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(Open RP anyone can join at any time)

Phoenix looked at the map diagram in her hand of the school. She knew the next few weeks were gonna be difficult for her. Riverdale High was nothing close to South Side High. It was bigger and cleaner. Everyone mostly wore bright colors. She looked at her clothes. She had a serpent jacket on, a red tank top, and black ripped jeans along with her black converse. Her flame colored hair was up in a messy bun. She sighed looking around. The school was slightly too big for her liking. Phoenix had no idea on where to go. The Hallway looked foreign to her. "You have to be kidding me." She said to herself.

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Name: Regan "Royal" Lynn

Age: 19

Dad: James Lynn
Mom: Lillith Lynn
sister or/and brother: James Lynn Jr.

Taken By or Crush: none, she's never really been able to connect with anyone

Best Friends: none, she lost contact with her friends when she moved from California

Occupation: none, she does little jobs here and there when she needs money

School: South Side High

Character Description: she lived in California her whole life and was part of a gang called "The Bad Girls Club" (Its from my favorite song, don't judge me). Shes always loved being in a group as tight as a family because her own is broken and bad. Her mother commited suicide and her father died of cancer and her brother was killed in a car accident so she was adopted but she saw her mother jump from a building and fall to the sidewalk. Shes broken and makes herself feel better by being around other people.

Quote: "I can't get hurt in relationships because you can't break whats already broken..."


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Name: Josie McCoy
Age: 17
Mom: Mayor McCoy
Dad: I dont know
Taken by or crush : Reggie
Best friends: Valerie and Melody
Occupation: Singer
School : Liberty High
Character description : Josie never knew her dad she was always the bright star of the family and the Singer and drama Queen of the family. She created the band called Josie and The Pussycats. She also works at Pops.
Quote: Every Kitty has a dream and a dream can be crushed.

Josie was at Pops waiting for her friends

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Name: Ximena "Phoenix" Sanchez

Age: 17

Dad: Danny Sanchez
Mom: Wanda Sanchez
sister or/and brother: Jonathan Sanchez

Taken By or Crush: Not sure yet. Maybe a crush on Sweet Pea.

Best Friends: None really. Associates with Toni Topaz.

Occupation: Brains behind most operations.

School: Riverdale High

Character Description: Phoenix is a biker and a member of the Serpents. She had been living in the trailer park all her life with the rest of the serpents. Her mom never wanted the gang life for her. Her dad wanted her to get a better education. Phoenix agreed to work for a successful life but she doesn't want to abandon her family of serpents.

Quote: "Hope is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of broken dreams."

Can I be Jug?

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Name: Tobias “T-Bird” Morrison

Age: 19

Dad: William Morrison
Mom: Jane Morrison
sister or/and brother: Janus Morrison
Niece:Kate Jensen currently missing
Nephew:Logan Holmes trying to be a cop.

Taken By or Crush: none currently. His last relationship was in New York before he left.

Best Friends: Trent and Harlan

Occupation: Drug dealer/arms dealer

School: Dropped out

Character Description: Grew up in the poor part of New York with his family. He joined a punk band in his teens but eventually he grew into a life of crime and joined a biker gang called “The Drifters”. They mostly ran in dealing drugs and guns pretty standard.

He knew of Veronica Lodge as his niece Kate was friends with her. He was attracted to her for the moment he saw her and he always looked out for her and his niece whenever they were out. A year after Veronica left Kate went missing after a night out.

Tobias blamed himself after she went missing as he out doing a job for the gang. He recently found himself in Riverdale after the whole Jason Blossom scandal. He is keeping a low profile but he currently is staying at his own place but he checks in regularly with the gang as they plan to expand their business into Riverdale.

Quote: "Better to go with the Devil you know then the one you don’t.”
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Tobias was at Pop’s during a late night must have been about 10 o’ clock when he arrived. He ordered a vanilla shake and as he looked around the diner taking note as to how empty it was he just smirked and shook his head as he found it pretty easy to rob the joint then split. But he wasn’t about to screw things up for the Drifters after all they were family to him.

Once he finished his shake he left the diner sitting outside on the bench as he was taking this moment to relax. He and his gang were ready to expand their territory he knew that’s why he was here but he had heard of a Veronica being in town. Could it possibly be the same Veronica he once knew way back in the day? It was possible but still life was strange after all.

He got up from the bench and began walking towards his bike but he stopped when he notice a familiar face walk past him and heading into Pop’s.

(Long and detailed post only NO ONE LINERS!!! Ask before joining.)
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Hey guys ! This is the fisrt video I made by myself with this amazing cover of Mad World. I really hope you like... I really gave my heart and tried to put a lot of emotion in the video.
Please leave a comment giving your opinion if you liked this or not, and maybe some advices ... I would love that ...
Love u all !!

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