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Peta in a nutshell

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The Trump ass wins . He is actually a threat for animal rights . His sons are into shooting Lions , trophy hunting . His advisor in the US Congress is an anti animal rights person . He is associated with an anti meat organisation .Also , he supports very horrific cruelty against animals for commercial purposes. I don't know why America has elected him..I actually don't know whether he will be healthy for America .But for sure , he is a hell not only for animals but the world as a whole. HE IS RACIST , he is insecular , a cheater , a joker and a woman abuser. I think Clinton should try to make a review . ....

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pls sign if you wish . Trust me , it has been initiated with a good perspective and a desire to help . Pks sign it . It is worth of it.
In the northern border with Pakistan , near Rajasthan in India the temperature is very high . It is so hot that in a village , a camel left tied in the sun whole day ate his owners’ head and killed him . This happened at the time when his owner remembered that he had left his camel tied in the sun the whole day and went to untie him . Army camels have also started behaving a bit aggressively with the soldiers . Such is the case that ‘camels’ – which are adapted to live in a extremely hot climate are behaving in this way . This surely means that the furious heat is very tormenting for the animals especially the army ones who have to face the tremendous heat whilst carrying the soldiers on their back for security reasons for long hours . This is totally unfair from our side on animals as we even stumble at 40°C or so and they have to face such a situation in 51 °C as well . It is also very impractical and risky to use animals which are furiated with the heat as a source for mobility at the border and that too for soldiers . It may be risky for their lives .
Thus , I have made this petition with the support of my friend Shlok Asher . An e-mail will be sent to many news editors , a few from Rajasthan and some of the top level news companies of India and might also ask for help and guidance from PETA . The purpose of this petition is to gather support . WE will ask the media to take this point to the responsible authorities , like the defence and the government of Rajasthan .
The solutions provided are ,
We can use robots for the purpose as a substitute to camels . As per a recent research done by me for a presentation on robotics , this field is one of the fastest and innovatively growing fields in the world .Robots can perform this task more safely and accurately than camels . My solution is not the only one. This solution might get denied and the authorities may bring some other solutions as well . But at least some valid response will be given by the authorities for this point .
Please note that this is not a complaint but a suggestion to the authorities .

Ok , my all peta hating friends , I m an animal rights activist at the age of 14 from India . Let us assume that peta is stupid and rude . But let's keep that concept away and think about the message they are spreading or just the severe pain the animals go through . Please please think with a practical mind . What is the fault of animals . Baby animals are killed in the worst conditions with sorrow of their dying parents . Please tell me one fault of those animals . Let's talk it out .

peta is stupid

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Me when PETA says that pokemon is animal abuse

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I hate peta so much PROUD MEAT EATER!!!!! But I still love animals

So glad to have found this group! I made a video dedicated to hating PETA!
I still cry laughing every time I see it!

I agree that PETA is extremely stupid. 
1. They say a CHILDRENS show (Pokemon) is abuse
2. They say not to abuse animals yet they draw them in an abused form (Pokemon: Black And Blue)
3. Imagine how they treat the animals off set
4. Some of their images are just plain perverted...
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