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So, you joined this community with little to no idea what's going on. This post is to help you get started on it.

You're in a sci-fi community based on the popular game series published by Nintendo known as Metroid. Here are a few links to ease you into here.

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Story Arcs:

Current Arc:

Name: North.

Age: Appears to be about seventeen.

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Personality: A jolly young fellow. Somewhat of a ditz. Rather friendly, despite being rather reclusive.

Appearance: Hard to tell, considering he normally wears a large coat and a mask. Brown hair and brown eyes hide beneath. Rose cheeks, and rather pale white skin. Always wears a thick white coat, so not many people know what he looks like. Rather skinny and short looking fellow despite his age.

Skills: A survivalist, scavenger, and, a decent ice fisher.

Weapons: An improved wave rifle. An experimental weapon based off the wave beam, which was slightly stronger, but has a slower rate of fire. It benefits from slightly better homing ability, however.

Equipment: A combat visor, slightly similar to that of Samus'. The aforementioned coat, which holds fifty units of energy. A makeshift fishing pole.

Strengths: Resistant to the cold. Powerful immune system. Doesn't need to eat much to go far.

Weaknesses: Can't swim all that well. Darned near useless anywhere that isn't frozen. Weapon overheats often unless cooled. Not all that strong, as well as rather short. Lacking in intelligence.

Bio: Found one day in Phendrana drifts stranded on Tallon IV. No one knew why he was there, or who put him there, however, it was clear he had been there for a while. There were no traces of a ship or escape pod, so people often think he was marooned or left behind. He appears mostly sane, although often found talking to an unknown deity he calls "phendrana". It's speculated that he heard the name of the region, and made a mental manifestation akin to a motherly figure. The most obscure thing about him, is that when he refers to this deity, his surroundings seem to drop temperature slightly.

Name: J-Kul

Age: 1.4 centicycles

Species: Luminoth

Gender: Male

Personality: J-Kul is curious about the world, but his hatred of the Ing knows no bounds. He is rather obsessive, and currently is currently fixated on the improvement of Luminoth technology. He thinks too much on "what could have been."

Appearance: J-Kul is about 9 feet tall. He has the usual light skin and wings of the Luminoth, but has four black spots on his chest where he was stabbed by a Hunter Ing during the war. The Ing attempted to gain possession of his body, but was killed before it got the chance, or did it? J-Kul wears an upgraded version of the Dark Suit. Like Samus's, it is from fitting over the body, and there is an arm cannon in the right arm. It is retractable and removable, so it can be switched to the left arm if needed. The shoulder pads aren't as prominent as on Samus's, and there are no curved spikes on the knees. The helmet is retractable like the arm cannon, and has two visors for use. The armor also has several compartments, used for storing various tools.

Skills: J-Kul was working under the scientists of the Research and Development Luminoth near the end of the war. He had been forced into the military, and was proficient in melee combat with fist and blade, flight, and marksmanship. His natural strength, reflexes, and durability were also increased through military training. The only thing that kept him out of the fight was his idea for the Echo Visor and its possible uses. He was then assigned to the R&D, where he helped invent new weapons of war for the Luminoth, as well as updating and repairing older weapons. After being released from stasis at war's end, J-Kul worked on his psionic abilities, strengthening them to create shields around J-Kul's body for combat or travel in a vacuum. Basically, Melee combat, marksmanship, flight, psionic shields (I don't know how durable they are, as I have yet to encounter them in Echos).

Weapons: J-Kul uses an arm cannon similar to that of Samus, but designed for a Luminoth's 3 digits. It is longer and slimmer, and has a Power Beam, a Charge Beam, a Light Beam and a Dark Beam. It also can store missiles and has the Seeker Missile function, as well as Super Missiles. The Power and Charge beams work the same as Samus's, but the Light Beam and Dark Beam have been modified by J-Kul as he worked through his grief from his losses. Firing the Light beam charges the Dark Beam and vice versa. The Dark Beam has an increased firing rate, while the muzzle of the Light Beam can change to manipulate the shape of the beam fired. In addition, there is a compartment in the left and right legs of the suit that carry hilts, one charged with light energy, the other with dark energy. When activated they become Luminoth-proportioned swords of light or dark energy, respectively. The length of the sword can be shortened but can't exceed 1.5 meters.

Equipment: This version of the Dark Suit has the Gravity Booster, negating the effects of liquid on the user. It also has the Dark Visor, allowing J-Kul to see in the dark, invisible things, and has it's own HUD, which comes up from behind his head over his face. He is currently working on the Echo Visor. There is a storage compartment in the front of his armor that holds small tools for repairing or fine tuning electronics. 

Strengths: J-Kul is a decent marksman and his Psionic abilities allow him to open low level blast doors by just touching the door, but his true forte is inventing and upgrades. 

Weaknesses: J-Kul's hatred for the Ing is all consuming. His suit and weapons can be temporarily fried by EMP, and has trouble getting from planet to planet on his own. He sometimes makes rash judgements, especially where the Ing are involved. Direct hits of dark energy on his chest interact with the remnants of the Ing possession in his system

Bio: J-Kul is the only son of A-Kul, the Champion of Aether who died trying to get the keys for the Sky Temple in the Ing War. He was forced into training for the fight, and only got out with the ingenious idea of the Echo Visor. He was then assigned to a scientific post on the Temple Grounds, which was attacked by the Ing soon after A-Kul died. The underground lab was swarmed by Ing-possesed burrowing creatures, quickly followed by Hunter Ing. Despite their best efforts, the Luminoth scientists were overwhelmed in a few moments. J-Kul was targeted first, being an "official" warrior. A Hunter Ing stabbed through J-Kul. Even underground, Ing can't survive long on Aether, so it attempted to posses J-Kul. It was partially successful before a scientist blasted it with a Light Beam, killing it. That scientist was then killed by a Hunter Ing who took the opening given to it. J-Kul was dragged out of there by another Luminoth as the Ing slaughtered the room of scientists, J-Kul watching. His mother was killed by the creatures, and now his friends and coworkers. J-Kul nearly lost his mind. He was thrown into a stasis chamber to wait out the end of the war. When J-Kul woke up, he was overcome with grief and rage. He set off from his home, trying to find a way to make it better, although he doubted it ever would.

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"I now return to molten steel once more, I have exchanged enough shells... I am... Satisfied." 

Name: GF I-401 Warspite
Known as:  Iona
Age: 29 (AI appears 15-17)
Species: Advanced I-401 Battle Cruiser Artificial Intelligence Unit
Gender: Female

Personality: Iona unlike many AI is capable of some degree of emotion and has even gained a sort of human personality. This being said she can often appear strange or cold do to her lack of expressive emotions. She is very cool headed and rarely displays signs of anger or the like. In combat she is extremely efficient and ruthless due to her nature as an AI.  She does enjoy interactions with other AI however she has stated numerous times that she prefers interaction with "living" things such as crew members. 

Appearance: Iona can truly change her appearance at any time, however she has always preferred her factory form of a young woman, after all, ships are all "female". Her default form has fair skin, green eyes and long white hair with an outfit which resembles those worn by sailors long ago. While in an advanced combat setting her hair can turn red or a bright blue along with her eyes. In most of her forms she stands around 5'2".

Advanced I-401 Battle Cruiser Artificial Intelligence Unit: Thanks to her being of such "nature", I-401 or Iona is a master of the digital world. She can pilot entire battle grade warships with little assistance, unlock security doors and even open the pod bay doors with ease. Her ability to prevent federation soldiers from being sucked into space or gassed while entering space pirate vessels also makes her quite useful to operations. Although she is just a hologram it is possible for her to create a more or less solid form out of energy temporarily. Iona's mainframe was specially designed for use in vessels with unorthodox numbers of weapons, however she can pilot almost any vessel out there. Due to up to date design, she can easily compete with virus attacks and launch them herself. There are currently three possible mainframes which she can connect herself to remotely with ease. Her mainframe itself although very large when mounted in a battleship designed for her can be fit into smaller more advanced mainframes for use with other vehicles and in more advanced models even for personal carrying.  

GF GB H PT Mk.3 (Galatic Federation Gunslinger Battleframe Hecatonchires Prototype Mark 3): A robotic design created by the Galatic Federation for combat against large numbers of enemies or armored vehicles, the GF GB H PT Mk.3 or GB for short is a 14 foot tall bipedal armored vehicle armed with numerous large caliber weaponry. The project was largely scrapped due to the lack of an AI capable of handling the complex systems which could have a compatible receiver installed within the suit.  Following Galatic Federation tradition the vehicle is named after the one hundred armed Hecatonchires of Greek mythology. This vehicle is designed to carry 8 weapons in total and a single anti ship ballistic capped fragmentation missile. These include twin laser rifles, twin plasma beams, twin anti ship Gatling guns and twin drum fed rocket propelled grenade launchers. Despite this impressive display of weapons, the frame can only use two of these weapons at any given time due to processing strain however when stationary it is possible for Iona to temporarily boost the frame's combat potential allowing it to unleash all of its weapons in a devastating attack. Ammunition for these weapons is highly limited which results in most weapons only having two or even one magazine. Although the GB largely uses its armor plating for protection from hand held laser attacks, it also posses a shield capable of absorbing a few hits from laser fire. Iona chose this vehicle as a way of gaining a physical presence in operations if soldiers come into dangerous situations which hacking and the like can't fix.

Skills: Iona's mainframe specializes in its ability to handle a far larger number of weapon based modules with greater accuracy at once than most warship AI.  She personally prides herself on having such an ability and advantage in combat. (Much of her skills also fall under abilities which can be found above.)

Strengths: As a very high tech and modern AI, Iona is near top of the grade quality in terms of warship AI. She can single handedly replace entire crews on ships. Her abilities to infiltrate most space pirate tech given time also means she can cause havoc on ships and prevent automatic functions from slaughtering her allies upon entering an enemy ship or base. 

Weaknesses: Despite the many strengths it gives, being an AI can also be a great weakness. As an AI it is possible for EMP attacks to cause dangerous glitches in her protocols and various other systems. Being hit by powerful EMP attacks require her to fully reboot her systems to refresh the processes in more serious situations. It is also possible through advanced technologies to launch special virus attacks to disable many of her processes and significantly weaken her combat effectiveness. Specialized attacks may even be able to alter her target identification systems leading to her temporarily attacking allies. 

Bio: GF I-401 or Iona was "born" from Galatic Federation attempts to create an AI capable of assisting control of a specialized battle cruiser. After running millions of tests, procedures and simulations Iona was cleared for duty and was assigned to GF I-401 Warspite. The Warspite was a mighty vessel and was armed with a previously impossible number of weapons which made up 70% of its total weight. The ship also possessed a gravity cannon typically only found on orbital gun stations which required the entire ship's top and bottom to split open revealing the firing devices. She became well known for her interesting personality and rumors that she was one of the few malfunctioning AI to develop emotions. Iona and Warspite quickly racked up numerous kills and seemingly had a bright future ahead of them. One day after many years of service the Warspite and several political transport ships were patrolling in Galatic Federation space when they were suddenly set upon by a fleet of space pirate warships. The Warspite and the transport ships lacked the speed to outrun such a force and thus Iona and Warspite's captain called for a full evacuation of Warspite's crew into the escape pods which stood a chance of out running the large force. Aware that the political vessels would be unable to outrun the space pirates even in their escape pods, Iona refused to evacuate the vessel and instead took direct control of the ship. She had been programmed to never let the ship fall into enemy hands and she intended to fulfill that programming. She engaged the enemies in a battle which is estimated to have lasted upwards of ten hours. After hours of being pelted with shells and firing everything she had at them the Warspite had used all of its ammunition. With one last sigh of smoke from its guns, Iona rammed into the enemy flagship before detonating the ships fusion core manually. The explosion generated was enough to turn herself and the the space pirate strike force into space dust. Moment's before self destruction, Iona sent out the message to her crew stating "I now return to molten steel once more, I have exchanged enough shells... I am... Satisfied.", these final words became a popular symbol of the Galatic Federation Navy's bravery. Iona was thought to have been destroyed in the blast however after years it was discovered that she was able to transfer 80% of herself over to her sister ship the I-405. After some work they were able to reconstruct the absent processes and awaken her from a year long sleep. Although there are rumors of another ship being reconstructed for her, currently she lacks a specialized ship to her name and thus is currently running support operations with Federation soldiers. 
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"Eighth Platoon..Light em up."
Name:Jonathen"SharkBite" Kujo
Nickname:Sharkbite or Jojo
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Affiliation:Federation Army
Personality: Soldier by heart and leader by nature, Jonathen is the embodiment of that which he believes the Federation Army stands for. The male is headstrong and cknfident, carrying with him a high sense "swagger" in terms of his occupation and ranks. The male is loyal..being obedient to the teeth never questioning orders,though he has yet to have reason to, as well caring for his fellow platoon members.
Appearance: Jojo,as he is sometimes called,is aproximately six feet weighing at two hundred and twenty five pinds. Being of Japaneese-American descent, the male is fair skinned with hair,cut in a crew cut, of a dark brown color. The male is well built and muscular with one of his distinguished features being a large scar, which appears to be a bite from a ahark like creature, on his right abdomen as well as a single jagged scar runnung down the side of his left eye.
Being of an urban outfit,the male's power armor is more suited to fit urban enviroments and land being a light gray in base and brown and freen in secondary colors. The colors have been known to change depending on mission perimeters.

Skills: Field Medical Expertise:Having taken a teaining course during his earlier years,Jojo is fully trained and well bersed in terms of medical experties and practice.
Firearm Expertise:The male is well bersed and trained in the difdering use of forearms.
Close Quarters Combat Expertise
Marksmanship:Being a former 8th platoon Sharpshooter, the male is a rather good shot with a rifle.

Plasma Assault Rifle:Derived from schematics and test data compliled from the Plasma Gun utilized by an Anthony Briggs of the 7th platoon and the cannon utilized by the famed Samus Aran, the Weapon is a federation crafted weapon capable of automatic fire of plasma rounds. The weapon utilizes cartridges instead of the charger pack.
Freeze Pistol:An upgraded version of the Freeze Gun utilized by members of the Federation army.
Shock Coil:After recovery of what remained of the Bounty Hunter Sylux, the Federation were able to reintegrate the stolen technology into its forces. One of which being the shock coil, back mounted and much more powerful, the weapon retauns itaa devastating ability, being able to punch through shieldings and end any whom step into its path. The weapon hiwever does need to charge and is capable of piercing heavily armored targets and small ship hulls.

Equipment/Armor Modules: Combat Visor:Basic display of health..ammunitiom..etc
Augumented Strength:Derived from the function of Samus own armor, this module allpws the user enhabced stregth.
Oxygen Supply
Morph Ball:Brought from both Ssmus and the stolen prototype suit, the user is vapable of entering a ball mode for faster travel.

Strengths: Besides his combat expertise, themale is a rather sly tongued fox, being capable.of piecing together excpetional morale boosting speechs or lies..or innovative orders. The male's communication skills and use is perhaps one of his best strengths

Weaknesses: He can not cook to save his life nor is good at working with explosives

Bio: Coming from a long lineage of Federation Soldiers, it was no suprise that young Sharkbite would eventually enlist and join this great force. Servung for a total of six years within the Federation army, the male was eventually offered oppurtunity to join the Eight Platoon,ome of the more prestiged and skilled platoons,much like the 7th, of the Federation army. It was during his first tour as a platoon member that the male gained his named. Whilst in combat on an foreign planet the male was attacked by a shark luke alien vreature whilst by the water, narrowly escaping with his lfe after the ordeal. Due to the wounds in which he recieved he gained the name Sharkbite from.his comrades..Said name stick with him even as he eventually rose in rank, commanding said platoon.
*Theme song:
Batman Arkham Knight Ost-I am the Night
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Is it cool if I'm a Luminoth as long as I follow the lore of Aether? Also, it's been a bit since I beat the game, but wasn't Phaaze destroyed?

The party can start now that I've walked in.

Care to give me a gist? I'll still read it, but I know there are some things that are always left out of the lore post.

The Commemoration

Never had there been a decommissioned  ship fired up for the sole purpose of partying. The G.F.S. Olympus, an Olympus class warship that served as the starting point for the eventual destruction of the planet Phaaze, eliminating Phazon at its source.

The ship was old, but she was still a beauty. Soft metallic blue enclosures, bright blue lighting, and soft music played through the speaker system gave this entire party a chilled out, friendly gathering atmosphere.

Much of the outdated tech was repurposed. The Ready Room hosted holographic games, Med Bay Delta had been converted into a museum of sorts, having the PEDs of all four corrupted hunters and what exactly happened to them on display, a similar set up was going on in the Aurora Chamber. The Flag Bridge is where the main setup was at, filled with various drinks and foods for all species who came here, divided by sections. 

A simple, relaxing gathering to remember one of the greatest heros this galaxy has ever seen: Samus Aran.

How Story Arcs Work in Here

Story Arcs will be these adventures your character takes on, quests to restore order in the galaxy, investigate things and maybe even take out something at the source. 

Every weekend, I'll try my best to get a Major Arc going. These arcs will be something huge happening. Dark Aether is rising again, a Rebellion's going on in Bes III, a massive Space Pirate Vessel has been spotted, etc.

During the weekdays, there will be minor arcs. Things to pass the time and develop your character a bit. A known Space Pirate spotted, Fuel Gel mining facility is under attack in Bryyo, coffee shortage on a research station, etc.

Have an idea? Suggest it to me!

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"Honor demands that we the strong defend the weak, let us go brothers, the enemy awaits." 

Name: Kekan 'Terumee

Known as: The Arbiter

Age: Unknown, presumed 60-80 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Qrok'omti

Species characteristics: Little is known of the Qrok'omti and it is likely to remain so. Their species was first discovered by the Galactic Federation when a damaged space cruiser crash landed on a previously though uninhabited planet after fleeing from space pirates. The planet's atmosphere was extremely hostile along with its extremely dangerous and large wildlife. The survivors of the crash soon encountered a species of highly intelligent bipedal canine like creatures which came to be known as Qrok'omti. The Qrok'omti took in the survivors and even assisted the healing of wounded crew members. 

The Qrok'omti's culture seemed quite primitive despite their possession of impressive technology and were noted to have a warrior culture of sorts. Young were seen to be constantly training while fully grown males seemed to act as the warriors and hunters. Their physical stature was noted to be greatly impressive, likely a result of evolution on such a planet. They seemed to utilize surprisingly powerful energy crystals which were strictly used to create energy weapons and did not appear to be space faring. The warriors seemed to follow an especially elite group of warriors known as the "Arbiters". The species seemed surprisingly few in numbers and it is unknown if the species was already in a critical state.

Soon Galatic Federation forces would arrive and retrieve the cruiser's crew. This would be the last known encounter with the Qrok'omti as the space pirates had tracked the crippled cruiser's signal back to their planet. The space pirates would use their greater numbers and technology to wipe out the Qrok'omti supposedly completely.

Personality: Kekan 'Terumee is one of great fortitude and honor, he seemingly operates on some form of strict warrior code. He respects the warriors of any species and finds humans greatly fascinating. He has great pride in his abilities as a warrior and as a protector. In combat he is ruthless and mechanical in his brutality, he shows no mercy to the likes of space pirates and those who stand with them. To the young and innocent he is caring and gentle. 

Appearance: Kekan 'Terumee stands roughly 14 feet tall (four feet taller than the largest natural space pirate specimen) and wears a suit of advanced segmented energy armor. The suit covers his entire body and hides any sign of what lies under the armor. Federation scanners have determined his body structure to be similar to that of canine species on Earth albeit bipedal. The armor is quite advanced and rivals that of advanced human designs. The helmet of the suit is made from a black metal and has glowing markings where his eyes are presumed to be. His hands and feet seem to have large predatory claws allowing him to better grip objects or attack enemies even when unarmed.

Skills: Kekan 'Terumee is incredibly skilled in melee combat, his physical strength far surpasses that of most intelligent species. He has displayed the ability to bend hardened metal with ease and flip armored vehicles when he puts his mind to it. Despite his size, he is also capable of moving at impressive speeds and scaling objects with ease.  

Weapons:  Kekan 'Terumee's fights with an energy spear and twin energy khopesh swords. These weapons appear to be made from extremely durable metals and have a glowing blue edge. These weapons draw energy from the Crystal found on his chest and utilize it to create edges of pure energy on his weapon's edges. These weapons can easily pierce the armor of space pirates and armored wildlife. 


Energy armor: Kekan 'Terumee's armor is seemingly a highly advanced even when compared to the remnants of other Qrok'omti armors. His armor likely represented his place in Qrok'omti society and as an Arbiter. A blue energy crystal located on the breastplate of the suit seems to power the rest of the suits systems including life support. The plates which make up his armor have been seen to withstand direct hits from space pirate weapons and are reinforced by some form of energy shield generated by the crystal. His armor is seemingly designed to not boost nor hinder his physical abilities which allows some insight on the Qrok'omti warrior culture. His armor's segments seem to move with his body and give a graceful appearance to his movements.  

Strengths: Kekan 'Terumee is extremely skilled in melee combat against both humanoid and non humanoid enemies. His physical strength allows him to move gracefully and over come greater creatures. Despite his great size his movements are that of a hunters and create far less sound than one would expect, allowing him to close in on his prey. His advanced senses allow him to see in complete dark and sense enemies coming where a human would require technology to complete such tasks. 

Weaknesses: Lacking any firearms and seemingly resenting them forces Kekan 'Terumee to purely utilize his melee skills. Although he can throw his spear, he lacks an abundance of long ranged options. One could also exploit his warrior code if they learned enough about it.

Bio: Kekan 'Terumee was born on the Qrok'omti homeworld, as a male he was trained to hunt and kill from an extremely young age. His rank as Arbiter not only places him as an "alpha" of the species but as a proven warrior and protector. Not much is known of Kekan 'Terumee personal history as he rarely talks about such things. During the Space Pirate's attack on the Qrok'omti,  Kekan 'Terumee is believed to have commandeered a space pirate fighter and escape the genocide after the ship was critically damaged and drifted into space. In a display of great intelligence, he was able to repair the ship and return to his homeworld. Upon arriving he found his species wiped out and his family slain. In anger he swore to destroy the space pirates and took chase after their fleet. His ship was detected by Federation battle cruisers and tractor beamed. He recognized the human species which likely means he was alive when a human cruiser had crashed on his planet 50 years ago. Kekan 'Terumee quickly learned to understand the humans and showed no signs of hostility towards them. He was questioned briefly about his activities however he seemingly escaped before further questioning to try and catch the space pirates. Countless years have passed since this and Kekan 'Terumee now acts as a bounty hunter, however he rarely takes pay for his work. He seeks any opportunity to protect the weak and prevent the slaughter of civilizations by the space pirates or just kill space pirates in general. 
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