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name: Bruce Wayne
age: 25
Gender: male
occupation: CEO of Wayne enterprises, millionaire, worlds greatest detective
role: guest
personality: charming, swave, hiding something deep within
skills: martial arts, different fighting styles, acrobatics, forensics,logic, stealth.
likes: his friends, good people, the law, standing up for what's right. Giving to the poor.
dislikes: crime,guns,sleezebags, assholes, murder,alcohol,.
bio: Bruce Wayne was born to riches, a huge mansion and loving parents and had a very well off life. Until an eventful night when he was eight he and his parents went to the movie theater to see the Grey Ghost motion picture, Bruce's favorite hero after the movie he and his parents took a shortcut through a dirty back alley ((now called crime alley)) and were mugged by a low life scumbag, he pulled a gun on the Wayne's and shot Martha and Thomas Wayne leaving Bruce an orphan. But Bruce was in good hands and was raised by long time family friend and butler Alfred J Pennyworth. Bruce swore on his parents grave he would do his best to stop crime. When he was 17 he left Gotham to travel the world and master all the skills he would need to fight crime and began to master martial arts, deduction, science, stealth and forensics. He spent a long time doing has returned to Gotham but is now investigating the mysterious Everest hotel.
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Michael was walking towards his work while reviewing the rules and instructions for his job. Since it was his first tome being a clerk, he read the words nice and carefully
"Let's see..."
He mumbles throughout the instructions

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Name: Michael K. Ellis
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Role: Clerk
Likes: Singing, Dancing, Singing, Coffee, Afternoon Tea, Books, Katanas
Dislikes: Grapes, People with Rude Personalities, Big Life Change
Bio: Michael used to be an idol recognized for his singing, dancing, and acting skills. He was also given the stage name "Black Cat" due to his style of dancing and flexibility. Though, he later experienced a series of big life changes. During his 19th birthday, his mother was killed in a car crash before she can enter the freeway to his dorm. Then, before his 2nd Concert Tour, his father murdered his uncle. Finally, his last straw came when he heard his both father and brother died the same way his mother died. He decided to quit his idol career and start a new job as a clerk of Everest Hotel to keep his identity as "Black Cat" hidden.
Personality: Intelligent, Calm, Sometimes Depressed, Nice

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Name: Carol R. Piper
Age: 21
Role: Gardener
Bio: She's a Nice, Young lady who loves fun but knows her place, she always carries her umbrella, She comes from a family of Wealth, She hates Her parents, (They are just stuck up snobs) She loves This Hotel as it is Very Elegant, A nice Place to relax.
Likes: Fun, Tending to Gardens.
Dislikes: Rude people
Personality: Clever, Nice, Kind.

Carol started to water the flowers and make them look nice and Tidy she planted Lily's and some Oriental's and watering them
((Open RP))

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Name Jan Ea 
Gender female 
Age 18
Role Maid
Personality shy but friendly
Likes helping people 
Dislikes disrespect 
Bio came from a small family to find a job and just so happen to get this job.

Jan was dusting off some of the vases that were placed on pillars. Making sure that there beauty was to stand out when guests passed by (open) 
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