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Im the owner of the scrools holds them up as i throws the scrolls as the unleash their power +Sebastian Michealis

it was a sunny day when I was at the park. I was walking around then I accidentally bumped into you "...o-oh..I'm sorry.." I say. After this. You....

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Name: Nuki, ( call me Nikki )
height: "5'2'
age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Deer
personalities: when mad, she's very talkative, and will explain her problems within nice matter. When sad, she will stay away from crowds and commotion to hide her feelings ( doesn't want to be worried about ) when normal, she's quiet, Shy, and always nice. But isn't the best at being social

likes: Empty rooms, classics, Starbucks, and books. She is a little bit of a nerd, so she loves Comics.

dislikes: Mean people, pain, hurtful comments, bad friends, and liars. But when confronted with these things she just walks the other way and ignores it, ( tries )

bio: I lived in the suburbs when I was little until I Got an offer to go to a art school I loved. They wanted my singing so I moved to the city like place so I could attened there. I passed the audition and I went there until last year. I am now considered a singer and I usually sing melodies.

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Name: Jake Howler
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Caring, Strong, Smart, Selfless, Adventurous, Protective(with people I love)
Likes: Sports, Science, Both genders(weak spot for shy females), Adventure, Action, Fun
Dislikes: Mating right away, Mean people
Appearance: (1st and 2nd pic)
Height: 6,5
Bio: I have a sister and we go to school together in WolfBite High. I also have a friend that's a deer. We lost our Father in the war with the humans, but I never hated the humans even for that. I am an expert in combat and I have the power of Water
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300 years old

Part 2

(( +Furry God ))

lifts my head up to the moon 

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Name: Guilmon
Age: unknown
Sex: male
Power: yrosfiear, Dragon claw and digivolution
Speacies: lizard, dinosaur (virus dragon type)
Bio: hi I'm guilmon I'm a good friend to all I'm from the digital world, I love to make friends and Is looking for a mate
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Name: Ambrose
Gender:  male
Age:  unknown
Species: i am a furry nothing more to be said
Personality: charming but doesn't talk alot
Role play: any

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lays in a branch watching the northern lights

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Names Vincent
Age 15
I love fun and games
I'm a male
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