sitting in an old building, one of the few left(???), Holding my would-be life sized(if it was real) ABSOL stuffed animal

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(work in progress)
Quote: "KILL!!! KILL!!! KILL!!!..."

Name: Bone Saw

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Status: badass

Species: human

Weapon: buzz axe (flaming and explosive)

Ability: buzz axe rampage

Class: Phsyco

Personality: energetic, loud, violent, careless, fearless, and phsycotic...

Bio: Bone Saw was once a bandit that road the sands of Pandora. Life was simple for him, burning down villages, raiding, and torturing... Until the Hyperion came along. The bandit game changed since then... Though one day, he was in a convoy protecting goods like guns, money, and vehicle parts... It was destroyed and he was left in the sand. It was about 3 days before he got up again. He woke up with a chain caught on his leg. The chain was attached to a moving vehicle, and he was dragged to Sanctuary.
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Name: Kikki

Gender: female

Race: human

Weapon: is the stuffed animal absol's horn, it's a very sharp scythe, also, it's claw's are strap on for close combat

Quote: "Looks don't always tell the truth. Think before you judge who I am."

Status: Assassin


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Race/person: Assassin as a number
Weapons: Sniper rifle,Light machine gun with toxic on it,postle with electric on it,machine gun with fire on it
Bio: Just a assassin needs orders and someone to give me those orders
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Aye whats the profile info tho lol
Anyway thanks for the invite +Matthew Morgan

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