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Welcome to the world of Pokémon!
In this roleplaying community, you can be any Pokémon!
(Fakémon are allowed too, just ask Snivy Gaming for permission to be it)
You may make up to 8 profiles, ask SG for more.

1. No cursing!
2. No being TOO overpowered
3. Ask Snivy Gaming to be certain strong Legendaries (Arceus, Deoxys, etc.)
4. Have fun!

RANDOM NOTE: Pokémon may mega evolve during roleplaying, even if they don't have a trainer, but MUST have their held item be their corresponding Mega Stone.
Also, trainers may catch other roleplayers (if they're Pokémon) but only if that roleplayers gives you permission.

Here's what you will need for your profile:
-Species of Pokémon/Fakémon (Pikachu, Squirtle, etc.)
-Gender (You are aloud to be a Legendary Pokémon with a gender, even if it is supposed to be genderless)
-Moves (Up to 4)

You may be a trainer if you want, here's the profile:
-Pokémon (You may make bios of your PKMN if you want)
-Evil Team (Optional)
-Home town

Your journey is just beginning!
Have fun!

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Piplup: I'M SO BORED
Animated Photo

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Piplup :ice cream

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Name: Jerome
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Home Region: Kanto
Regions traveled to: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Tunod*, Zhery, Lauren*, Unova, Kalos, Rankor**

Pokémon Team:

Pokémon name (and nickname): Kobe(Charizard)(Able to mega evolve)
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 100
Moves: Fly; Blast Burn; Slash; Flamethrower

Pokémon name (and nickname): Poli(Poliwrath)
Moves: Surf; Dive; Waterfall; HydroPump

Pokémon name (and nickname): Jolts(Jolteon)
Ability: Static
Moves: Thunder; VoltTackle; ThunderBolt; DoubleKick

Pokemon name (and nickname): Fen(Delphox)
Ability: Burn
Level: 100
Moves: BlastBurn; Cut; Flamethrower; Slash

Bio: I am Jerome from Viridian City in Kanto. Professor Oak gave me a choice to select 3 starters. I chose Charmander. I became champion of Kanto six years ago, but my journey wasn’t over. I went to 10 different regions and have become champion of them. I have made many friends and acquaintances. I have never lost a battle and my dream is to travel the entire world. . .

*Pokemon: Light Platinum
**Pokemon Glazed
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Name: James
Species: treeko
Gender: male

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K guys... I've made TWO new WIP Pokémon RPs! Which one should be the main one? NOTE: Make sure to check both out before voting
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Kingdoms of Acrioja (Medieval Roleplay)
Stories and Shadows (Shadow Pokémon)

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Okay guys! Looking for some members to join my community called Pokémon Roleplay: Stories and Shadows!

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Here is the link to the NEW WIP Pokémon Roleplay Community!


This community will be moved to a new one! It will be more of a Medieval Pokemon RP, with Kingdoms and human rulers. There will be no Pokeballs, so trainers will have to befriend Pokemon instead. More info coming soon!
Stay tuned for the link to the community! :3

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Okay, I JUST found out there is another community literally called Pokémon World Roleplay!
Should I rename the community?

EDIT: There are two
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