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Quitting could change everything...

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Smoking…. It Will Give You 6 Feet of Relaxation
If you ask a tobacco user: Why do you continue to smoke?  Some of the common replies are: to relieve stress for the moment, calm down after a busy day and in urban terms “to chill”.  All of these terms and phrases relate to one common meaning, relax or relaxation.  So that brief moment of calmness, but what gives smokers that sensation?  Nicotine, the same chemical that makes tobacco addictive, curve appetite, alter moods, enhances concentration and many more positive qualities.

But what else does cigarettes give smokers besides nicotine, that relaxation?  In the smoke of tobacco there are many chemical that make up substance tar. Tar is a mixture of ammonia, toluene, and acetone. Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, pesticides and metals (such as lead, nickel, arsenic, and cadmium) are also found in tobacco smoke.   There are more than 7000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.  At least 69 of them are known to causes cancer and many other are poisonous.  Most of the chemicals and poisons found in cigarette smoke is a direct result from burning in its natural form.  But the cigarette manufacturers also add chemicals and poison for a range of purposes or also referred to as  additives.

The reasons why tobacco company use additives:

to improve the quality of tobacco;  for example chemicals are add to make tobacco stronger or less brittle
to control the rate in which tobacco burns
to reduce harsh taste to improve the flavor
to increase shelf live
to increase the speed in which nicotine reaches the brain
So, with each puff you inhale a poisonous cocktail of chemicals.  True, smokers exhale black and whit~2 most of that poisonous cocktail or smoke, but around 29% of each puff remains in the body.  That 29% carries some major health risks.  Tobacco affects almost every part of the body such as autoimmune system, reproductive system, bones, heart, blood vessels, lungs, vision and many more.  Not to mention, various types of cancers or even death.  For more details click on the Health Risk page. We will periodically blog on different health risk topics also.

For that brief moment of relaxation, smokers can experience a lifetime of declining health or even death!  Hence the title: Smoking… It Will Give You 6 Feet of Relaxation.  The Purpose… Stomping The Bully- quit smoking using  healthier alternatives and health risks smokers may endure.  Thanks for your time and if you all don’t mind; tell us- Why do you continue to use tobacco?  Any comments are welcomed as well.

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Why Vaping?
 June 7, 2015  Jeremiah Mosley Edit
Vaping let you maintain the habit of puffing, curves the craving for nicotine, let you taking that relaxing first pull and exhale, without the harmful affect of tobacco smoke.  With vaping you can experience different flavors such as fruits, coffee, mints, desserts, cigarette, and you even can mix flavors; so the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors.  Even though vaping up front cost is higher, the annual or yearly cost is much more cheaper.  Vaping can develop into a fun habit almost like a sport, where you try to exhale the biggest clouds of vapers.  You can vape socially with friends and family at vape lounges, shops, and even events.  Vaping has a high rate of people actually quitting cigarettes.  Vaping has a lot less harmful effect on your health than tobacco smoke.  The most significant reason to vape is LIFE.  WHY VAPING?  You get keep old habits at a much lower risk.  To learn more about what vaping is click on the Vaping page.

At Stomp The Bully, we’re passionate about changing lives for the best. We firmly believe in second chances and want to help people succeed at quitting tobacco. We choose to promote vaping: to both promote life and to vape as a lifestyle change for the betterment of society. We’re out to help change the perception of cigarettes and save lives by making vaping more fun, easier and accessible. Learn more about why vaping is one of the most affect alternative to cigarettes.

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The Purpose… Stomp The Bully
 April 30, 2015  Jeremiah Mosley
First , Alison didn’t  take him seriously.  She heard the story, thought they were way overblown. She said over time he became really annoying. Everywhere she went, he had to follow. She mentioned he was bossy, sooo bossy…

Now, I know you’re wondering who this “HE” is.  “HE” is from The Real Cost  Commercial: Alison.  The “HE” they are referring to is tobacco.  “HE even started taking her money.”   THE BULLY.  Tobacco cravings are so strong it seems to take control of your body; defining the meaning that cigarettes are bullies.

We might find this commercial entertaining, but tobacco is one of the leading causes of death in today’s society.  Stomp The Bully is literally referring to stomping tobacco out of your life.   Our purpose here at Stomp The Bully is the to educate about tobacco use,  locating free help options via phone, internet, text and even apps.  We will blog about different treatments from non-prescription medication to hypnosis sessions and give honest opinions about over the counter gums, e-cigs, patches and lozenges…  And vaping, the simplest  way to quit, while keeping the sensation of nicotine without the harmful affect of tobacco.

The Cause
Why are we here? We are here because we believe that tobacco is a huge negative plague in society. I have dealt with tobacco first hand; starting with siblings, wife, mother and grandmother. My wife is now an ex smoker, while the others are still struggling to Stomp The Bully. We are hoping that they use this website as a tool as you guys will, to help eliminate tobacco.  My wife has actually experienced deaths of loved ones due to certain cancers, mostly pertaining to tobacco use. We’re sure some of you can relate to the devastations due to smoking. As an informative website, we strive to provide you with the best ways to quit tobacco or “Stomp The Bully”, replacing bad habits with healthier alternatives. If any of you have ever tried to quit smoking and became discouraged, please feel free to share your experience and or comment. We’re not here to judge, just encourage. Please, no negative feedback.
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