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Minecraft: Diary of a Jake Minecrafter Book 1: Minecraft Diary of a Jake in a New Minecraft Self Adventure World (Unofficial Minecraft Book) (minecraft building, minecraft handbook, minecraft bundle)
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Mirvan Wondracek

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One App you should not live without - Guaranteed to change your life
Read God’s Word at anytime, anywhere using the YouVersion Bible App. Share Scripture with friends, highlight and bookmark passages, and create a daily habit with Bible Plans. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.
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LinkedIn can provide a lot of value to both your and your business, but only if you use it responsibly. Do so by avoiding the LinkedIn errors covered in this video.

My latest post:
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Hello World

#include < iostream.h >
//tells compiler to include std input output header file.

int main()
cout<<"Hello world\n";
//prints Hello world on user screen
return 0;
//return the value zero to the OS.

Download this app for more programs and tutorials
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Kelvin Stiles

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On Instagram, people follow celebrities, get DIY inspiration and are visually transported to new places - while on Facebook, the primary appeal is connecting with family and friends.

According to Facebook IQ Researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano, the main finding of the report was that Facebook better satisfies people’s need for empowerment, recognition and connection, while Instagram more strongly fulfills their desire for fun, relaxation and discovery.
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Ravi Chahar

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Customer service via social media adds value to the reputation of the company if they utilize its use at it's best. Using social media for customer service.
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Thanks +Vanessa Workman 
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Moss Clement

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Seeing results in your social media campaigns is important but do you know what it actually takes to see those results? Here is a bird's eye view of #SocialMediaManagement and things you should consider before creating that next post.
Many people think that social media simply involves posting content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, as social media continues to grow and develop, it involves much more than tha
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Merry Christmas to all
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Eren Mckay

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Ravi Chahar

LinkedIn  - 
To become a LinkedIn professional you should know about the tips for a professional LinkedIn profile. These killer tips can give you a boost.
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Moss Clement

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Hey guys, I wrote an awesome blog post on marketing tools that you can use to build your instagram account.

These tools have helped me tremendously with building my IG Account (which you can follow @retirewithjames) and I'm sure that it will do the same for you.

If you're doing instagram marketing, then you need these 5 tools if you want to be effective at it. Read it and start applying these tools today.
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About this community

This is a community for business owners who want to learn how to grow their businesses in today's social world. I am very passionate about the fact that 'you can do' social media! Looking forward to connecting and building an amazing community here on Google+! This is NOT the place to spam your personal links.

Lilach Bullock

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Want to save time and get better results from your social media? Check out my latest blog post on the 10 top social media automation tools to learn how to automate more of your daily social media tasks - read it here and please share if you've found it useful :)
Want to simplify your social media marketing? Save time when posting updates? Lilach Bullock shares her top 10 favourite tools to automate your social media
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Lilach Bullock

Discussion  - 
What will the social media marketing landscape look like in 2017? Will it be live video or virtual reality to rule this year? In my latest blog post, I share my top predictions for social media marketing in 2017 - check them out here and please share and let me know what you think is going to rule in social media this year :)
What is the social media marketing world going to look like in 2017? Lilach Bullock explores the top trends that are likely to impact social media this year
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Irfan Ahmad

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Linkedin marketing tips for social media markers.
LinkedIn: Best Practices for Marketing Professionals
Read it all here:

#LinkedIn is mostly recognized as a medium friendly to those who have a mindful brand personality; which in no way is a restriction for brands with a playful personality. In fact, playful brands can capture more eyeballs as they have a larger scope for innovation. Nonetheless, marketers need to keep in mind that LinkedIn is going to remain a professional network and some prudence is required to maintain its integrity. In the following article we will discuss best practices to be a #LinkedInmarketing Pro.

#infographic courtesy of: +Sprout Social

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #SMM
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Since I’m an online teacher and I have my Master’s in Education Technology, I have some valuable insights as to how you can do this.
First, find out if there is a definite crowd of people that want to learn the language you desire to teach. If you know where these people hang out, you might want to ask them what their particular needs are.

While you are doing that, you’ll probably find out who your competition is and how well developed their education system is and method of delivery. This will tell you how much of a battle you’re going to have to fight to gain your market share.

After you’ve done a lot of research, you need to figure out things like how you are going to deliver your course material to your students. There are a couple of online delivery systems you can get and they will charge you per person that signs up for your course.

You can get a lot of information on educational delivery systems here:
You will want an interactive site that charges you a little per month per person. I’ve stumbled across some great education delivery systems just by surfing the Internet. There are more and more of them every day and they are quite affordable.

Once you figure that out you’ll want to design the course. If you are in a hurry, get a couple of text books from Amazon and see how the language is taught. If you aren’t an educator that understands Instructional Design, this would be the best way to go.

At any rate, you’ll need to design your course and materials before you start teaching. (Yep, there’s a reason why teachers do lesson planning 1 to 2 weeks ahead of schedule.)

However, when you design a course, you’ll also want to outline the entire thing before you start creating the content, video lessons, etc.
Despite all of the course delivery systems you see online like Lynda and Udemy, it is not easy to create courses on every subject. Language follows a certain syntax and you have to be sensitive to the pedagogy (fancy educator word for “method”) involved in the process.

Do not be deceived by a lot of the information type products you see out there. I have seen some video courses and online products that were great (like Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogger course) and I have seen some expensive courses that really sucked.

Anyway, I hope you haven’t been discouraged by this, but there is a pant-load of work to be done on the front end if you really want to do this.

God Bless, and Happy New Year!
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Bohdan Dovzhnyy

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Don't know what to do with your social media? Here is SMM check list - all "what to do's" in one place.
What to post?
Where to post?
and How to post?

These are questions every brand is asking itself. VA from Europe decided to ease your work and prepare a special Check List on the base of it's own experience.

Try to follow these rules, they may help you in your promotion strategy.

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Moss Clement

Social Media Tools  - 
RT @Digi_Squared “5 Social Media Best Practices for 2017” by @salesforce via @youngheike
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Mark “Elmo” Ellis

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In case you havent heard, building a tight, targeted list is the way to go if you want to make enough money to create a living income and beyond.

Next to traffic building this step should be your overriding priority from day one. Which is why before you even start youll need to decide what niche you are going to be operating in. Without that crucial first step, youll be dead in the water.

Marketing strategies like list building require planning, hard work and a strategy - However, the long-term benefits are tremendous!

Ill tell you why I believe a customer or email list is important. Ive related this story once before, but it bears repeating.

I once worked a summer for an Internet marketer that was doing very well for himself.

Wow, what an eye opener.

One day, while I was working on one of his hundreds of websites, we got into a conversation about what made him so successful in his Internet marketing endeavors.

He basically told me what I had already heard a hundred times in other places, but it bears repeating.

The money is in the list. Your list is absolute gold. If you learn one thing from me, remember, the list is gold! (Emphasis added.)

So, I guess you could draw from that conversation that a list is kind of important. I mean, when someone successful leaves a hint like that you might not want to ignore it.

Why You'll Need to Have a List Building Strategy

However, building a list is not easy. Just like anything else in business, you have got to have a plan and then execute it. This is probably going to be the most important part of your overall marketing plan, and you need to focus on working it daily.

In order to make this as simple as possible, we will take this step by step. This will also help you implement this strategy as quickly as possible.

Just keep in mind what Edison said, The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Step 1 - Determine your target audience.

If you dont know who your niche audience is, youre going to have a very rough time writing messages or a series of emails to them that they can relate to. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

So, if you dont have a niche market youre targeting, then you need to sit down and decide what niche you are going to operate in. If you have absolutely no idea how to do this, there are loads of resources on the Internet to help you do this research.

Step 2 - Determine your email marketing objectives.

Once you know, love and understand who your target market is, you can then decide what youre going to do with your campaign. Here are some questions that you may want to consider in your list building strategy:
Do you want to just connect with an audience on a regular basis?
Are you going to raise awareness of your product and brand?
Are you going to dazzle your audience with your vast subject knowledge in an effort to be seen as an authority?
Or, are you merely going to sell your product or service to your audience right out of the starting gate?

These are questions you need to answer before you begin to actually build your list. Once you have a plan for communicating with your prospects or audience, you will have a much easier time planning your email subjects and content.

Step 3 - Set up a tracking system for your campaign.

Once you begin your email campaign, youll want to have a way to see how many people are opening your mail and how many of them are clicking on the links you are providing them.

Most of the email services online will have features like this that are built in. The best ones are: AWeber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. These are the three I have used in the past, but of course, there are a slew of others out there.

I personally recommend MailChimp because it will let you send out to about a thousand or so email addresses before you have to pay a dime. Its interface makes it real easy to use and everything about the free version is high-quality.

So, if youre just starting out, Mail Chimp is an excellent choice.

Tip: In my opinion, I would go with a cheaper company initially so that I could learn the ropes of email marketing first. Then, if you really stick with this strategy and move forward, you can then transfer your email addresses to a more high powered and expensive company. If you are starting your business the dirt-cheap method, you can always use a free auto responder for a while like SendFree as well.

Once you have a mailing list that is starting to grow rather quickly, you can migrate your list over to a paid system. SendFree doesn't have any tracking or other services with their free version, but you can always upgrade later, if you wish.

These services offer all sorts of tracking for email campaigns, especially Aweber, which is the premier email service on the Internet today. However, you will probably pay more for these bells and whistles than you would with other companies.

Step 4 - Build a worthy landing page.

In case you dont know, a landing page is the page your readers will go to once they click your email link, ad link or link in a blog or website post. One of the big mistake most people make is that they have people go to their home page.

The page you should be sending them to should be the page that you reference in your email campaign, blog post or other link. The landing page needs to be relevant to the email that you are sending the prospect or reader from.

If you send an email to a reader about a blog post that you've written, just make sure that the link you feed your readers goes to the relevant post you've written.

What is the purpose of your landing page?

Is the purpose of your landing page to get someone to buy a product? Is it to just collect an email address? Do you want people to download an app from your site?

Who is your audience?

This is a question that you should have answered well before this. You need to know your niche market and how to cater to their needs. You should know what type of lingo they are attracted to and how they are going to relate to your style of writing and marketing message.

Where did my readers come from?

The best hedge against building a different page for each different place your prospects come from is to make sure your offer and email sign up are prominent on all of your pages.

If you want to see a really good example of this take a look at Jon Morrows Smart Blogger site. Every time you land on this site, the first thing that youll see is their opt-in box making you an offer that is rather irresistible.

I should tell you that Smart Blogger is an excellent resource site with some of the best blogging tips I have ever read. Just outstanding!

In a blog, you can easily create an about me page as well as a home page. I would have a way for these individuals to sign up or join your email list on all of these pages.
With a blog post, you can easily make it so that your opt-in box appears on every post. This would be most advantageous and would save you a lot of time. (Unless you are selling multiple products, then you are going to need a way to have a different sales page for all of the different items.

Step 5 - Write a clear call to action (CTA).

When people come to your landing page, you have to assume that they are reading and comprehending on an 8th Grade level. So, youll want to make sure that your call to action as clear as possible and that theyll know exactly what to do. Use large, bold text when you tell them what to do, too.

You can also use arrows, different colors and a host of other indicators that will direct your prospects to take the desired action that you want. Just remember, the simpler you make things, the more people youll have signing up to your website.

Step 6 - Use advertising copy to get prospects to take action.

If you have absolutely no idea how to write ad copy for your landing page, you may want to consider hiring an ad copy specialist to get the job done. A good copywriter will create a powerful headline for you, that will draw in your readers in and influence them to take immediate action.

Step 7 - Minimize the number of fields to fill out.

Make sure that you minimize the number of fields that are needed to get a person to sign up. Unless you are asking them for ordering information, you really dont need to collect home address and phone numbers. Most web savvy marketers just ask for email addresses because their sales funnels are designed to sell bigger ticket items later on down the marketing road.

Step 8 - Offer them something for signing up.

You can offer a free report on a subject that people are passionate about in your niche for signing up to your email list. The report doesnt have to be more than a few pages long, and you can knock one of these out relatively fast in a weekend.

Once that is complete, you can begin working on bigger and better things like 20 to 50 page eBooks. Once you have an eBook completed, you can then offer that for signing up to your list as well as the free report.

TIP: The more things you can offer someone, the better the chances are that people will sign up to your mailing list. I know a copywriter that offers 10 free eBooks for signing up to his email list. The eBooks aren't flimsy either, I remember one of them had at least 100 pages of high-impact information in it alone!

So the more you have to offer, the easier it will be to reel in email addresses!

Step 9 - Project a professional appearance.

You dont want a flash site, but you need to have a site that professionally projects what it is that you do. Once again, using the dirt cheap start up method Im so fond of, you can easily get a very simple and elegant design from a freelancer on a site like Fiverr.

When youre starting out it is always best to start out as cheap as you can, with something simple. This particular blog started out on Blogger and at some point its going to be migrated over to WordPress.


Even though I know a little about long-tailed keywords and all that other SEO junk, Ive read repeatedly that having a regular blog (not a free one) with a regular .com will work wonders for your rankings. Plus having a professional appearance is important too.

Step 10 - Produce incredible content.

The natural inclination of almost all entrepreneur newbies is to gloss over blog posts and web pages. You need to adopt the mindset that people are going to reference and read what youre producing. If they are going to spend time reading your material, then you need to try to make it the best that you can.

Many times I've seen the question asked, How many words should I write? I've seen all sorts of answers for that, but as my research concludes, that large, well-written, 2000 + word posts do the best. Yeah, thats a lot of work, but if you want something bad enough, youll do it.


One other thing, try to start with the end in mind. Remember that you are building a reputation, brand, and persona that will be with you a long time.

I recently watched a series of interesting Youtube videos on marketing that a young entrepreneur was producing. Obviously, he was trying to appeal to a younger, hipper audience, because his theme was marijuana based. He had some dope-head kind of theme, logo, etc.

Even though I liked his video and advice, I cant help thinking that he was setting himself up for failure further down the road with his business. Once he gets older and decides to take his business real serious, he may have a hard time shedding that old image.

At any rate, you need to choose your path carefully, because you dont want to be changing horses in a middle of a stream.

If you start gaining a particular following, youll want to keep it in place for as long as you can. So, keep in mind that youre going to have to live whatever you create.
If you have any thoughts, ideas or rants youd like to share about the subject of list building, please leave them in the comment section along with your URL or contact information. I havent turned anyone down yet.

To Your Success!

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Abbot Rush

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Here are some ways that your business can take advantage of social media to boost holiday sales. #eCommerce #blogging
Improve your sales this holiday season with these interesting facts on how to do so. #socialmediasales #holidaysales 
Today more and more marketing is being held in the digital cyberspace. Here are solid tips on how to improve sales this holiday season using social media.
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