Hello Baby Buddhas
is this page still active?
Love and light
Eileen & Twins

Thich Nhat Hanh is back home at Plum Village after many months at the stroke rehab unit of a hospital: http://plumvillage.org/?p=7391

I apologize for not planning any hangout as of late, stay tuned, I will plan by the beginning of May.

Hello! I'm new here and not quite sure how to connect for the Tuesday hangouts?? Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sad I haven't been able to join a session yet. I'm in NYC so the timing is difficult. Thinking of the group though & hopeful times will align soon.

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I won't be able to set up or lead the group for the next two weeks. Wishing everyone a happy summer solstice!

Hello friends, I walked into a metal bar at a playground -- with my forehead -- got a mild concussion. Can't use screens so much till my head feels better (could be a week or two). Am hoping one of the other moderators can host this week, including setting up the hangout. Hope I will feel better enough next week to join. Smiles, Erica

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I am curious on your thoughts pertaining to actively teaching mindfulness to young children vs providing a role model for them as parents/educators and letting that percolate in to their being. Additionally, I am planning some children sangha activities and would love a little advice in this area of what you have found successful and not successful. Many thanks!
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