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Phiilosophy and phosophers... without them we would live
like cave men floundering about in the dark. Still in total
ignorance of the consciousness that can ponder and
mull over, come up with profound truths,
It is a miracle that the less than divine, mortal
creatures that we are.. can expound like a God.

I am realizing that dead philosophies are there to stimulate our minds and intellect, merge it with intuition, and experience..and then
be damn confused It must all come from within.. So that we can outwards through the inner portal that has access to all knowledge. King Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun.. this relates to phlosophy as well. WE are just remembering what we already know..

The sub-heading of this community's title is ...
"Philosophers are the only ones who can rule the world"
This is true as far as it goes but I feel compelled to add

I firmly believe that a Common Philosophy is possible for humanity . but I don't think it will arrive as a book or yet another guru .. How it will arrive . I haven't a clue . but I think I'll recognise it when I see it . so I'm keeping my eyes and my options . open ... :-)
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