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After I updated in my.galaxy.s5 with lollipop (6.0.1), hebrew font changed. Is there any way of.restoring the original font?

I am in-love with this app. really cant wait to see what you have planned for it. most detailed app ive seen, would kick butt on PC too. hint hint ;)

Where did the Weingreen Hebrew lexicon come from? So far as I can tell, Weingreen never compiled one. Was this information gleaned from his grammar text?


At one point you were planning to release tools so we could contribute modules. Did you ever do that?

What aload of crap

Something seems to have gone wrong in Matthew 1:6 in SBL Greek NT. Second half of verse is missing, which is not the case on the SBL Greek NT website.

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Column adjustment problem -- screenshot

It looks like I didn't get the entire screen, but I did. The entire status bar is showing. This is what it really looked like.

Michal, I'm having trouble understanding the concordance search results. I did a Hebrew lexicon search for "satan" (Hebrew שטן). The Strong number is 7854, and all of the lexicons report the 27 occurrences found in "modern" Hebrew texts.

When I did a concordance search in the BHS, I only found one occurrence (Ps. 109:6). When I did a concordance search in the WLC, I found 23 occurrences. I used the Strong number 7854 in both cases.

The BHS is supposed to be a transcription of the WLC, so I'm puzzled about that discrepancy. Both are supposed to be faithful to the Masoretic text, so I'd expect that they would both have the 27 occurrences listed in the lexicons.

Each time I was either linking directly from the Strong number, as shown in the lexicon entry, or opening a concordance and searching for the Strong number.

I get even different results if I search the BHS using the Hebrew word. That returns five citations. I know that's not right, either, because that Hebrew word appears many times in Job alone.

In Job, the word is preceded by the definite article; but I thought the Strong number was supposed to ignore that. In many of the other places it stands alone, so it should definitely be found.

I tried searching the various English Bibles, with equally confusing results.

I used a completely different application, with a modern Hebrew text, and it did, indeed, come up with 27 occurrences. That application uses a relaxed search, so it found places where the word שטן appeared with the direct article, with a preposition, or without. Without a definite article, it means simply "adversary"; with the definite article, it seems to be used only as a title. Either way, though, I'd expect 7854 to find them all.

What am I missing?

Perhaps I've missed it, but I don't see any way to change the column widths in the Bible Reader module.

I'm asking because, on my phone, rotating the screen to horizontal and back sometimes messes up the column widths. Rotating it back and forth again seems to fix it, but that got me to thinking about controlling the column widths.
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