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Alright! It has been settled! We're doing an art contest!

• What you'll have to draw for the contest:
* Draw either Aphmau, Simon, or Ruth! Or all of them together! (Just 2 of them counts too.)

• How you can enter:
* I will be making a category for the contest, and a hashtag! Hashtag will be; #DreamsOfEstorraArtCon1
* If you don't add the hashtag or post it in the right category, then it won't count.

• How will this be judged?
* The mods and I will be judging the work in a private post. We will pick about 2-4 pieces, (Depending on how many people enter) and I'll put their G+ names and drawings in a poll to see who gets voted the most.

+ღғandoм тraѕнღ
+Mint Choco
+Dipstick (Myself)

• What are the prizes?
* First place winner gets their art featured as the community photo for 2 weeks.
* Second place winner gets to pick the tagline (related to the series please)

•When does it end??
* I've decided that it'll end on Halloween! Which'll give everyone plenty of time!

If you have anymore questions you may private post me or comment down below.

Good luck to everyone!

i feel like this community died. legit i think it died since DOE is on hold

Chi walked along the busy market streets, a basket of fresh bought food in her arms, she knew most players would think it a waste for her to use the hard earned money from quests to buy food in a game.... but in her household they lived in Estorra as if it were real life. The auburn haired girl weaved through the crowd happily before suddenly another player rammed into her from the side, both falling over, "Whaah! Oh, geez, I'm sorry, What were you running in the market for?" She responded, gathering her things quickly into the basket.

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Name: Chibara Eito (also goes by Maegyyn Maryce)
Nickname: Chi / Kitty or Kitten / Kit / Fox / Oracle / Blood Rose / Maegyyn(Like the name Meghan)
Age: 22 (18 IRL)
Gender: Female
Species: A sort of Meif'wa? Is more Fox-like in colouring and ear shape though.

Hair: Auburn, ends just above her butt, often in ponytail/pigtails/large bun, has bangs
Eyes: Turquoise but tend to change with her emotions due to hormonal imbalance in eyes
Skin: Pale Porcelain, even toned, but she is still one of the palest(non-albino) people you will ever meet.
Hight: 5'2" or 157.48 cm
Weight: 148lb. or 67.132kg
Body Type: Curvy, her arms are slightly toned, stomach has a bit of flab when she doesn't train as hard, she is way stronger than she looks though. She has a small-snooty butt and a 'D sized' chest but she often tucks those babies in to a 'C-Cup' because she hates her boobs and wishes they were smaller. She also hates her feet, they are size 11 females and wide with a tall instep so it is hard to find nice shoes, she wears boots usually because they are what fit and they support her bad ankle.

Tattoos: Along her torso/shoulders/arms its a sort of magic one, it glows in the dark softly, its white in the daylight and blends with her skin, its a vine and rose pattern
Piercings: Double pierced on both ears
Scars/'Imperfections': Freckles on shoulders and around cheeks and nose, Has a large scar on her back, scars on her right wrist, Tally marks adding to 5 all up both arms, a heart carved in the centre of her chest just under her bust, one between her collarbones as if she were stabbed, and she also has carved designs all along her body mixed with Tattoos
Make-up / No Make-up: no makeup
Glasses / No Glasses: no glasses

Personality: Chi is a three sided ambivert. Overall she is Sweet, Kind, Trustworthy, Loyal, Intelligent, Optemistic, Stubborn, and Unconditional.

She isn't really a 'people person', and is very quiet around foreign situations, she will mostly just listen to what others say without much input. Although she is Mature minded, resourceful, and incredibly Intelligent with 'useful information'... She Rarely shows it and is often thought of as dumb and gullible. Don't let this fool you, she could rob you blind of supplies and information and you wouldn't know till she was gone. With time she will feel more comfortable with certain people and will open up more, in turn coming off as quite caring and in some cases motherly, as well as a Popular Drama Medium, she helps Other people with their problems by mostly just listening to what others say with minimal biased input, giving advise, or even just causing a distraction till its calmed down and can be talked out peacefully, which somehow does wonders. She is a Safe of secrets and is completely trust worthy, everyone knows this. Sadly, she doesn't work the same way, she doesn't normally open up to others and is often seen as mysterious and secretive. She hides what she truly feels but when it is too strong of an emotion her eyes will tell all. She is also known for being Unpredictable in pressing situations as well as near completely unreadable, and unconditionally accepting and forgiving to everyone that she meets, no matter what they have done. She has a hidden darker side that Not many know about and most think she is 'too kind hearted for the world' because she ‘doesn’t like when people fight or when blood is shed’… 

When someone is able to get to know her, they can see her true self, she is a mischievous, tricky, sarcastic, Overly energetic and excitable daredevil with a desperate need for an adrenaline fix, a sharp tongue when rubbed the wrong way, A sass filled comment teasing the victim of her 'Wrath' relentlessly, and love of Estorran Life. She Loves to have fun and make people smile... but She will often say she feels detached and empty, and she does, which is why she Trains so much and does things to make herself feel something intensely while in Estorra. She always seems to be happy, even if she is screaming on the inside, dying for someone to just hold her hand and tell her she is important, loved, needed, or that she wont ever be forgotten, she lives to try and make a Positive mark on Estorra, hoping to change it for the better some how. (She treats it as her own world because she cant do much in her own... Read Backstory)

The side only she knows comes to surface.... She will often lash out and push the people she loves away to not hurt them more, inside locked away all of her emotions are bottled up, when it gets to be too much to handle she grows angry and scared. In this state she can switch in a blink of an eye between a crying mess to a 'cold blooded killer'. She will often hide in a place she knows no one will find her, usually a large tree, abandoned building, the forest, or on the roof of some building. She never asks for help, because she doesn't want anyone to know... She is often seen with fresh cuts and scars, she wears them like medals, she bleeds to release her emotions, to punish herself for being weak, and to feel like she is actually there and alive... If she is asked about her life IRL or something of the sort is brought up, she can be seen visibly shrinking away as if scared or hurt, she will often try and change the subject but if she can't she usually will just plain leave and sit along hiding somewhere for a while.... her accident has taken a toll on her mind and is a HUGE trigger for her...

•    She treats Estorra like it is her own world, she will stand up to other players if they insult it, treat the 'EVI's like living people(she doesn't know they are). She will eat and 'sleep' and accept any helpful quest, reward or not. She makes a name for herself around the town and in the Guildhall, often helping out Owen, seeing him as a father figure in game.
•    Attempts to learn everything she can, she wants to live life to the fullest there
•    Talks to Owen often, asking advise and learning more about Estorran history and culture, acclimating to it. Was surprised when he asked personal Questions but told him her IRL backstory after closing, actually being hugged in a consoling way, she started to cry and hugged back. So you could say Owen and Chi are close.
•    Has a Beautiful singing voice:
•    She is allergic to Nuts, Pomegranates, Bananas, and Shellfish. She is also a loose Vegetarian(eats fish and fowl, rarely other meat)
•    It is close to impossible to make her actually mad, frustrated and disappointed yes, not mad. The only time she grows angered is when everything around her is just to much and the bottled up emotions inside her let loose, but she is just mad at herself really. But if some how you do actually make her mad.... run.
•    Some Quirks are: She chews on her bottom lip, she bites her nails its a bad habit but she cant help it, she has a nervous tic, she is fast and quiet so she often seems to pop up out of nowhere, she always smells like Vanilla Catnip and Roses, she answers animals as if they are actually talking in both english and whatever animal language they speak, without meaning to she naturally is very cat-like.
•    She is Acutely Schizophrenic, has ADHD, has OCPD, Insomnia, and is a victim of Manic Depression... She does her best to manage them and appear normal, but if you know her and actually pay attention, it is plain as day. She hears things, sees things from the corner of her eye, feels things, and then mix the Schizo with ADHD and there is the nervous twitching and constant movement. Her Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder normally surfaces more when she is stressed, in which cases she will cook, clean, draw, train, and bake like nobody's business, often reorganising everything in sight buy brand/style, model/year made, and then colour how she sees it should be. White-peach-pink-red-orange-yellow-green-teal-blue-indego-violet-maroon-brown-black-greys. This is how she actually is in IRL too.
•    She has Asthma, so she isn't good with fast long term stealth... Cause she will be breathing hard and might pass out, she also has a bad ankle... Her left tenant was popped trying to catch a Thief that stole a powerful resin, she was in the clinic for at least three months then crutches for four more.... In her first years in Estorra she worked it too hard and attacked by a fiend so she walks with a slight limp because of her Permanent damage... So she can't run very fast or far distances...
•    She can be badass when she wants to be, but she normally uses defensive moves and immobilising moves, she is strong and surprisingly quick on her feet, but she isn't the most experienced or even close to her fighting goal, training as much she can with her 'disabilities'. 
•    Lives with Five boys and Four girls and they all pay for a house and everything... Every one of them having a role in the house. Chi gets the Attic, the other boys all share; Wolf & Griffon in the Basement, Jayson & Marcus in the master, and Malachi gets his own small bedroom. The girls also share, Claire and Annabelle in the second floor medium sized office, Sofinia and Melody in the second floor bedroom. The backyard stretches out in the direction of the forest. It has a place for the guys to spar and craft and jam, but beyond that is all Chi and the girls, they garden and farm like nobody's business it is almost a forest. Fruit trees and flowers and a greenhouse full of different herbs and veggies they all use in their food, bushes and hedges, a strong Living smell and lots of laughing/shouting and music always comes from their house. The group actually built a treehouse village complex in the large trees they couldn't uproot, a zip-line from the closest to the roof of the house as well as a pulley lift.... Most Estorrans were surprised when this all came to happen, the group living in Estorra as if it were their own world and not just a game.
•    Deep down she wants Estorra to be real(little does she know...)
•    She is very sensitive about her IRL life, and gets emotional when players try to 'shake sense into her' that this is 'just a game' and 'she needs to wake up from the stupid roleplay'....
Likes: Sweet, salty and sour things, Animals, Learning, moon & stars, when people get along, seeing people happy, making others happy, being respected, The smell of Fresh Mint Leaves, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Fresh Vanilla, Raspberries, Honey Comb, Chai Tea Leaves, Catnip, and Cocoa, as well as that Crisp Cold smell when its Winter and the Snow is Fresh, the smell of Rain, like Thunderstorm Rain… Hidden fact, she likes the taste of blood and rather enjoys incredibly bloody and twisted stories and horror movies. She loves speed, animals, Estorra, she has a need for adrenaline, she also Bakes/cooks/sings for money on the sidelines of handy work and quests when she can. 
Dislikes: Being called weak, Being called rude names/pet names by anyone other than her friends, Animal(not including Fiends) and EVI abuse, Being told that she can’t do something because she is 'too small/sweet/a girl/not strong enough/delicate', spicy and bitter things, A lot of sunlight, being hit on, bullies, not being good enough, letting people down, being forgotten. the smells of spicy foods, Meat cooking, eggs boiling, most lotions and cologne/perfume, and she HATES romance movies/shows/books... If the romance is part of the story then she will deal with it, but if it is just over the top and unneeded for the plot she wont be happy.
Strengths/Talents: She is overmuch in tune with Animals and the emotions of others around her, she is very dedicated to most of her studies, she easily puts herself aside and ALWAYS thinks of others first, She finds that people tend to enjoy talking to her… If you need to just talk, or rant, or cry, she’s there for you, she listens and comforts you no matter who you are (Some Random Bish once came to her and first ranted and screamed, bullying her, but then she just broke down crying and Chi was there to comfort her even if she had been harmful)… plus everything is safe with her, she wont tell a soul unless forced to by stuff. She is resilient and strong of mind, she has to be to appear normal. She can act or lie her way out of anything if she really wanted to, not that she does it often though... She is talented with sweet talk/manipulation and pickpocketing but she wont do that unless its to return something the other person stole. She can even control her heartbeat and is a naturally VERY shallow breather to the point she doesn't seem to breath, she sometimes pretends fainting/illness/death to get out of things...
Weaknesses/Flaws: If someone is in need of her help…. you can say that her heart is too big for her own good, because she goes out of her way to make others happier, or help others in someway, but in turn for that she ends up getting hurt… she will put her own life aside and put herself in harms way to save someone elses even if that person treated her horribly. And when she feels that she can’t trust anyone she just bottles it in and it eats her up inside until she breaks, and in those times she is still alone, she is often trying to break out of her shell but she always goes back in because it is safe... She is Acutely Schizophrenic, suffers from OCPD, and has Manic Depression... She LOVES Estorra as if it were her own home...
Fears: never being good enough, letting people down, that she will die alone, being forgotten, not being able to save someone dear to her, loosing Estorra, Needles, large Fires, Locust/Mantis/Hornets/cockroaches/fire-ants

Good Habits: Cleaning, Taking care of everything as she deems she should, thinking of others first, generously tipping EVI's, being a helping hand when you need her
Bad Habits: Bites her nails, even if it isn't her job/house/mess she will try to clean and organise it, petting wild animals and eating wild plants, occasionally zoning out, charging into 'battle' before her 'troops' and risking her own life
Abilities: Cooking, Cleaning, Baking, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Gardening, Helping out where she is needed, Healing Magics, Close Combat, a shoulder to cry on and a cuddle buddy to hug, Acting, Thievery, Lone fighting, sweet talking her way into and out if things, Entertaining, Settling people down and letting them use her as a medium for rants and stuff like a form of ‘comfort’… she is a great liar and actress but she hardly ever lies. She has a beautiful singing voice, she has the greenest thumb ever and is good with animals, even if she was never technically an Estorran she has a brain full of street-smarts and know-how of the world from forming relations with the 'EVI's
Hobbies: Cooking, Cleaning, Baking, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Gardening, Helping out where she is needed, training, reading, learning
Occupation: Shop Keep/Adventurer/Handy-Woman

Player/'EVI': Player
Role: Meif'wa Mage - Sorcerer
Status: Adventurer/Handy Woman/Shop Keep
Party/Lone: Lone until further notice
Favoured Weapons: Hand to Hand, Whips, Daggers, Axes, Poison gas/dust, and her mind
Battle Style: She fights in a mix between Gang-Street Fighting, Ju-Jitsu Martial Arts, and Officer/Military Style, usually with just her body, hardly using her weapons, but she will use her weapons and magic if seen fit. She is small, quick, and agile, but she isn't the strongest, so putting her up against a large, well trained fighter in a battle of strength would probably harm her greatly. Putting her up against Small fiends or in a group would be effective and, at least with some, well matched. She would like to learn more but doesn't know weather that would be welcoming or hostile, if caught off guard or if her 'Estorran Family' was in danger it would leave her vulnerable at the distractions of overthinking what is happening.
Armour: Silver Headband and Grey thick leather, sturdy and covering but easy to move in, made specially for her on special order. It is decorated with purple gems for accent, it protects her most important parts while still allowing easy movement. ( )
Outfit: Usually wears dark colours with breezy fitting, short part-skirt is good for battle and distracts opponent with movement and an occasional 'view', Chi doesn't care, she may be a woman but she isn't a lady. ( )

Pets: Calico cat named Lovi she absolutely adores (made her in game after her cat IRL died) & Silvertongue her pygmy owl (trained it to deliver messages and small packages)
Family: She sees Owen as a father figure and her friends are her Estorran Family / IRL her father is a wealthy business man often away for work, Mother is a well known lawyer, second mother is a work from home writer, and her siblings have school as their jobs, older sister, twin brother, younger sister, younger brother, & little sister, soon there will be a new baby brother.
Members In Household: 10 in game / soon 9 irl
Best Friend: Marcus Ancela, Annabelle Patterson, Melody Artemis, Owen?
Friends: Wolf Jackson, Griffon Anima, Malachi Vasur, Sofinia Lee'Ryd, Owen, Braxton
Frenemies: Jayson Crow, Claire Brooks
Enemies: no one yet
Worst Enemy: No one yet
Acquaintances: Aphmau, Rune, Simon, Captain Val, Reed/Rowan, Braxton
How You Met Them:
Chi met Marcus and Melody while on a Quest to help with a fiend problem, Melody being attacked and Marcus unable to fend off the swarm by himself, Chi stepped in at the same time Claire and Reed/Rowan did. After taking the two to the clinic Chi ran into trouble in the streets, there was a fight over weapons and it was getting ugly, just as Jay and Sofie were about to kill each other Chi stepped in again, a the scar on her side when she was stabbed still there. Upon her arrival to the clinic the rest of Jays and Sofies party's came to see what was up after hearing about it from other players, Wolf, Griffon, Malachi, and Annabelle... in apologies and thanks all 9 players spoke with and kept trying to buy her something as a thank you, after a few days of the lot of them pestering her she realised... that it wasn't just to pester, it was forming a bond. After a few weeks the group put together their money and bought a house on the outskirts of town, working hard together and their shared enjoyment of the 'game'.... Chi would often take jobs at Owens tavern, enjoying getting to know the 'EVI', this is also how she met Aphmau, Rune, and Simon... Captain Val she met after being taken in for stopping fights as well as disrupting the peace, Braxton is more of a friend to her than acquaintance do to all the times he has healed her after rash actions, but then again she can never truly get to know him because he is so busy.
Sexuality: Demisexual Panromantic
Pronouns: She/Her and they/them
Crush: Fate
Relationship with Crush: Fate
Theme song: We are the others(Delian), Stairway to the skies(Within Temptation), Stand in the rain(superchick), ghost of a rose(blackmore's night)
Quote: "Aha..." "LOOK AT THIS MESS!!! WOLF, GRIFFON, JAYSON, AND CLAIRE GET OVER HERE AND CLEAN THIS!!! I AM NOT TOUCHING YOUR OLD FOOD AND DEAD TROPHIES!!! ITS DISGUSTING!!!" "Owen.... Thank you... (For what lass) ... For being here for me... I know talking to you is.... Not really real... That this all is a Game at the end of the day... But It's nice to have a friend... Heck It's nice to have a sort of Father figure in my life! Someone I can actually talk to instead of being alone in my room IRL.... Sometimes I wonder if I could just escape here and every thing would be fine? (Lass you have a life beyond Estorra, I see you day in and day out as if you are never back in your own life... Estorra isn't your home-) But it is... Owen there is nothing to do for me my life is wasted there. (What do you mean wasted?) ..... I come to Estorra because it is where I am actually alive... Back in my world..... I am paralysed from the neck down beyond recovery... I just lay there motionless... So when Estorra came... I wished so desperately to be able to play... To live an exciting life, to move, to make a name for myself somewhere in the worlds... (Aye lass... May I ask how that happened to ya) ... My little sister Aiko ran out onto the street to get the cat.... A truck was rushing and didn't see her... I didn't think it through and leaped in front if it to push he rout of its way... That was four years ago.... I wouldn't say i regret it, or that I'm unlucky... I have a life most are jealous of... But i cant help but feel forgotten or like a burden... Or a weight in their lives... So instead if calling out for things to do I live happily in Estorra... (is hugged by Owen I'm so sorry lass...) surprised, hugs back, crying slightly Thank you... Owen...."
"Hey Owen, can I have a lesson on Estorran Customs, History, and/or Religion while I work for today? That can be my payment. (sighs Always chasin to learn somethin new ya are lass, ne'r make it easy and just take coin... Oh alright, I suppose) YES!!squeals and starts working on what needs to be done"

RPG Backstory: 
Chi is the daughter of a traveling merchant man, a fortune teller Meif'wa, and an adoptive daughter to a shaman, she has 6 siblings and parted from the caravan to pursue her own life. She fell in love with the town of Ardenvale(I think thats how its spelled) while her family was stationed there for the month and soon made a life for herself, meeting people, making friends, integrating into society. After months of saving her money, her and some friends bought a house together on the outskirts if town. They live there to this day and actually built a sort of Miscellaneous Pawn Shop connecting to it, the ten working there or around on quests, simple, humble, fun.
RPG Present: Chi makes sure that Estorra is taken care of by the other players, disrespecting the place she feels is home is a HUGE no to her, she will go all kinds of mama bear on you no matter who you are. She is often found helping out Owen at the pub or at her House/Garden/Shop doing daily chores... Most find it odd that she acts as if this was her actual life, shrugging it off as an intense roleplayer or possible glitched EVI. She has been known to be taken into custody for being 'a public disrupter' on multiple occasions for getting angered at other Players and defending 'EVI's and Estorra from them.

IRL: She is actually the second youngest daughter of a VERY rich family, and is paralysed from the neck down from an accident when saving her little sibling from being hit by a truck... For most of her days she is in Estorra because it makes her feel important... She can move there... She can be who she dreams she could be, so her parents let her since it makes her happy. She will leave and spend time with her family and be taken care of from 6am to 9am usually, but from then till sleep she is in Estorra being fed from a tube... She would say she has a happy life if you asked, and she really does think so, she wouldn't have had it another way because this was what fate intended.

(The Player HouseMates: working on them, they wont all be there at all times but I still want to make forms just so you can read up on them if you would like...)


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IDK WHICH ONE FOR #DreamsOfEstorraArtCon1 Help mey choose!
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This one
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This one

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My entry for the art contest.
Sorry about the quality, my drawing program crashed and I put this on Snapchat last night so luckily I was able to save this lmao.


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This is my first ever drawing of Dreams Of Estorra so I'm pretty proud Cx but it's not that good, others will probably do better

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Not my best, it looks horrible since I rushed. T^T will try to make a better one tmrw. Btw, how much time do we have to draw it and do they have to have to be exactly like they are in the series or can it be similar?

Not gonna add the # becuz this isn't my real entry

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Old one VS New one.

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This is depressing
I started drawing and shading then realised I fucked up the hair :CCC

It's not finished btw C:
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