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Biochemistry now criminal
2002 American medics published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer at one appointment. It works for all 200 cancers out there. As a HIUS induces sole content boiling, only in pressurise cell types like cancer. Body cells are not affected. Diabetes, heart disease... all totally cleared.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
My blogs go to Cambridge , Harvard, Manchester, Sheffield, London and Salford universities. Not one, has asked for any clarification on my ideas. Professor Weiner at Harvard suddenly retired – world expert on MS.
Every registered Dr. bought an 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device 16 years ago, to verified HIUS clears all 200 cancers out there. Every Dr. did. Not one cancer, was not cured by a single application of HIUS.
I use an 8 W 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device, as my medically licensed HIUS source. Clear all cancers at home in 1 minute.

I thought of this idea on my PH D into nuclear fusion, at Sheffield University 2001. I sent my idea off to my medical contacts, and my studies were suddenly ended.
I have read about the medical confirmation and my ideas 2010: sorry, I was busy writing and singing songs. So I wrote a book about all this.

Every professional Dr./Lawyer at the AMA/GMC... Confirmed HIUS 2002. And then was under the legal imperative to inform other doctors to abandon biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy and cancer surgery. Relying exclusively on HIUS. Not to have instructed other Dr.s to stop cancer drug prescription, removed their medical and legal registration.
Any Dr. not abandoning defective 20th century cancer ideas, the same day be struck off the medical register of doctors. But they carried right on, prescribing defective cancer drugs. Behaviour criminal according to their own Hippocratic oath
'To be informed of, validated and use new medical developments. Abandoning old, no criminal medical ideas.'' Hippocrates (c.460-370 BC) Hippocrates | Biography, Definition, & Facts |
Hippocrates: Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician who is traditionally ... for his ethical standards in medical practice, mainly for the Hippocratic Oath, which, ... His birth and death dates are traditional but may well be approximately accurate.

Every Dr. was individually charged with a validating HIUS. They all did. Then to prescribe defective cancer drugs, was the biggest deliberate homicide in human history.
Every professional member of the AMA/GMC ceased to be a registered a Dr. 16 years ago. They must return the last 16 years of medical wages; and get no pension. And all salary earned bt attending conferences or writing books, returned. And never practiced medicine again. It is the only ethical/legal thing to do.
Like all prescribing doctors, all members of the GMC hand themselves into the police, for criminal trial. And multi life jail terms. There patients can use the new practice nurse, to a HIUS they cancers, diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems... away.
All assisting nurses, who have helped administer cancer drugs over last 16 years also permanently excluded from medicine. To face criminal trial.
2002 biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapies plus cancer surgery all deffective medicine. All surgeons doing surgery, excluded from medicine. To face criminal trial. For medical mutilation and murder.
Every family GP, no longer a registered Dr. from 2002. 2012 I cleared a lawyer from the British Council of his inoperable late stage weather cancer, with 1 minute of my HIUS.
It will also clear brain and other cancers. It will clear lung cancer: 80% of the cancers out there. Clear by ½ minute of HIUS to each side the chest. No medication required. Or even legal.
The British Council stopped the payment of drug royalties to GP's. Doctors promptly left medicine. It was no longer economic. Without deliberatly murdering cancer patients, using defective biochemical treatments, medicine was not economic.
2016 the UK crown court recognized HIUS as the best and only legal medical treatment. All doctors suddenly stopped using biochemical treatments. And reverted to more defective chemo and radio therapy.
The legal judgment said HIUS was the only legal medicine for cancer. A one session total cure. Chemo and radio therapies were defective medical ideas from the 1950s. Superseded by a biochemical treatments. Totally criminal 2002.
Their use was superseded by High Intensity Ultrasound. The 2016 judgment, said HIUS was the only legal cancer medicine. It listed chemo and radio therapies as globally prohibited, a defective cancer medicine. No medical school allowed to teach cancer drugs for 16 years.
You can buy and use your own HIUS device. The only costs 13 UK pounds. Cure your own cancer at home. Never see a murderous cancer Dr. -who only wishes to poison you to an agonising biochemical death. And pay the Dr. loads of money.
Here in the UK the daily Times newspaper, published a 60 patient split trial 10 days ago. Which documented the 100% cure rate of HIUS. The other patients died in two agonising years, under chemo and radio therapies. Now globally prohibited medicine – dating back to 2002. Prescribing medics, not Dr.s for 16 years.
So for 16 years no registered Dr. Has been allowed to prescribe cancer drugs. Or the same day excludes them cells from medicine for life. Never to practiced medicine again.
All those doctors, who prescribed biochemical treatments, happily watched their patients die in two agonising years; totally avoidable deaths. No longer registered doctors. From the date of their first prescription.
No medical registration - all prescriptions criminal. Totally illegal. No registered pharmacist could ever half fill them: they are validated HIUS 2002.
No registered nurse could ever assist the cancer drug delivery. It is in contravention of their Nightingale pledge. They lose nursing registration - 16 years ago. All nursing practice, criminal since 2002.
Doctors abandoned biochemical treatments 2016. Yet not one Dr., who have prescribed them since 2002, was struck off. As the Hippocratic oath demanded.
Radio and chemo therapies criminal since 2002. When the use of HIUS was medically published, and personally validated by every Dr..
Doctors have continued prescribing cancer drugs, attending subsidised medical cancer conferences, and writing cancer books. All now criminal. The Dr. is struck off. And the monies from conferences and book writing returned.
Bookshops or medical publishers must instantly shred all cancer drug books out there. Now criminal medicine – purchasers can take the books to the book shop, and get their money back. Any medical student taught cancer drugs in last 16 years, never a registered Dr..
Medical practice criminal for life. All practicing G P's, are now the biggest collection of mass murderers in history. Their prescriptions illegal. Their medical practice criminal.
If you could see the doctors today, the individual behind his desk, has not been a registered Dr. for 16 years. Most will have happily prescribed defective biochemical treatments, up to 2016. And seen their patients die in agony.
Ask your GP about this. They should have struck themselves off 2002. Continued medical practice totally criminal. Biochemical prescriptions criminal from 2002.
HIUS to the bottom right of the chest for up to 1 minute, clears all diabetes. metformin and insulin, criminal medicines since 2013. When I've published the use of HIUS to clear type two diabetes. Type one takes the full minute.
All mental health problems, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, depression are cleared by ½ minute of HIUS to each side of the head. Just the once. Medically confirmed by every GP 2013. Mental health drugs criminal 2013.
HIUS to an arthritic joint, clears the arthritis totally. I use three applications. HIUS for ½ minute to each side of the chest, clears leukaemia, HIV and all infections.
AIDs is that simple to cure. No drug use ever required. Get your medical fees back today. Clearing all infective viral and bacterial infections, stops cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems and other conditions of age.
Athletes can use application of HIUS, 20 times, to repair their arms, legs and brain. To rejuvenate the best athletes out there. Maybe not to Olympic standard. But certainly for club level.
I mentioned above the use of HIUS for ½ minute, to each side of the chest to clear asthma. Asthma inhalers end up with trips to A&E, and patient death. They are as ever, defective and criminal medicine.
I cleared the arthritis of a diabetic friend. The doctors at Salford Royal, are still trying to find the appropriate diabetic medicine for him: his diabetes is cleared. The Hippocratic oath prohibits all diabetic medicine application to him.
He is searching around, for a Dr. prepared to give him pain killing arthritic injections. As every Dr., Is now reluctant to had minister such spurious medication. To do sir is to be instantly struck off for life.
Cures validated, 2013 at Saint Clement's church, Ordsall and the Quays. The leaders of the Christian church in Salford, have never been given the definitive, medically validated cure to all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and the rest.
The Church of Christ, can now give life to the world. Using a medically licensed beauty device. No additional Medical Insurance required.

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Smoking and use of Tobacco
Use of tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide. Nearly 6 million deaths every year are related to tobacco use in some form or other.

Nicotine can be used in the form of cigarettes, bidis, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes and Hookahs.

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Asthma or Bronchial Asthma is a common disease. About 75 % cases start in childhood before 10 years of age. A large no of patients stop having symptoms at the time of puberty and some may again have the disease in the later years. It is uncommon after 50 years of age. It can be troublesome, disabling and if not treated properly may be dangerous.
Asthma – 2nd Medical Advice
Asthma – 2nd Medical Advice

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#Dementia and #Hearing Loss are #linked
Hearing Loss is Now Linked to the Dementia. According to several studies, older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia, compared to those with normal hearing for more details visit this link

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Metabolic Syndrome
(Syndrome X, MetS, Insulin Resistance Syndrome)
It is being increasingly identified in the urban population. The importance lies in its association with risk of developing diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The incidence in South Asian Population during middle age groups is estimated at 30 to 40%.

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Water Soluble Vitamins

Thiamine B1
BeriBeri was known to the Chinese 5000 years back. However, the fact that it was due to Vitamin B1 deficiency was only known in 1926. This vitamin is found in nuts, legumes, yeast and rice (unpolished). It is not found in fruits, milk or vegetables. The meagre quantities found in these can be destroyed by cooking as well.
FREE 2nd Medical Advice / Opinion ONLINE

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Vitamins are essential parts of nutrition, required in small quantities for normal metabolism. These are not produced in human bodies and their deficiency can cause diseases. Vitamin D however, is an exception as it can be produced in the human skin.

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Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

Urgency or inability to hold urine for adequately long time
Precipitancy or voiding rapidly at times soiling undergarments
Frequency or repeatedly passing urine more often
Hesitancy or difficulty in starting urination
Feeling of incomplete evacuation of urine

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Tuberculosis is a worldwide disease. It was equally found in the western developed world until a century back. Better treatment, hygiene, case detection, prevention has decreased the incidence in the developed world. It is a common cause of prolonged illness and fatalities in the 3rd world. HIV had caused spread and increase in no of TB patients which are now declining.

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Important diet to relief from Arthiritis
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