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No more than 3 profiles.
No godmodding 
No PK-ing.
Keep swearing and inappropriate things to a minimum.
Make a Profile if you join.
Have fun!


Looks: (Picture can be used)
Bio: (If needed)

If you want to add more to your profile feel free to.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below, along with any questions you may have.

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Hi Guys!!!

Name: Kushina Kirigaya
Nickname: Klashy
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Weapons: She ha ve a blue Sword Picture 3
Likes: Books,The blue color,The cats and play Her Favourite game.
Dislikes: Dogs,School and Flowers.
Level: 180
Personality: Friendly
Looks: Picture
Kirito's Sister
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There 32 members,yet I just looked at the profiles and there's only about 5 sign ups... 

BTW enjoy the pictures
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Alright. In order to make this more interesting, I will be accessing the system command and putting in special events. But! You guys get to choose. Make some suggestions. Don't be afraid to say them.

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Name: Christina Meldin
Nicknames:Christy,Rose Bud
Gender: Female
Weapons: Dragger,throwing knife
Dislikes:fighting,dark places (XD)
Bio: Uh.....Rather not tell ^^
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"Link start! "

Real Name: Mellow Rii

Username: MellowWellow

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Game Weapon: Standard Level One Sword

Likes: Friends, happiness, video games, excitement, and sweets

Dislike: Death, blood, insults, dangerous people, and injuries

Personality: Crybaby, kindhearted, shy, and mean a times

Bio: When Mellow was 10 her house hade caught on fire, her mother, father, sister, and brother were killed, she could only save her 7 year old brother running away from the house in pure sorrowness. It was on her 15th birthday when her brother hade died from a horrible illness, of course she went in sorrow. She locked herself up in her room and stayed on her computers playing video games non-stop, only coming out of her room for food. When she herd about Sword Art Online she quickly bought it, she immediately shoved the head gear on and joined the game
(First photo game play second photo real life photo)
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Name: sojo
Age 16
Likes : via video games and food
Dislikes: rude people
Bio: I'm a 16 male soft more that likes to play video games

Why is there 10 people and 2 profiles?

Name: Snow or SnXm
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Likes: Any kind of good food, PVE, and Dubstep
Dislikes: Classical music
Weapons: He usually uses a one handed sword named Worshiped Moon it looks like a regular one handed sword but it is black and has a gem that looks like the moon in the hilt
Level: 20? Mabey?
Stile: One handed swords and light but strong armor
Looks: He has brown hair with a left white eye and a right black eye he normally wears a black cloak looks like the Organization XIII cloak from Kingdom Hearts under that he normally wears a white shirt and blue jeans he has tennis shoes that are black and white
Personality: Depends on the person
Bio: I may make one later
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