to use/access images or any other files in Bacon2D project ?
When I'm using Qt.resolvedUrl() i get error:

QML QQuickImage: Cannot open: qrc:///file_name.png

Also how can I get game to be run in landscape ?

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Hello folks!

Fallowing this tutorial I managed to create my very first game and I can play it on my desktop however I can not get it to work on device...

I can not push it straight to the device from SDK (error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10630862/ ) so I created .click package and push it to the store... that way I can get game installed on device, it starts but white screen is presented.

Any advice to junior game developer ? ;>


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Some screenshots from my 100balls ui_refresh branch, opinions?  +Riccardo Padovani what do you think?
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Hello everybody.

I have one promise: can anybody explain me (great to give an example) how to make curved edges?
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