I hope you all liked part one

Btw guys ill be posting another part of my Vampire Diaries Fanfiction in august because i need more time for ideas and this device is getting taken until August after tomorrow 

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Statherine Fanfiction
One day a girl was born into a time of horror and supernatural times and her name was Katherine Petrova she was born into slavery times and then she grew up into a teenager and had a baby who she named Nadya Petrova and then later she grew into an adult and her
baby was taken away from her and she was chased by an Original Vampire named Elijah. Mikalson and then she hung herself with vampire blood in her system and woke up later vampire.

And so she left lived most her live as a vampire. until she met Emily who helped her out with things and took her to meet other founding founding families but also the founding families had rings that would keep them alive and also bring them back from the dead. And then we were about stop by the Salvatore house when Katherine found this most handsome sight his name was Stefen Salvatore emily and Katherine finally stopped Stefen walked over and helped Katherine down and was like "hello m.s" So Katherine said "Call me Katherine please" and then he kissed her hand and she was like "what a gentleman you are" and Stefensaid "wont you please come inside m.s Katherine"? So then Katherine ate dinner with Stefen and his father when 2 minutes later his father started choking and Katherine was like" MR SALVATORE WHATS WRONG"?and Stefen said he has cancer he's probably dying and i was like"does your father hate Vampires and he was dead.

So me and Stefen made a grave for his fathers body and Katherine was like "Stefen im so sorry for you"! And he was like it'll be ok he's in a better place and then he said " so you said you could turn people right and keep people from getting the cancer virus"? Katherine said " i guess so but there will be consequences you will crave blood and you have to wear a daylight ring a lot" and Stefen Said" then please turn me and my brother dont want to die" so Katherine was like" id this is what you want" so he called his brother out and Katherines fangs elongated and she bit her arm and fed them both her blood and said "here goes nothing" and She snapped their necks and then hours later they woke up she had blood bags ready for them to complete the transition and Katherine was like " here you go to both of them" and they drank it and completely turned.

So then Katherine spent years training them but Katherine also fell in love with Stefen she dated him and slept with him.you name it he loved her and then finally he moved into a house with his uncle Zack 20 years later after that and Katherine got reunited with her daughter and moved in with her and thats when Elena came Along came her young doppelgänger Elena Gilbert was born 19 years before and just appears right after Katherine saw her father in her house so she saw her and Katherines like "you must be Elena" and shes like "why do we look exactly alike" and Katherines like " we're doppelgängers obviously but it was nice meeting you so bye" and Katherine left.

So basically after Stefen moved in Zacks house this thing called school was invented but Katherine was homeschooled but Stefen and Damon werent so after Katherine and Stefen started dating Elena and Damon started dating as well it was so cute. So basically Katherine got to Elena for a while at first they fought because Elena wanted to date Stefen but then it got resolved and mostly Katherine got to meet more of elena's friends like Bonnie and Caroline we were the best of friends.

+Katlyian Fugate hey babe

Here is part one of the Fanfiction 
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