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Name: James Martin

Gender: male

Age: 26

Race: human

Likes: fighting action practice training do whatever I want helping working out.

Dislike: bully my friends in danger lies miss understand overly thinking.

Personality: resitient bold ambition confident daring Noble fearless deflant valiant visionary tough cool compassionate​ honest lovable loyal courageous determined warrior friend champion hero nice attitude respact self-believed control never say die attitude positive humble danger romantic carring cute discipline dedication out spoken gentleman resist.

Weapon: my arsenal's weapons type hands and feets shuriken

Skilled: Martial arts spy stealth infiltration balanced treasure hunting hit and run support covert ops Endurance Durability Strength Agility Reflexes Thievery gears self-defense

My abilities​: forceball (low high double straight) filp kick ultra fill kick nut punch nutcracker shadows kick eclipse kick fist bump (red shadow) rising shadow shadow dropkick (charge) mimic flashy shadow kick cards based attack full of decks (energy charged) shadow dash quick speed drift Ords magic of the knights (fire water wind) used with or without bow Aegis Shields shotgun spirit cuffs colors powers wisps reovlver Super Sonic Speed Spin Dash Amida embrace defense block amida 1000 arm death embrace Talismans art (Breath of life eye of truth heart of fire leap of faith whisper) orbs arts (berserk haste invulnerability quad damage) Time Belt

My special abititle: spirit gun

I am such a big fan of Sailor Moon! I watched both old and new ones, but I'm still watching Sailor Moon S.

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(Almost same, but quite different from Disney Animation)
Name : Aurora Von Rose
Sailor : Super Sailor Reve(Dream in French) Soldier of beauty and dreams, and True love
Sailor Senshi group : Both Princess Senshi and Inner Senshi
Occupation : Student in Juuban High school with Usagi and Minako, Ami, Belle, and Makoto(21th century), Princess of dreams and romance (30th century)
Habitat : Tokyo Juuban Cheateu(21th century) , Silver Milennium/Crystal Tokyo(30th century)
Status : Alive(21th century), Dead and revived (killed by Maleficent and Queen Beryl extremely violently, and later revived by Neo Queen Serenity)(now is being protected by Artemis, her lover in 30th century)
Age : 17(21th century), over 3000
Zodiac Sign : Taurus
Personality : elegant, passionate, practical, graceful
Likes : singing, dancing, designing extravagant dresses, drawing, Artemis, Minako, finding true love, being with her friends with happiness
Dislikes : Losing true love, Luna (rival now), being a damsel, called like a child
People who likes/loves her : Artemis (loves her), Minako, Usagi, Makoto, Rei, Ami, Hotaru, Mamoru, Belle, Cinderella, Motoki, Chibiusa, Diana, Michiru, Setsuna, Galaxia
People who hates her : Luna(rival), Haruka(thinking bad things about her), Maleficent, Queen Beryl, Diana(formerly)
Sign : Blue rose
Rival : Luna
Gemstone : Blue Sapphire
Hobby : designing, singing, drawing, dancing
Power : Rose of dreams, beautiful singing voice, extravagant beauty, changing colors from pink, blue, or green, designing beautiful dresses
Weapon : Rose petals of dreams, Singing voice which can make villains sleep, ribbon dance blast
Birthday : 2001 April 21st
Color : pink(formerly), Blue
Crush on : Artemis (both cat and human form) (has been enemy formerly but now a top 1 best friend)
BFFs : Artemis, Minako, Belle, Tomoe Hotaru (But Artemis is the only one who can understand her so much)
18. 2. 26.
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Happy birthday Angel Toon and Justin Smith!

Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Me are grounding The Annoying Purple Dinosaur

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