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(work in progress)
The city of Nightmares. its a city where both Heroes and Villains end up. sometimes its miraculous users. sometime it could a Akumatized Joker. in this chaotic city where universes are fused. new or old Heroes and Villains shall rise again
- I have nothing against hentai. soo please keep it as Private as possible
- have to make an account before Roleplaying (still need to think of a template)
1- Create a profile and wait to get approved.
2-obey every rule. 3 chances and thats it. bye bye, chao, your out.
3-you can base your OC out of anyone except batman because thats my role. or use any anime character aslong as its not a super sayan or any planet busters.
4- No God Modding
5- No community Marketing
6- No spam post like repeating the same thing or the same person posting every minute
=Mod rules=
1- Follow all rules as well.
2- No Banning or Blocking anyone without a good reason.
3- No Editing Community Name, Rules, Tabs, Pinned Post... unless the owner which is me said soo
stated by owner.
Specie: (anything except any planet busters)
Role (Hero, Villain, Assasin, Pirate, civillian etc.):
Status (Dead or Alive):
Relationship status (in the rp.):

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Orgin of Joker

one night i was insisted on a crime with two thugs as we entered the factory they made me wear the red hood and we were got and as i thought they were on my side they were about to shoot me and a police officer shot them both and as they were gonna shoot me Batman arrived and chased me and as he was about to catch me i attempted to jump into a chemical vat causing my body form of skin, hair ,eyes ,emotions to change i wasn't no longer a normal man named jack Napier i was the joker as i was found by a doctor he tried fixing the way i looked but nothing worked so i angrily killed him and took his face soon being catched in my crimes by bats and he sliced it off my face ruining it taking me to arkham asylum as time passed i was in and out of there 
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Batman is seen ontop of a building. The police is after him because of his vigilantism. He is also trying to find out who were the people who murdered some civillian. Batman drops down from the villains and scans the area as he searches for clues. He finds some dead cops and thugs. who could have done this Batman wonders to himself as he is ready to find the culprit. And batman doesn't kill

Everyone can have 2 profiles each. The only way to get a restart or a free slot is to be Killed

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=Profile template=
Name: Carlos Morgan

Age: 18

Species: Human and an elemental

Role: Assassin

Status Alive

Relationship status: Single

Powers: Lightning

Weakness: Another elemental

Bio: He was known as the top assassin of the Red Dragon Clan. But it was now gone because of a set up. Now as he became much stronger and faster. He even learn his ability of Lightning element. He's trying to find his sister who was a former assassin of the Red Dragon Clan. As he uses his lightning elemental. He can go real fast and use lightning in any way possible.

Transformation: Lightning warrior. His hair turns completely white and electric charges form around him.

Weapon: Samurai Sword
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Well we do need more profiles to start roleplaying

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Thanks for the invite.

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Name: Bruce Wayne (Reincarnated.)
Age: 21
Specie: Human
Role (Hero, Villain, Assasin, Pirate, civillian etc.): Hero
Status (Dead or Alive): Alive
Relationship status (in the rp.): Single
Powers: Gadgets
Weakness: he is human and he can die easily if he isnt carefull.
Bio: when Bruce Wayne was 6. his parents were murdered right infront of his eyes, his parents friend Alfred found him in an alley, after a few years he decided to go searching for Ra's al Ghul to train him to become a ninja. then when he had to kill someone as a final test. he didnt do it. he spent years traning to be a ninja so he isnt gonna let it go to waste, he also trained to keep pain from stopping him when fighting oponents stronger then him.
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if you guys want to rp. you have to create a profile first. the same goes for me
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