when you try to help and you are shutdown. it's a down ? or it's up ?
bottle half full/half empty :)

up. in the mountains.

I did not come to G+ (and leave Face) to be lectured on things like Gun control or Politics or Religion. 
I can't take the haters.

I am OoO until 1/2/13 .. so this is DEFINITELY a up :)

about up today with a nice run under a crisp cold sun.
usually a day with a run (or a swim session or a lonnnng ride) is a up day.

definitely down today. trying to make sense of insanity as much for lost souls as for understanding how some can still be in denial over violence and gun issues in the world and the US in particular.
enough death. it's already too late for talking now it's time for action.

today it's up. 
all systems green.

Try before it's too late.
Most mistakes can be fixed.
Most regrets are forever (and ever).
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