When are the Players and Magic Guide going to drop?

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The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide 5E Releases (!!!)

And the fey are so tired and sleeping their revelry off.

It's finished! The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide for 5E has been released to the wild! And all backers should have received their download links last night!

I very much hope you enjoy this. It's the culmination of many years' work. Thank you once again to everyone that made this possible. Please consider leaving a review of it somewhere so that others might come check it out. (Below, it's at RPG Now. Other links will go live soon.)

Next up are the Player's Guides, and much has been completed on these already. I hope to have both editions finished by the end of this month. We'll let the Campaign Guides rest until after that before we start the print process, in order to give us time to catch any typos.

More soon...!



Lots of cool content in the campaign guide. Looking forward to the Player's Guide and Magic Guides.

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Life requires growth, and growth requires change. From the maturation of a child into adulthood to the adaptation of a species through evolution, biological systems are always in flux, rebuilding and reimagining themselves. This flexibility is key to an organism’s ability to survive and thrive. Yet, sometimes, this adaptability goes too far. (Oleron and the teras designed by James Sutter and Amanda Hamon Kunz; art by Eric Belisle)

THE FAERIE RING: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide is available now from Zombie Sky Press.

"All around you, you can see tiny objects, like schools of fish, yet they are not fish, nor do you have any concept of fish, anyway. Little blobs, all different colors, swarming and swimming through the midnight sea. You watch as one of them surrounds and consumes another, growing larger. And so you try it yourself, stretching out a nameless part of you to gather in one of the blobs. You take it into yourself, make it part of you."


We recently officially released the Campaign Guide (Pathfinder), which many of you now already have as part of your Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders. We're waiting to finalize print files to allow some time for any last-minute changes while I work on the Player's Guide.

We had some delays on the 5E version, but Jon Sawatsky is now on board to help us finish that. He's currently catching up on the source material and will be putting his finishing touches on the statblocks in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, I am actively editing and laying out the Player's Guide (Pathfinder). I believe all of the needed content is now there--except for me to update the kitsune starball stats. I expect to make heaps of progress on this book this week.

More soon...!

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In a Faerie Haze

I'm ecstatic and exhausted from having just finished the first book! Yeah! (And I've been on a self-imposed communications blackout for a bit to get this done, so if you emailed me, I'll be responding soon.)

I have just sent the print proof of the Campaign Guide to backers (whether Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or ZSP webstore pre-orders). It's a big file (141 MB PDF) with all the bits included for Pathfinder.

If anyone is interested in proofreading this (which would be super helpful, and yes, I already know the ISBN isn't there yet), I need any comments by August 21. (I'll be at NecronomiCon Providence the week before that.) Once I'm back, the finalized version of this will be uploaded to the printer, and luscious books with not be far behind.

We are nearly done finalizing the 5E version, and I hope to have that proof ready late next week before I leave for the convention.

Then once those two are having fun in printertown, I'll be finishing off the Player's Guide.

For Faerie...!

And here's our kitsune mascot from Domenico Neziti:

I think I just finished the Campaign Guide PDF. Either that or delirious in poppy haze. If former, will send proof to everyone tomorrow (Thursday).

Pushing to finalize CG PDF. More detailed update coming tomorrow.

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I now have all of the final Pathfinder Campaign stats (including subtypes) and most of the 5E stats. So the Campaign Guide is pretty much all up to me to finish. During the next week, I'll be working on laying out those Pathfinder stats. And by the time I finish, I should have all the 5E stats, too, to finish that edition's layout.

For the Player's Guide, I was able to finish the first layout draft. I'll send a sample of that to backers on Monday when I message the Kickstarter/Indiegogo/pre-order campaign. Still need to assign a few bits for design as I switch back to CG layout. All of the existing player race mechanics are with the 5E developer, so we are on track with that as well.

I have a request if anyone's interested. For each of the Player's Guide chapters, I'd like to start with an iconic quote. Something unique from the particular voice of each of the given player races. If you're a backer, then you already have the rough draft chapters of the Campaign Guide and know all you need to about the player races. If you'd like to offer something up for these quotes, just include it in the comments or email me at scott(at)zombiesky(dot)com (deadline June 1).

More soon...!

(Here's a far darrig knight by Eric Belisle.)



The final stats for the Campaign Guide creatures are in! We're just finalizing the subtypes now. We did some extensive subtype work, and we want to make sure it's solid.

Meanwhile, we've finished the flavor intros for each race in the Player's Guide. The archetypes and other mechanical bits have already been through development. So now, I need to work on layout a bit--solidify what formatting we're going forward with--and then I can identify those last holes to fill for the PG, such as a few extra feats or some new equipment.

And Eric Belisle--who has done many of the PG illos--is working on the cover now!

I have a big convention this weekend, Norwescon. Hope to see some of you there! I'm working toward having a sample Player's Guide layout for everyone late next week.

More soon...!
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