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Hehehehehe........ Nobunaga will join this skirmish,

Name: Nobunaga

Gender: male

S.o.: Heterosexual


Height: 6'7

Backstory: before civilization remembers, there was ransei. A place with no Pokéballs, and where person and pokemon relied on trust.Nobunaga is a descendant member of the Oda clan- the Only member, as pirates wiped out the rest of his family. Now he fights, for honor, courage, and what is right.

Tools: a tamahagane sword, a titanium and aluminum armor with heat regulators, and grappling hooks. A crapton of grappling hooks. A few bows, and a wide variety of arrows.

Affiliation: Royals

Pokemon: a Clauncher.

Skills: excellent swordfighter and marksman.

Accent/ speech,: refers to himself in third person

Reason to be here: to kill anyone related to the death of his parents

Likes: his allies, pokemon in general, and being in charge.

Dislikes: his enemies, the douche that killed his parents 

Kalos, reflection cave

shion was in here after hearing about what had happened to his sister, afraid of suffering the same fate, he had come here with one purpose, manning up, he stepped through where the portal laid and into the miror world

"Alright metus, destroy the way back"

the metang obeyed as they stood deep within the mirror world's reflection cave, with none to see or watch them, they smashed all but 2 of the mirrors in the cave

That's it.

Were finally free.

taking a temporary ic exit from setting madness to train without interruption, no triggers plz

-progressive and closed btw-

Alan entered the abandoned house that was once his father's humble abode. The vicinity was once a beautiful place of his childhood, but now it was nothing more than a hollow shell of grief. Bending down on his knees, his fingers lightly brushed the blood stained floor, the crimson soaked so deeply in after a decade that it was far from leaving the wood. Murder laid here, nothing more. It stung Alan's heart yet drew him into the home and left him a mess, even though his body was still and far from showing the depression that plagued him. He slowly got up, prepared to leave as the place had nothing to offer him. But something touched his shoulder.

Instinctively, he turned around, aiming his crossbow and prepared to shoot. But what he saw wasn't what he expected, and the shock from his view made him drop his weapon. There lied a Yamask, in tears like the ghost types always were claimed to be. It gazed fondly at Alan, as if it knew the boy even though they just met. Alan was in disbelief. This pokémon should be in a reserve, not here! But then his eyes caught sight of its mask. Just like him, Yamasks always carried a mask with them. It was their face when they were once human.

Alan slowly reached forward, compelled by the mask that he lightly touched with his fingers. He then gripped it firmly, and stared as his body quaked with uncontrollable tremors. The face was that of a person Alan had long forgotten, or rather, pushed aside in his memories so that he wasn't strung up with bitter grief. It was his dead sister, Tohru, her chubby toddler face twisted in anguish as she screamed and pleaded for her dying father. There were even the tears from that fearful moment engraved in the golden mask.

Alan looked up, the shivers in his body growing stronger. "T-Tohru...?" He questioned. It couldn't be, and yet here it was. It was his sister, Tohru Romano, in the afterlife as a Yamask.

Alan was teleported into the lush forest, his tiny body suddenly appearing in the viridescent scene. His hand slowly fell from his opposite arm in which he'd been gripping ever so tightly. A slight hint of rage flickered in his mismatched eyes though with just a deep breath, he kept his cool. He turned to his Celebi and gave a curt nod. "Alright, let's get started. We've got no time to lose Jophiel." With that, he unzipped his jacket, and the puff of fur that had kept his shivering body remotely warm came out, yawning and blinking its huge crimson eyes. It was amazing that Alan had managed to make it through hiding two pokémon in his jacket, yet then again, the coat was of a bigger size needed to hold his petite figure so he had room for his little band of critters. He bent down to Venonat and smiled slightly, though it was a dry one, void of any true happiness. He was determined to get better, for he had no other option. "We're gonna get started with training now. I know you got this Rose." He addressed the bug type, and it tilted its head with slight confusion but then aptly nodded. Celebi flew to the other side of the area they were in and their training session began.

Frustration began to build with each passing moment that they trained rigorously. Alan shouted once more for Venonat to use Signal Beam, and the pokémon did so, but it wasn't strong enough to hurt the legend. Groaning, the boy gritted his teeth and took a shaky breath. He was being as kind as he could to his beasts, but he was running rather then on patience. "Arceus' sakes, you..." He started off in a low roar but his voice diminished to mumbles. Patience was running thin, because stakes were high and Alan was far from efficient. With one more try, he finally snapped and stormed off, punching a tree and hearing the slight CRACK of his knuckles. "Weak, weak, weak! I have to be stronger! Why.. Arceus forbid that I actually have some use to someone... Anyone... I can't even train my darn pokémon..."

+Sapphire Birchlongwinded horrible opening served right up! Sorry it took so long

Location: Route 14, Kalos

Shane sat on a chair which was located in the middle of the Scary House. Luxray sat next to him as Shane pet his pokemon's fur, while waiting for a few people to join. Four more chairs were placed in a circle along with his own chair in the middle of the house. In the circle was a table where five glasses of champagne was placed in a circle and were aligned to its respective chair

//Closed to +Daala Curtis , +Lyra // Aki Naotsugu , +Pixelated Hero , and +Isaac Nsiah 

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[Name:] Shaun Tennyson.
[Gender:] Male.
[S.O.:] Straight.
[Age:] ∞. {NOTE: Actually 23.}
[Aliases:] Don't have any. Sure, maybe I have a few embarrassing nicknames from gradeschool to pull out of my head, but I don't see why I would need to.
[Height:] 5' 9".
[Weight:] 128 lbs. You, ma'am, are a perv.
[Job(s):] I'm just your average medium. {NOTE: Not actually a medium. Just hyper-observant}
[Team:] I plan to join the resistance. Shouldn't be too hard to track someone among their ranks. I mean, the spirits should help, right?
[Bio:] I was born at the young age of ∞ years old. That's just how the gift of spirit communication works. I was raised mostly by my dad who was also a medium. {NOTE: Father was interviewed; he said he was a detective.} The gift was suddenly brought upon me when I was 10, and I couldn't stop it. {NOTE: 10 is the age at which he gained his hyper-observation skills.} Soon, I was making money off of speaking to people's ancestors at a little stand at the corner of the street. Soon, I had my own little business. Suddenly, my dad came out of no where and told me to stop. He said I was using my ability for the wrong reasons {NOTE: His father stated that he was actually just annoyed.} After that, I didn't do much with my talent until I was in a college in Kalos. I just used it to impress people with my spirit knowledge. {NOTE: His spirit knowledge was just a bunch of random stuff he made up to sound smarter than he actually was.} After I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Forensics, I was ready to form a Private Detective agency that would operate... somewhat outside the law because Bahr was evil. After Aster killed Bahr, I kind of did a little happy dance. However, when I heard that he would take away my Gengar, I had to check Aster's record. Turns out, in the 8 years of his reign, he killed more people than Bahr did in the same time period. That's what got me into fighting his reign.
[Personality:] I have but one flaw: I keep forgetting to turn my swag off. {NOTE: People have actually said that he has many flaws, two of the being greed and pride. However, they also said he has some child-like charisma and a lot of deductive reasoning.}

Gengar @Life Stone (Rick Gastly)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Destiny Bond
Sludge Wave
Shadow Ball

Rocky returns his garchomp then puts all of his supplies on and then proceeds to jump out of the boat and swim to anister City with God looking for +Jeremiah the Electrifying Porygon-Z Cra's antique shop, balisong in hand he opens a door and preys that it's the right door

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Alethea and Malachai suddenly materialized outside of Kalos's Frost Cavern, a far cry from the desert that they had been in earlier. However, it was one of the more remote locations of the region, and Alethea felt no immediate human presence nearby. She quickly dashed into the cave, wanting to get away from the bitter wind. Once inside, she waited for her brother. The air, despite being freezing, was fresh and invigorating, pure and crisp. It made her cheeks a little rosy to stand in the cold, but the bolts of cloth that she had brought performed their purpose of keeping her warm enough. 

Now, she had to wonder if the Esper would sense her presence again. Mesprit was at her side, yes, so perhaps her powers would be a little enhanced. There was nothing to do besides wait. 

+Nicholas Vevasi, +Sapphire Birch, +Aries Lives For Bass, +Master Ace, +Kylel KG Green I swear to god if we don't get this finished soon

Malachai drove his hovercycle out quite a ways from the gleaming Lumiose, eventually stopping once stopping in the further reaches of Route 13. With his unfortunate sister +Katie Huang/Alethea still upon his back, it was a bit of a struggle to get off the machine gently, but he managed. Malachai then carefully laid Alethea down onto the ground, and digging into his pocket, sent Mesprit out of its slightly strange, new ball.

Thea... 'Ey, Thea? Can yeh hear me? It's... It's Malac.

Akane had no time to waste. He had Flare's grunts dismantle the UW then take it to the Lumoise Base in moving vans. Then, Akane teleported into the base. He and his grunts became rewiring the UW to have a stronger blast without having to enlarge it as much. While some grunts worked on the UW with Akane, others worked on its storage. They opened up a bunker and began to expand/alter it for the UW. Once the bunker was done, the other grunts began working on the UW as well. They put two of the Mirage generators on the outside, in order to protect it even more. After putting it in the bunker, they didn't close it yet, because they weren't done. Akane threw out Xerneas and stroked its cheek, petting the creature to keep it calm. As he did so, the grunts plugged the deer up to the machine and began to let its energy flow. "You can supply us, right? I promise, we already have enough power to fire. We just need your help to charge it up, and make it stronger." Xerneas bleated in response and nodded in understanding. Truthfully, it disliked this quite a lot, but it was keeping its loyalty to its temporary trainer. "Alright. TEAM FLARE, TIME TO CHARGE!" With that, his grunts began to use Xerneas' power to charge the UW. The deer twisted in discomfort but soon settled down as Akane stroked it soothingly. The plugs continue to drain Xerneas for awhile until it began to outbreak again. Akane tried to cakm it down, but the pain became too much to bare. This indicated that the UW was charged enough. "CUT IT OFF! Xerneas needn't suffer anymore than required." With that, the people unplugged the machine, and Akane returned Xerneas. The UW was put in the bunker, 1000 feet deep underground before the bunker was shut up tight.
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