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Name: Xiana Ryuu

Nickname: dragon queen, bloody dragon, demon princess, demon beauty

Gender: Female

Abilities: magic, ability to turn into a demon, ninjutsu, lives for an extremely long time like slender man, can cause use some of the slendies abilities.

Likes: Killing, blood, training, watching the stars and the moon, nightime, splendor man, slender man, offender man(sometimes), most of the proxies, freedom, sleep, cheesecake, sweets, her hair

Dislikes: mornings, being woken up, offender man (remember she likes him sometimes), being underestimated for any reason at all, betrayal, lies, ignored, people stealing her food, people who touch her hair and things without permission.

She has a visor over her eyes to hide them from others

She can use many different types of weapons but on in the picture is her favorite
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Open Roleplay to anyone!

Marvi was walking around with a knife in her hand, She was deep in the forest and it was already a night time, She chuckled quietly as she stalked her pray, It was her girlfriendwell atleast she used to be her girlfriend, She cheated on her and now she was going to get her payback, Krissu had always been violent towards her anyways, Thanks to her she had few scars on her cheeks, Well now she was going to have her fun, She lunged on top of Krissu and plunged the knife into her stomach, She twisted it around as she giggled, She plunged the knife into Krissu's chest, She pulled her heart out, The life slowly faded away from her grey eyes, Marvi took a bite of her now past girlfriend's heart, She was to happy to notice anything else, Suddenly somebody tapped her on the shoulder, She turned around and saw a person with their eyebrow raised, The person said.....

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Here is a link to the full really old story i wrote a few years ago. I you want to check it out i guess. All comments are seen directly by me. So feel free to comment your thoughts and let me know what you think

Name: Clara Sheppard

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Abilities: Can teleport a short distance, is very skilled in telling people's emotions, and can tell if someone is lying.

Likes: Animals, night, food, music, alone time, art, writing, drawing, stars, quiet, forest, dogs, the dark, boots, her electronics, flirting, Steven Universe.

Dislikes: Jeff the killer, loudness, large groups of people, Jane the killer.

Personality: Kind, dosen't care about much, flirty, artistic, smart, friendly, introverted, depressed.

Apperiance: White skeleton mask (Always wears this), tan skin, Hair curly brown in a bun or covered with a beanie, Flannel shirt or hoodie, black dress pants and boots.

Bio: Her mother and little brother were tragically lost in a school shooting when Clara was around the age of 15. Her depression worsened every day until she was put into a mental hospital to be treated, there she met Toby, an unlikely friend that caught her eye. He soon left but Clara saw that he was in the news for killing his family of all things. Once Clara was let out from her confinement she was sent home and It took her a little over a year to find the killer of her mother and little brother. She beat him to death with a lamp and crushed in his skull for good measure. SHe had run into the forest and was taken in by slender as a proxy at the age of 17.

Alright listen up kiddies! I'm laying down some hardcore stuff right here! 
If you are a moderator i expect you to keep things in check okay? Cuz im not always able to be online to keep things in check. And if someone asks a question, pls try to answer it politely pls. I dont want to have to demote you guys. 
Pls and thank you

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Name:Suicide Cassidy
Age: ??
Likes: Killing people,Her pet/Friend Lost jammer ETC..
Dislikes: "Too many to list.."
Personality:(Depends on RP.)
Bio: Cassidy was having some suicide thoughts and made Suicide Cassidy
Name:Lost Jammer
Age: Unknown
Abilites:(I do know some but for some reason I don't know how I can explain them..)
Likes:  _Teasing Jammer, The dark servers,Killing jammers/Players ETC_
Bio: Personal
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Crystal walks down the street looking for her next victim. She spots a house with a window she's able to climb to. As she enters the room she immediately sees someone sleeping. As she walks towards that person she hears a sound behind her she sees a person. Who is y/n. A Creepypasta. She doesn't know that.
- I don't care if you're a boy or girl
-one person if you don't mind
- there is really no need to ask

Can I be masky

Anybody want to roleplay?

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Welcome to my introduction Poppets

Name: Damara Rong AKA Damare
Species: Human
Weapons: A simple pocket knife or a butcher knife but she also uses rocks,Simple sticks and anything else she can find and use.Also a book full of spells that she uses from time to time.
Powers: Master manipulator, she is good at magic, she is very good at hiding her bad tendencies. She's quite strong as well.
Likes: Great food,Blood,Begging,love, Samantha
Dislikes: Betrayal, others getting in her way, People who don't listen,Bullies
Quote. "If you move then it will Hurt even more dear."
Bio:Damara never had an easy life. Her mother died when she gave birth to her and her father went to a depression after his wife's death. Her dad become an alcoholic he always beat her. She always wanted to die she tried to kill herself multiple times but it never worked she always recovered. At school she had no friends.So she became a loner who also got bullied all the time.After few years she got used to it.It hurt the words still Hurt but she learned to turn a blind eye to that. It seemed like her life would never get better.Well she thought so until she met her. She was perfect she was the light in the darkness.She was named Samantha Void. She was also the only one who talked to her and they quickly became friends. Of course Damara wanted to be more than that but she decided not to push it.After all she didn't want her sunshine to go away.She loved her she was the only good thing she had in her life. One day she decided to confess her feelings to Samantha. And to her suprise she accepted. It seemed like everything was finally starting to get better. Damara really thought that Samantha loved her. Well that was until one day Samantha camed to her and wanted to break up. She wondered how she was still alive she felt her heart break into Million pieces.She got on her knees and begged Samantha to not leave her but she still left her. Why did the universe have to hate her? She needed Samantha she needed her. Why when finally she found herself a sunshine the world just had to take it away. She started walking to her home she opened the door and per usual her father came up to her. She could smell it in her father's breath that he had drank again. He pushed her to the ground and started to beat her and when he started doing it something inside her just snapped. She saw a pair of scissors nearby she took them and stabbed her father into his right eye.Her father screamed and got off her giving her the chance to run into the kitchen she quickly took a butcher knife ready to attack her father who had just gotten up and came running towards her. She quickly stabbed her father into his stomach and then jumped on him knocking him onto the ground. She started stabbing her everywhere she could letting all the emotions she had hold in over the years finally out. She kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing her father even when her father was long dead she didn't stop. When she finally stopped she felt happy she felt in control something she had never felt before. She chuckled and then started laughing hysterically. When she finally stopped laughing she thought of an Idea now that her father had learned his lesson it was about time to teach her girlfriend a lesson to about leaving her. She grinned and chuckled enjoying the idea she had just made up. She took her packback taking out all the stuff she had in there and replacing them with Duck tabe,rope and her precious knife also putting a few clothing items in there.When she was ready she took her stuff heading over to her girlfriend's place luckily it was already late so she was probably sleeping. Unfortunately her angel's room was on the second floor. But for once the luck was on her side and she saw an ladder leaning against a wall she grinned and got on it and started climbing up to her love's room. And just like she quessed she was sleeping oh she was so adorable and sooner she would be even more. She quietly lifted the window up and climbed inside Samantha's room. She got her Duck tape ready she quickly got on top of Samantha and before Samantha had chance to make any noise she had already covered her mouth with the Duck tape.She grinned when she saw her sunshine's grey eyes widen she caressed her cheek and Kissed her forehead.
She told Samantha to calm down but that Of course didn't stop her.Damara sighed and slapped Samantha on the face. "Be quiet dear or else I am gonna hurt you." Samantha had tears coming out of her eyes oh she really was beautiful. Damara smiled gently at Samantha." Good I am gonna remove the Duck tape now so don't scream." Samantha nodded.Damara quickly removed the Duck tape and before Samara could open her mouth she covered it with her own. Oh Samantha really did taste good and her whimpering was even cuter. Damara moaned and deepened the kiss. She took her packback closer to her quickly taking her knife out. She pulled away from the kiss smirking."Oh Samantha you tasted better than I remembered." Samantha only whimpered and begged her to leave. Damara laughed oh her sunshine was being so silly. She took out the same butcher knife she had used before and plunged it deep inside of Samantha before Samantha could scream however she had again covered her mouth with Duck tape. She stabbed and stabbed giving few kisses while she was doing it she saw the life slowly fade away in those beautiful grey eyes of her's. When she was done with the stabbing she started gouging out Samantha's eyes putting them into a small box she had she also took few strands of her blonde hair and put that as well in the box. She kissed her love's forehead and quickly opened the window again. She started running towards the woods looking for a place to hide she quickly saw a cabin and ran in there it seemed cozy enough so she layed down on the floor and fell asleep she didn't stay there for a long time she quickly moved on to the next place and another she is always changing places looking for new victims and a new love she works alone she has met few other interesting people but those people are dead now because they got boring she has never forgot Samantha though and always every night before she goes to sleep. She learned her lesson and so did her father and now it is time for others to learn their lesson to and this is the story of Damara also known as Damare.
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