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Name: Mia
Age: 19
Powers: All kind of powers.
God of: She is the goddess of death and the queen of the  Dark Angels. :3
Weapons: Two swords, a dagger and a bow and more weapons.
Likes: The blood and roses.
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Age: 14 going on 15
Gender: Female
Bio: I have two enemies; Slendergirl and Hermione.
Powers: teleportation, dark magic, and can see the future or present time in another place.
Weapon: dark magic and two swords.

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(Character Update)

Name: Sarine
Age: 17
Weapon:  Vessel Sword. It holds the souls of ones she kills.
Bio: Lucifer's youngest daughter. She was thought to been destroyed long ago but it was all to fake her own death and cover up that she had a daughter named Lilith. She later mastered shape shifting so that her father would never find out.
Abilities: Control over emotions. Can shape shift into any soul that she holds in her sword. Control over dark elements and some light.
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weapons: black sword rose, knifes
Gender: Female
likes: music, hanging out with friends, she also likes to train a lot with her teachers in the gym and casting spells  
ability's: can control a dragon and dark shadows and don't mess around with her or you want to have a dead grave she will prepare for you. She is also very nice if you get to know her real side and she is shy around people. she also lost her mother when she was born, she lost her father in a car accident 2 weeks ago she was homeless so a school took her in it was called a dark angel school.
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