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We are just a few short days away from once again testing our aim for the honor of the Barony companies!  As we head into the event, just a few “short” items from the autocrats…

For the Company of Bowmen, if you are seeking to buy into the Company, there is a cost of $4 (to cover the cost of baldrics).  Due to time constraints, the baldrics will be made available after the event.  However, there will be gold coins made available to any who wish to become a member of the Company, to be paid to the Company during the day.  Please see Erica in the gate area to obtain the coins and participate in the Company! 

Throughout the day, we will also be looking to update the Company rosters.  Please look for Erica on the range or near gate (she will be in a red dress with a black sneud) to help us stay up to date!

We have a tasty dayboard provided by the lovely Orlando dei Medici!  Items to include bread (with gluten-free options), cheese, hummus, eggs, pork loin, ham, beef, chicken, dried and fresh fruit, roasted Brussel sprouts, and candied ginger!  For a complete menu or questions about dayboard, there will be a menu listing at gate, or feel free to email the autocrats. 

Our schedule for the day is below.  Please note there will be a brief morning court before the competitions begin for their Excellencies to greet participants, presentation of the charters, and for new Company members to present themselves:

9am – Site opens, gate open

10 -11am – Range check in, warm up shoot

11am-1pm – Short distance shoot

1pm – Dayboard available, long range practice until 2pm

2-5pm – Long range shoot and timed end

5:30pm – Afternoon court

Finally, we are still interested in volunteers.  Particularly, Their Excellencies are looking for a herald for their courts!  Please contact Their Excellencies or the autocrats if interested.  


Please send any questions or comments to the autocrats!  Thank you, and see you Saturday!

-Nora and Erica

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Archery this weekend (Oct 15), in Carolingia, at "Otter's Welcome" ( If you know someone who wants to learn, this is the place to be. Also open to experienced archers.

So, I just got a crossbow, and I need some (ok, a lot) of advice.

The crossbow is a period style with a rolling nut, and draws 80 lbs @ 8 in. Leather wrapped aluminium prod with a hard wood shelf.

So the questions:

1) How does waxing a crossbow string differ from waxing a handbow string?

2) How do I care for the shelf? What steps should I take to reduce friction from the string dragging across the shelf?

3) Any suggestions for making a stringer for the prod, as I don't want to leave the crossbow strung all the time. (Unless there is a reason to keep it strung all the time)

4) I would like to make my own bolts for the crossbow. My local barony has a couple of people who teach how to make arrows for handbows, but they have admitted not knowing how to deal with spline weights for crossbows. Any information on making bolts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help.

Please read. please keep in mind that our Kingdoms currently have no way to recognize masters of their martial form (as well as other PLQs) as a peer. This is not a combat peerage, it is a martial peerage. A master bowman should no more be recognized for their calligraphy, than a rattan fighter should be recognized for their gambison making. Judge them worthy on their skill and PLQs, not whether they can beat someone else. Like the Laurel, calligraphers are not asked to compete with weavers before consideration, nor should a candidate for martial peerage.

Again please read below. Thank you for your time. #martialpeerage #valiance

Greetings Cousins!!

I got to the BoD Meet and Greet at Gulf Wars... and will add a couple thoughts to the fine report Rufus Tenstone of Calontir ( Dennis Brewer ) already gave on it.

3 of us talked, me (Meridies), Rufus and Halldor Skaptason (both of Calontir) and Russ Sheldon of Ealdormere were there. I don't know if anyone else was there representing Martial Peerage.

As stated, there were about 40 people in attendance. The host was Duke Cuan (Arthur Donatio). He was very vocally against our peerage...also repeatedly said he was leaving the Board in Oct. His view is that the archery is not on the war field and should not be a peerage. But he did NOT mention siege and combat archery. He did say 'in archery, they "just" hit a target.' Very condescending. He also said, 'some kingdoms don't have thrown weapons, or equestrian, or ???' As if that is a reason not to have a peerage. They want to see numbers.....and emails (no form letters).

Regardless, and even though he is leaving the BoD in Oct, his view is rampant in the Society. Just because a kingdom perhaps does not have siege or thrown weapons or one of the others, does not mean someone should be denied. He and others who think like him have faulty reasoning. I know Laurels who do something that no one else does in other Kingdoms and they got a Laurel: Kite making, Vexillology (flags), etc.
(ALL things had a 'first'.)

Bottom line, he and others don't want this.

What they don't understand is EVERYONE should have a path to Peerage if there is a viable activity that the SCA conducts. That is like being in the Boy Scouts...and everyone can do archery....but there is no badge for it, no matter how good you are.

Duke Cuan also said, (paraphrase) 'The rapier people were still good, whether they had a peerage or not.' Inferring...we can be good...we don't need to peerage to say we are good.
Again, faulty reasoning.

Some Solutions:
- We need to have one person from each Kingdom, in this group, who will commit to contacting all Kings and heirs (and other royals as they can) and personally send them the beautifully written Order of Valiance Proposal (up in Files). I would make sure they see the names on the steering committee.

- Teach a class on the Proposal at events by just reading through it.

- At Gulf Wars, there were no classes on Siege, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Combat Archery... I remember seeing a couple things related to horses.
We can offer to teach classes at events for a more visible presence and to help people decide if it is something they wish to get involved in.

- Be more visible at events... walk around with your quiver, arm brace, horse (ha, ha), park your siege weapon at your camp at non-war events - that would be a conversation starter. Make mini-siege weapons and fire marshmallows. Make a banner, make a belt favor, wear a necklace with the Omnibus badge, etc.

- Post the proposal on your FB page every couple of months, just in case someone has not read it.

- Post pictures of equestrian, siege, TW, archery, combat archery on your kingdom FB and on your FB.

- Write to the BoD and to Royals personal stories of people you know and even your own story... if you have any titles, be sure to throw them around....

-So those are grassroot things...but honestly, in the SCA, we need support from the top.... Royals, Peers, to make this happen...Why? Because they are the ones who make the decisions in the SCA... as far as I know everyone is a Peer or Royal on the BoD. Beseech them.

- Need your ideas also.

- I will be working on a flyer later today and will post here for comment..and if it is OK, we can make copies and give to people.

Some people talked to me later at the event and said, "Well, it took rapier 8-10' But I don't think this needs to take more than a year to happen.

So, give 'em what they want..emails on a regular basis while they are working on procedure.... AND get to the next BoD Meet and Greet....they are at major events.... WE NEED SOMEONE TO KEEP US POSTED ON WHEN THE MEET AND GREETS ARE AND THE TIME (Closer to the event)...who can do that?

So there are passive things we can do and non-passive things... and even if you do not 'talk' at a Meet and Greet.... if it scares you ... JUST GO to represent...they do introductions.. they want to see numbers.... just introduce yourself and say you are there because of your concern for the Order of Valiance......

In Service to the Dream,
Cynthia du Pont
Live Weapons Marshal in Meridies,
former TW Marshal in An Tir
(I do archery...actually won a Walk in the Woods shoot in proudest moment, and specialize in setting up TW ranges.)

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Warrants, Forms, and Marshals, OH MY!! A tale of ones path from the swampy depths, to the cloud kissed soaring heights!

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Okay, Barony Beyond The Mountain's Summer Solstice Shoot is set.  All the targets are made, the score sheets are ready, the weather man said it will be a gorgeous day.  All we need now is YOU!!!

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For 2015, our May Faire event came in conflict with another, near by event, so we moved it to June, and are calling it Summer Solstice Shoot. We have one, bow string making, class, and lots of archery, including our Baronial Championship.  Competition targets will be at 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60 yards, and a 90ish - 100ish yard clout.  RR will be available for those who want to work on their ranking, or just practice, and there will be several silly/novelty targets for beginners and novices to use for practice.  There will be NO loaner equipment available, you will need to bring your own. When/Where: Sat, June 20, HSC Community Center, 370 Osgood Ave, New Britain, CT.
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