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If you're looking for a list of traffic generation strategies, then this post might help you achieve traffic increase on a monthly basis.  
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Santosa Laksana

How Tos & Tips  - 
Hello Google Authorship.
A few days ago, I have made post here. But, until now still have not get answer or advice from others related in my case. And then, how to I can get response on here? Please..
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Hi guys, Just sharing my  how-to, I mention how I believe Google Authorship has helped me grow to get 40 million pageviews in Google +, surpassing Larry Page even when I only have about 800 followers.
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Speaking of using images to get views. How should I upload pictures to G+?
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Brian Kuhn

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Any authorship and seo tips on posting infographics to a site? Thanks
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+Ben Carew although I think slide share is becoming a platform for consumption of info graphics. It also fits into the people' behavior on the platform. Moreover slide share is also a good lead generation platform. It goes back to the question of - what platform best suited for what kind of content and objectives.
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+Sachin Bansal all of which has been true for three years now.

Your last sentence is only one of a great many problems with why Google isn't anywhere near to implementing "author rank" as a direct ranking factor. For more see my
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I've had a few people ask me about setting up Authorship on Medium and figured there might be more people out there that also want to know how to set it up. 

+Medium wrote a brief article on how it is done.

I hope this helps anyone else seeking clarification.

Read it here:

#authorship   #googleauthorship   #medium   #googleauthorrank  
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How to setup your Google Authorship for your website

Got Google Authorship? You should. Did you know that sites that have author images displayed in search results enjoy higher click-through rates? They also tend to rank higher.

Check a step by step guide here:
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Useful video :-)
Use the rel=author tag on your blog:

This is called setting up #Google Authorship and means you can have your photo next to your articles in Google search results.
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Already things look different on Google+ since you posted this info! After getting to your profile page, look for the tab About just under your profile description and cover photo. From there you can add the link to your blog's about page.
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My Google Authorship Photo Disappeared But I Got it Back

In January, my Authorship photo disappeared from my blog posts in search engine results. After some research I realized the main culprit was incorrect SEO WordPress plugin settings. Changing the settings wasn’t the only solution I had to do. Read this mini case study to see all the steps I took to get my photo back including seeking advice from +Mark Traphagen

I’d like to thank Mark , +Eric Enge +Samuel Scott and this community for providing me with the necessary resources and support to restore my photo to all of my blog posts in search.
#seo   #googleauthorship  
My Google Authorship photo disappeared from search engine results due to incorrect SEO WordPress plugin settings. This case study explains how I got it back.
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+Mary Iannotti Yes, I did, but they don't show.
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Kevin Getch

How Tos & Tips  - 
+Mark Traphagen and many others inspired me to write this post mainly for our clients to better understand what's going on with Authorship as well as what they can and can't do to influence it.

How to Establish Yourself as an Author Google Wants to Promote

This started out as a post titled, " Your Google Authorship Picture Disappeared... Now What?" and after I started writing it I realized that while the headline was timely with Google's recent reduction in authorship I wanted to focus on something that would stand the test of time: How to establish yourself as an author Google wants to promote and one that people love..

Anyways, understanding that the intended audience is for more of a mid level user I would love any feedback (positive/constructive). Have a great day!
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Thanks +Andrew Palmer for the feedback! I hope it helps your friend.
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2 Easiest Ways to Show & Hide Authorship Selectively

1. If you are using a plugin (like Yoast) that displays authorship automatically-- Create a new WordPress user with nothing filled out in the user profile but your name. (You'll need to have two email addresses for two profiles, but you can have two under the same name.) So that you can easily differentiate, you should probably use your middle initial or a nickname on one of them. Then, simply go to your posts and pages, click "quick edit" and change the author to the "empty author" that has no Google+ connection. (but will still display your name, if your blog displays a byline.)

2. If you are not using a plugin for authorship, then watch the video below and learn how to use the Widget Context plugin. Even if authorship isn't important to you, or you've got authorship covered-- I would recommend installing Widget Context on most WordPress blogs. It's free and you can find it here: (or through your WP dashboard)

#authorship #wordpressplugins  
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Thanks +Michael George +Jeff George  I've learned that nofollow did not cause issue with authorship back in November but things have changed since then, if a user adds the nofollow to the rel="author" tag authorship will no longer verify.
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John White

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Ever wonder how to get your article featured by an editor on LinkedIn?
Does your inbox ever get flooded with people asking you the same question over and over? Well mine has been lately. There is a very hot topic out there that is
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Thanks for the +s!
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Twitter chat : Make the most out of Google Plus Interactions
Join us tomorrow on Twitter for the #VCBuzz chat. We will discuss topics related to the Google+ authorship and more generally about how to increase interactions when you are a content author.

More info :


Host : +Ann Smarty 
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Don't know if this is a really obvious comment (apologies if it is), but I notice you can get some really good Authorship insights from Google Webmaster Tools under the 'Labs' section. A good reporting tool.
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Thanks for the info. My intent as new to to circles is learning the process and improving my writing skills enabling me to bring note worthy subjects for discussion.
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Mark Traphagen

How Tos & Tips  - 
Google Authorship Working for Slideshare Again

Last year I announced that it was possible to verify a connection between your Slideshare profile and your Google+ profile in order to qualify your slide decks on +SlideShare for Google Authorship. 

But shortly after that Google stopped showing authorship snippets for Slideshare results. Now they are back as you can see from my screen capture below.

It is very important that people know that just setting up authorship successfully for any site does NOT guarantee that an author photo will show in search. Google decides algorithmically when it is best to show such results for a particular searcher for a particular query. We should not lead people to believe that it is automatic simply by following all the right steps.

Also, I believe Slideshare still has some minimum number of followers for your Slideshare profile before they will activate Google+ verification.

For instructions on connecting your Slideshare to your Google+, see
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wow... nice info. I will try to make a slideshare profile to promote my blog contents. Thanks +Mark Traphagen 
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Hi Everyone

Google Authorship Not Working?

+Craig Fifield just released a comprehensive post for Troubleshooting your Authorship & Publisher Setup 

Key Points Covered:

Where Should Google Authorship & Publisher Appear?
Testing Google Authorship
Testing Google Publisher
How to see your Google Authorship Photo
Troubleshooting Your Configuration

Craig also wrote two excellent posts for implementing the authorship tag so it appears only on pages suited for authorship.

Implementing Tag Manually:

Implementing Tag with the Yoast Plugin (Craig updated the post after the latest Yoast Plugin update):

#authorship   #googlepluspagestips   #googlepublisher  
0 Flares 0 Flares × Once you’ve set up Google Authorship (or Publisher) on your blog (or you’re wondering why you don’t see your photo in the search results) you need to test your configuration to ensure it’s working properly. It’s important you know how to test your configuration since many plugins and approaches for …
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Thanks for sharing this +Grace Massa Langlois, I'm glad you find my work useful! :)
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A presentation on Author Rank I did today.

Disclaimer: It is in Dutch.
Introduction to Google Author Rank and the Authorship Tag 2014
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Hi Dimitri, welcome here
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Mark Traphagen

How Tos & Tips  - 
All the Basics of Google Authorship

In this one hour HOA I answered all the most basic questions asked about Authorship: What it is, how you get it, what it does, and why you'd want it.
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+Mark Traphagen thanks again
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Something I wrote in late November about getting going with Google+ and Authorship for academics. Comments and questions from group members are welcomed (and in fact encouraged!).
A piece I wrote for the +Chronicle of Higher Education online branch Vitae about how academics can put Google+ and Google Authorship to use in their public outreach work. In addition, I like to think that it is a decent all-around introduction for anyone interested in making use of Google's social media platform and their Authorship feature.

My thanks to +Patrick Clarkin, +Jason Baird Jackson, and +Kristina Killgrove for their impressions and comments as I worked on putting the piece together.
It's not the most-trafficked social network, not by a long shot. But if you're looking to improve your public profile, you'll want to take advantage of the way it integrates with Google Search.
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+Daniel Mulder "But it can only get better this way right?" I concur!
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Brian Jensen

How Tos & Tips  - 
Author Stats: Your Authorship Companion Tool

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big fan of Author Stats.  I’m 100% addicted to analyzing how the content I publish, for which I’m the verified author, is performing in Google’s organic search results.  

With the recent introduction of new and improved “Clicks” accuracy in the Author Stats reports, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to create a what, why, and how guide for using the tool.

In my post you'll learn about the following:

> Accessing your personal Webmaster Tools account
> What it means to be a "verified author"
> The metrics available in the report
> Establishing Authorship
> Filtering options available in the report
> Content formats that may appear in your Author Stats report (including Google+ posts).

Read the full post here now:

What metrics available in the report do you find to be the most meaningful and or actionable?

#authorstats   #authorstats  
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You're very welcome +Anna Phommatham , I'm glad the post was useful!
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