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If you are the business owner of a large school, mall, and bank or manage security at a learning institution it is highly recommended for you to have an explosive search dog. #BradCroftSanAntonio lays it out plain and square that in the case of misfortune occurrence such as a terrorist attack, such public places are the most susceptible to attack. One should be able to protect those under their care, clients or students by employing the services of these lethal and highly effective canines that have undergone specialized training.

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Every police department should have a K-9 in the ranks. For certain investigations or raids, their help is like no other, helping to literally sniff out crime where officers fail to. But the thing is: a K-9 is not cheap, making it difficult for police departments to purchase. And we absolutely understand that. That’s why we’re offering a free police K-9 through our #PoliceDogGrant program today! (

If your department wants to add K-9 or needs to replace an aging one, this is the opportunity to do it without spending tens of thousands of dollars. This dog will be healthy, young and come with all shots and health records. However, we require them to take a two-week handlers course before the dog will be released to the department. This helps us ensure officers are getting the best possible K-9 for the job. (

We’ve been helping trainers and trainees learn how to best work together since 2010. But, among themselves, our staff shares years of experience in the K9 training field. If you or your police department are interested in our free dog grant, shoot us over an email at Or you can call us any time at 210-858-6830.

For more information on our #police #dog #grant, contact Universal K-9 today!

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#BradCroftSanAntonio States Why to Use Explosive Dogs

If you own a mall, run a large school, manage security at a university, are a manager at a bank, or oversee any other high traffic area, you should closely consider acquiring an explosive search dog. Fact is, such high traffics areas will likely be the first places targeted during any sort of terrorist attack. Protect the people under your care or who are enjoying your facilities by hiring specially trained security canines.
As #BradCroft of #UniversalK9 points out, “There’s really no better alternative to finding explosives and weapons than a well-trained canine. Machines, pat downs, and other methods simply aren’t as effective.” Moreover, if you oversee a public area, shouldn’t you provide the most effective protection available? Doing so will ensure the safety of students, pedestrians, customers, or anyone else.
Of course, acquiring an explosive search trained canine is only the first step to ensuring security. Handlers must also be taught how to effectively manage and oversee the canine itself. Beyond the proper methods for basic care, handlers must know how to effectively use the dog for searching for explosives and weapons.

We are a leading provider of #dog #handling #training. We know that well-trained dog handlers are every bit as important as having a top-notch search canine. So if you are thinking about acquiring a search dog, make sure you invest in training one of your employees, or yourself, in how to handle the canine. With our training workshops and world-class search dogs, you can set up a highly effective K9 unit!
Beyond searching for explosives, dogs can also be trained to search for weapons, such as guns, and also drugs. Dogs are very versatile animals and their extraordinary sense of smell makes them useful for searching for just about anything that gives off a smell, no matter how faint. So if you are thinking about acquiring any type of K9 unit, make sure you get in touch with Universal K9; we can help you build the team that will address your most pressing needs.

You can also contact #UniversalK9 to arrange a sweep with one of our dogs. If you have received a bomb threat or suspect that an employee might be bringing a weapon or anything else illegal to work, an explosive search dog can be brought to your business to conduct a sweep. We will #help you uncover any dangerous items or illegal substances in your workplace.

If interested in learning more about having #UniversalK9 search your business or residence, send us an email or give us a call 210-858-6830!

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#BradleyCroftSanAntonio Explains Kennel Master Course

“Taking care of a K9 unit takes a lot more skill and effort than taking care of your average pet. That’s why we offer specialized courses for those professionals who are charged with looking after canines.” – Bradley Croft San Antonio

Being a kennel master isn’t easy. Kennel masters need to know a lot more than just how to handle a service dog. Dog handlers themselves need to know a lot of information. Kennel masters need to know even more. If you are a kennel master, you will need to know how to oversee an entire work dog program.

From feeding and proper handling, to learning how to design and manage a kennel, a kennel master course can impart a wide range of skills. Kennel masters must shoulder a lot of responsibility as they are essentially program managers. As such, it is especially vital that they be well trained and that they know how to handle essentially any situation.

Dogs are very complex creatures and have a wide variety of needs. In order to ensure that a dog is working at its maximum efficiency, it must be well fed, rested, and trained. By completing a kennel master course, you’ll be able to upgrade your own skills so that you’ll be able to more effectively care for your canines. This program is essential, and often required, for people who will be put in charge of a K9

Further, while dogs are man’s best friend, they aren’t quite human. Dogs have different needs than us, but they can’t communicate with us, at least not directly through language. A kennel master course will teach you how to understand the needs of your dogs and how to read any signals they may be trying to send you. Learning to understand your canines could prove essential to safeguarding their well-being.
So, if you are going to be put in charge of a K9 program, you should closely consider a kennel master course. These courses are quite long as they are very intensive. A program usually takes 10 weeks to complete. While the program is indeed very long and intensive, we work hard to ensure that we are using your time efficiently. We know that you’re a busy professional, so we make sure that our course is designed with effectiveness in mind.

Interested in learning more about #UniversalK9s Kennel Master Course or to sign up, send us an email or give us a call 210-858-6830!

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Many might wonder how a man with no prior military exposure or police duty is able to nurture some the most effective canines in high demand and in use everywhere. Brad had an opportunity to train with exceptional Civilian Police K-9 units as well MWD trainers. With the knowledge ready-hand he is quite capable to mold those dogs under his care quite easily.Whatever the purebred dogs are capable of doing, those universal K-9 dogs are capable of matching it, if not exceeding altogether. Through his organization #BradleyCroftSanAntonio turns destitute canines into super dogs.

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The process of sheltering homeless and orphaned dogs is not good and has been distressing everyone who is aware of this practice, especially since the way of putting these dogs down is in many ways less than human. There have been a number of organizations which have been trying to put an end to this but most of the time they have failed miserably. But #BradCroftSanAntonio, through his organization #UniversalK9 has brought a ray of hope for these helpless dogs.

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Thanks to #BradCroftSanAntonio and the #UniversalK9 team their dedication and training style which made certifying in January 2013 as a new K9 handler easier. The Universal K9 team not only provided a professional and understandable training format but went beyond my expectations in the service and information they provided. Since completing certification, #BradCroft #SanAntonio has contacted me several times to ensure I had no questions or issues and that K9 Doeska and I were working well as a team. Service after the sale!

#Brad #Croft #San #Antonio #training has allowed K9 Doeska and I to have 13 narcotic finds in 9 weeks, making our schools safer.

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Not just any #dog can be used in this role. Only the finest breeds and finest lineages can be trained to search for drugs, explosives, and other illegal substances. #UniversalK9 uses the best dogs and the most thorough training tactics available. As #BradCroft emphasizes, “Training a search dog starts with selecting the right dog, but ends with top notch training by our world-class experts.”
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