Mostly project management this week. The bulk of the Campaign Guide Pathfinder stats (lords and most monsters and miscellany) were finalized by Stephen Rowe. We still need to finish some NPCs, though. (I'm going to focus on the Player's Guide right now until all of the stats are done for the CG and then flip back to finish layout here.)

Those Pathfinder stats went right to our latest addition to the project, Robert Adducci, who is on board to help finish the 5E CG stats. Welcome, Robert!

For the Player's Guide, I've determined that it will work out to strip the magical items (saving them for the Magic Guide, which I think will be a better fit). And Victoria Jaczko is helping me to finish off the remaining chapter intro texts.

More soon...!


We had a wonderful Emerald City Comicon last weekend. And while I was recuperating from that 4-day event, I flowed all the content into Player's Guide! (What does that really mean, Scott?)

Glad you asked! I took all of the Pathfinder content we've created so far that's designated for the Player's Guide and put it into one rough layout. This gives me an immediate assessment on how we're doing for content and what needs to be added. And it looks like we're already over the promised pages for that title. Plus, all of this has already been vetted and finalized by the devs (Stephen Radney-Macfarland and Thilo Graf). All 12 racial traits are accounted for; the illustrations are in (although we still need the cover); we might need to add 1-2 archetypes; and we'll definitely need to add a few miscellaneous bits, such as a couple extra items or feats per chapter, in order to balance the final layout.

My most immediate order of business, however, will be to complete and standardize each chapter's intro text. It exists for about half of them, so I will write what's needed and mold the others to match.

I also have a potential question: magical items. Keep them in the Player's Guide or hold them for the Magic Guide? There are several components that will ultimately factor into this decision, but I am very interested to hear what you think on the matter.

More soon...!


I finished the new content: 1-2 new NPCs per chapter and some miscellaneous new additions. Those new pages are now complete and just need a proofread.

For Pathfinder, Stephen Rowe has been making tremendous progress finalizing the statblocks for the NPCs and developing the last of the Campaign Guide monsters. I will add the finalized Pathfinder stats next week as Stephen finishes them, and we'll get the Pathfinder Campaign Guide PDF in your hands very soon after.

For 5E, sadly our previous developer has had to bow out for now due to scheduling conflicts and can't finish the last round of statblocks. I am currently looking at additional 5E developers to wrap up the 5E Campaign Guide statbocks.

We have our biggest con of the year this weekend--Emerald City Comic Con. Maybe we'll see you there.

More soon...!

Was your last post removed? Why? I was excited to read you had boosted the page count and of Endie's involvement. I might be reading more into this than I should. Can we expect to see this unveiled soon? Seems I have been waiting a long, long time.


Been a crazy couple months. Thanks for sticking with us. Turns out our projected pagecount for the Campaign Guide looked like it was going to fall a bit short of our promise of 300+ pages. So I've been busy writing new content as I flow it all into the full print-ready layout. Each chapter now has a couple new pages (most of the new material is new NPCs), so there's some extra statblocks being built, too. The final page count will be well over 300, now. But that's also added a couple weeks to our turnover estimates.

Thilo Graf has finished his development on the player races, and Stephen Rowe is using those to build the statblocks for the NPCs while he finishes developing the last of the Campaign Guide monsters. I am putting all my available energy into finishing these NPC writeups this week. (I have a big convention in Portland this weekend, which means a few days away from my files. Come see us at Wizard World if you're around!)

Though it's slowed down the Campaign Guide a bit, having to finalize the player race traits early, it means we are that much farther ahead for the Player's Guide, which should come fast on the heels of the Campaign Guide. Plus, the adventures, of which three are already in, were just awaiting those finalized player race traits and CG monster stats.

More soon...!

Would it be possible to estimate when the first adventure will be out? I'm dying to run this setting!

Just a question, since I'm new here When do you expect this will be for sale officially/done? Within Q1 of this year, or later?

My father passed away peacefully last week. He was loved and will be well remembered. So if you knew Gregg, maybe spare a moment or enjoy a whiskey in memorial. Though I prefer to mourn privately, I wanted to post this as a reminder to myself--and to any that might be so moved--that life is too short for everyone, so love and celebrate friends and family while you can. A reminder to create while you can, as you can, continuously. A reminder to agitate for what you hold dear. A reminder to enjoy life. All the love.

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The last two chapter drafts are done for The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide and have been sent to backers!

What does that mean going forward? While the Campaign Guide flavor's finished, there're still some tweaks needed on the statblocks for all those Campaign Guide chapters. For instance, the NPCs and player race statblocks in each chapter have to be updated. Now, the fully developed and edited Pathfinder player race stats for the Player's Guide just came in (and most of the 5E ones are in), so it's game on.

Next up, consolidated Campaign Guide PDF with updated statblocks and sample Player's guide layout.

More soon...!

And here's a terani by Eric Belisle:


Quick update, mostly done last two CG chapters. Should be able to finish proofreading and send them out tomorrow. More soon!
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