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Tune in for the latest news on the gaming scene! New Trailers, New Equipment, Updates and much more!

Sorry that I haven't uploaded in awhile, I did not feel motivated to create any content! Hence the change in direction of videos.

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! How're you all today!? We'll I'm back on Google+ again.. Took a break because I was kinda spamming my daily videos all over the joint.

But, this place is an AMAZING way to get support for your channel and to find some awesome content creators (Meaning you guys c; ).

Anyways, if you peeps could check out the video and leave some love, that would be freaking sweet!

Make sure y'all are +1'ing videos that need attention!

Hope to see you all soon! IG Signing out!

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What's up everybody!

We had another late upload today.. Was in the process of setting up a desk for my new set up! SO MUCH BETTER!.

Anyways Peeps.. We're back on BioShock Infinte Boredom.. Nahhh. Love the game really.

After 3 episodes of doing jack all, we finally found Elizabeth!

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Come check it out if you're interrested!
Hope to see you guys soon!

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