How is Chromecast supposed to work? When I press the Chromecast icon and choose a destination and then press play on a TV show it still asks me which external player I want to play with. I would think having chosen a Chromecast target, I wouldn't get prompted for an external player.

Update: I checked the "internal player" button in settings and now when I try to play something I get a dialog about the item not being playable on a Google cast device.

So it seems not having the internal player selected overrides having a Chromecast device selected. To me at least, that seems surprising.


Looking for users that have version strings that don't look like these standard MythTV ones: v0.28-46-ge5ce273 or v29-pre-194-g2a1ccc0.

The output of this, and the distribution name would help:

mythbackend --version | grep "MythTV Version"


A quick bug fix release is hitting the Alpha channel right now. This will be version 3.0.3.

Some users were reporting that they were getting empty recording details when clicking on an episode. It turns out, their backend has an incomplete MythTV Services API. This quick fix will address that issue. It should be available in a few hours to your devices.

MythTV Player 3.0.2 is Available in the Google Play Store

It is currently in Alpha, but should be promoted within a few days. Here is a rundown of the changes as of v3.x.

I previously polled on here what backend versions people were using. I decided to drop support for versions prior to v0.28. This is due to the various changes between the MythTV Services API versions. Having to maintain branches for all these changes was hindering the progress on the app.

Each release has addressed number bug fixes and provides performance improvements.

There is now a Troubleshooter available in the Navigation Drawer or off of the overflow menu when you are on an Episode or Video. It will perform common checks for you. Here is a list of the checks right now:
- Airplane Mode
- Network Connected
- Master Backend Ping
- MythTV Services API can be reached
- MythTV Version at least v0.28
- Backend encoding is UTF-8

I have also added checks for common data validations. You will now be alerted if your backend is not supplying all the required fields we use in the app. This will be an indication that you have a problem on your backend that needs to be addressed.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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What version of the backend are you running?
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Mythtv Player v2.2.1 is available in the alpha channel on Google Play.

Some of you have reported feedback on the app after Chromecast support was added. I believe I have addressed most the issues with this release.

Please let me know if you run across any further issues.

MythTV Player 2.2.0 is out in the Alpha Channel.

Chromecast Support is Here! In order to try it out, you need to have a working Chromecast on your network. Then you either need to transcode your recordings to HLS (right from within the app) or previously transocded them to MP4. This can be done using a script such as this:

This will also work for your videos, but you have far more options available for playback. Take a look at the list of supported media formats that Google Cast supports.

I think this will stay alpha for a bit as I want a really good shakedown test of this new feature. Please let me know of any issues you might run into. You can do so here or as a GitHub issue over at the project's repo page.

Please let us know what you think.

Just got the update with chromecast support. It won't play any video though, either locally on the device or on the chromecast.

Any advice? 

MythTV Player v2.1.1 is available in the Google Play Store Beta Channel.

As with v2.1.0, if you have a large library, you should no longer see crashes loading the Recent page. Only recordings are loaded per title now. This means searching won't be as immediate. We used to initially load all recordings so that you could search everything at any time. Some libraries were too large it was blowing out the available memory to the app.

This version also fixed a few other minor issues as well. But, in preparing for the future, we are going to be ending support for Ice Cream Sandwich and some versions of Jellybean. These versions make up less than 5% of the total install base. We cannot move forward with some planned changes and still be able to support these older versions of Android.

That doesn't mean you are out of luck altogether if you still have one of these devices. If you go the Releases page on the GitHub repository, you can still find versions that work on them. Version 2.1.0 is the last one that will support these older versions. You can download the APK from the Releases page and sideload it to your device. Unfortunately, those devices will not get getting any further updates.

Sorry for any inconvenience, this may cause. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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At Google I/O 2016, Google announced the availability of Firebase Analytics and Crash Reporting. As a community, are you OK with having the app implement some of this tracking. It will only be used for basic event tracking, to see how the app gets used, as well as crash reporting. Let me know in the comments here if this use is acceptable.
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Track analytics, crash reporting
Don't track analytics, crash reporting
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