They brought the machine to a town which doesn't allow Mr. Somali. Mr. Somali used to buy drowns on the river and fly them by people's homes and riddle them with questions about their religion. Were it not for Kafe and Ten explains the author how an atom could hide itself to protect it's own people, the cloak, while illegal if ill intent is involved, may have saved not only the author, Kafe and several others, but many more.

I walked straight until I saw that the stop sign was fixed. I walked past every police car we had in the budget to have on duty. I looked at 4 clocks. 1 at ground level, 1 at my wrist, one at 15 feet and 1 at the height 48 ft aproximately shorter than big ben is tall. I then walked past madison square gardens and any number of shops and hospitals. I took a right when I got the international territory. I continued to follow that street until I made my way to the Cleanest Wash and Dry. The sun had to be out and the sky had to be clean and blue and the moon, sun and stars had to be where they were. I could smell every restaurants quizeeeen from 3.2 miles away. I walked inside the restaurant and it seemed as though everyone was in some movie and nobody could see anybody except for the people that they didn't seem to know. I found the corner and the new machine to receive your earnings. Somebody called the cops with their brain and we knew it was about cocaine and in a matter of 1 hour the 24 hour wash and dry was closed up. Some say a man named Somali now owns the cocaine dealership and a man named Craig owns the cleanest dry cleaning business and a man named Kafe had his leg shot so many times, they couldn't even believe that they were still following the man home while they were driving red and blue and white Hndas...
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