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I was walking on my way to the tent of telepathy curious about the Gleeful Twins but I wore a blue dress that doubles as a cloak that made me stand out like a sore thumb in the town and when i got there I bought a ticket and took a seat sighing I wonder what this is all about..... some fangirls start screeming about Dipper and i jolt in my seat spooked ((open to any))
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Name: Jennafire Springs
Nickname: Jenna
Age: 16
Gender: female
Likes: Art, music, singing, my naps, the night sky, magic, manga/anime, drawing, writing stories
Dislikes: bullies, tricks, lies, and name calling
Personality: Sweet and kind, loving, different, sees things with bright eyes, but if you get on her bad side well you might as well run for the hills or hide.
Bio: Jennafire is from a long line of music witches sadly her family was murdered but she doesn't know by whom. She in later years moved to gravityrises to start anew. Sadly she lives in the forest and has a little obsession with magic. She also likes Dipper Gleeful but not too much due to she can tell when someone's lying or putting up an act and he's always doing that.But for some reason she found a book with the #1 on it with a six fingered hand on it. So she's been as busy as a bee trying to figure that out. and So far she is starting to unravel the mysteries of gravityrises she can also travels between relms as her powers grow stronger during the full moon.
crushes: Bill cipher, Dipper gleefull, and Will Cipher.
Apperance: pitures below.
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Name: Maytrissa Cipher
Nickname: May
Age: unknow
Likes: hanging out with Dipper and Mabel Gleeful, and messing with Gideon Pines
Dislikes: loud people and being bored
Bio: She is an unknown cipher that loves being tricked in fun and tricking people.
Personallity :Smart, mysterious, and funny

Name:Evelyn Makara

Nickname:Ever after (by mable , candy and grenda) Evie ( by her friends)


Likes:Magic, outdoors , practicing archery,Reading , The mystery shack and the pines/ southeast family

Dislike: gleefuls family, tent of telepathy, Water and her parents

Bio:Everlyn is the oldest of 6 siblings that are all boys , she has grown up with being rough with her brothers and likes to stay away from her family. As the oldest she is expected to succeed with her life and thats a lot of pressure , Her parents want her to be a proper girl and act like a lady but Evelyn is nothing like that so she spends her time at the mystery shack working to avoid her parents. She has no friends and is usually bullied by candy, mable and grenda.

Personality: Tomboy, Funny , Smart , Bookworm, pushover, Clumsy

Apperance:Long Sandy blond hair , green eyes , Short but taller then Gideon , Freckles all over her cheeks, Pale skin with no other marks on it , glasses with thick black frames. Usually wears Converse, black jeans, Hair tied up in ponytail and red shirts usually with writing. Sometimes has band aids on her face due to being clumsy

Everlyn: Walks in to the Mystery shack with a stack of books , places them on the counter , pushes up my glasses and starts to clean the shop At least I'm not at home today

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Gideon's parents sent him to gravity to meet and spend time with his cousin Pacifica southeast. He arrived and....

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Name: Gideon Pines
Age: 12
Likes: Adventures, monsters, mysteries, the unknown
Dislikes: The Gleeful twins, Will Cipher, Tent of Telepathy
Bio: His mother and father decided he needed to socialize more and get some fresh air. So they sent him to Gravity Falls to visit his cousin Pacifica.
Personality: Shy, paranoid, smart
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Me and Gideon was looking around mystery shack I found a cool future looking thingy. I show gideon and began playing with it then well I pressed a button. It didn't seem like anything happend but then we seen a Mabel and dipper. But they looked kinda diffrent. (Open for some one to play as Gideon and dipper. May not respond quickly cause phone might die)
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Name: Cj Miles
Nickname: The multidimensional
Age: 16
Likes: .GIFFany, computers, inventing, the law, America.
Dislikes: Disorder. Criminals. Bill.
Bio: A citizen from Gravity Falls at one point, he fell asleep during a powerful, supernatural thunderstorm which caused his machines to malfunction. He was warped to Reversed falls.
Appearance: Brown greasy hair, and the most reflective brown eyes one would ever see.

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Name: Dipper Gleeful
Age: 12
Likes: the fans, his sister and precious Pacifica
Dislikes: Will Cipher, people in his way, Gideon
Bio: (Honestly I don't know what to put for the Bio)
Personality: During the show fun and sweet otherwise he's rude and smart.
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