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Full Name Uchikina shōjo ((Shy Girl in Japanese))

Nickname My friends call me Kina... her sweet, high pitched voice was quiet, so you knew that she was probably shy, or something else

Age I'm 16... is there a problem with that? she asked with no sign of her being sassy

Gender I'm a female

Sexuality B-Bisexual... she mumbled with embarrassment

BF / GF N-Nobody, 'cause I don't have one...

♡ *Personality Really shy, and quiet... nobody is her friend, so nobody knows if she is helpful, or kind...

Dere Dandere

Best Friend(s) None ((O P E N))

Enemie(s) None ((O P E N))

Secrets Kina has gotten possessed temporarily by a duwende before, when she was 7. She accidentally stepped on a anthill while playing with her old friend, and a couple minutes later, she felt like she fainted, but a duwende just took over her body. Her friend, Coriell, noticed Kina's motionless body, and touched her shoulder. Her possessed body slapped Coriell's hand away, and yelled at her in a deep, cold voice that definitely wasn't her's. Coriell called the nurse, and she tried to ask why she got possessed, and how they can turn her back. The possessed body told them that she stepped on top of their house, and asked for bananas, sunflower seeds, and oranges. When Kina was turned back, everything was back to normal, but Kina never had any more friends, after she ended her relationship with Coriell...

Bio After their relationship ended, she got a teddy bear as a gift from her aunt. The bear was alive, and it said that it's name was Mr. Ted the bear. Mr. Ted was kind, but he brought bad luck to Kina's family. A week after she got Mr. Ted, her parents died in a car crash, leaving her with her aunt, and her older sister, Sasha. She decided to throw out the teddy bear before it could make anyone else in her family die...
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Name: Kiki Melody Darlington
Nick Name : Kit Kat
Personality: naive sweet hyper optimistic emotional sensitive annoying worried easily
Loves:Reading, Singing,Ice Skating
Backpack: Pink Heart Backpack
Dere: DereDere
Pet: White Bunny
Enemies: None
Girl friend: Natasha
Secret: Has a crush on both Kena and Natasha
Friend: Martha
Bio: She lives in a sweet cozy cottage. She is an only child and is adopted. She loves pink hearts hugs and kawaii! She is very social and talks a LOT!!! Even sometimes too much but ironically empathetic and a good listener. A fun friend you would love to have to hug talk to and cry with!
Back story: Born naturally small was abandoned by her parents and was later adopted and lives happily! 

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(Open RP to everyone.)
Shu and Subaru were sitting in the courtyard. Subaru was sitting down with his eyes closed. And Shu was sitting down, sketching. Just then, you appeared out of no where and...

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♡Full Name: Subaru Sakamaki.
♡Nickname: None.
♡Age: 16.
♡Gender: Male.
♡Sexuality: Bisexual.
♡Bf/Gf: (Open.)
♡Personality: Quiet, Has Anger Issues, Smart, Kind At Times, Helpful.
♡Bestfriends(s): None.
♥Enemie(s): (Open)
♥Secret(s): He hides his Tail And Neko Ears Like His Brother, Shu.
♥Bio: Classified.

♡Full Name: Shu Sakamaki.
♡Nickname: None.
♡Age: 18.
♡Gender: Male.
♡Sexuality: Straight.
♡Bf/Gf: (Open.)
♡Personality: Quiet, Lazy Sometimes, Kind, Fears Fire (Due to his Childhood.).
♡Bestfriends(s): (Open.)
♥Enemie(s): (Open.)
♥Secret(s): He Hides His Tail and Neko Ears Luke His Brother, Subaru.

(Subaru: Left.
Shu : Right.)

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((O P E N R P))

Uchikina was "alone" in the gym, sweating and exhausted from running 19 laps around the large area. Her gym uniform was cuter than alot of the other girl's gym uniforms. You approached her, but she turned away from your face

"W-What do you want?" she asked while panting

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Name: Sakura Awaya Massago

Nicknames: None

Age: 19

Gender Identification: Female


Date of birth: December 21, 1997

Place of birth: Manchester, England

Sexual Orrientation: "Whats that? Can't I just love whoever I want whenever I want? CAUSE I LOVE EVERYONE! ^_^"

Zodiac: Saggitarius

Origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English, trying to learn Dutch

P E R S O N A L:

Single/Taken: Single

Voice and accent: Soft british accent

Background: Dutch English Italian

Life quote: None

Other Quotes: "Roses are red, Bacon is red, poems are hard.. Bacon!"

Theme song: Castle by Halsey

Dere: Deredere

P H Y S I C A L:

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Complexion: Pale

Height: 6,4

Weight: 114 lbs

Blood type: O

Physical deformities: None

Bra size: B Cup

M E N T A L & P E R S O N A L I T Y:

Personality: Sweet, kind, sarcastic

Phobias: Wasps, ants, parasitic flies, birds, snakes, toads, rats, lizards, dragonflies and monkeys

Mental disorders: Thinks household objects are edible sometimes, and acts like she actually is a child a lot.

Likes: Friends, her crush, animals, books


Peeves: Fights

E X T R A:

Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite movie: Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2


Favorite music genre: Pop

Favorite flavor: Sweet

Favorite weather: Hail

Favorite animal: Cocker Spaniels that chase her around everyday

Favorite pastime: Books.

Favorite band: None

Favorite song: Sans Happy Song

and btw I copied this template from someone else and the photo was not made by me tyvm 

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Name: Natasha Kayla Herrick

Nicknames: Natalie

Age: 17

Gender Identification: Female

Species: "I'm not special at all like a unicorn bitch."

Date of birth: October 30, 1999

Place of birth: Providence, Rhode Island

Sexual Orrientation: Lesbian

Zodiac: Scorpio

Origin: Germany

Languages spoken: German, English

P E R S O N A L:

Single/Taken: Single

Voice and accent: Quiet, scratchy, English voice

Background: German

Life quote: "For sale, one heart. Horrible condition. Will take anything for it."

Other Quotes: None

Theme song: We R Who We R by Ke$ha

P H Y S I C A L:

Eye color: Violet

Hair color: Purple, pink, light blue

Complexion: Pale

Height: 5,10

Weight: 102 Ibs

Blood type: A

Physical deformities: Has large scar on shoulder making it hard to move arm.

Bra size: Double A

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Kiki

M E N T A L & P E R S O N A L I T Y:

Personality: Depressed, hard to talk to, loner, sarcastic

Phobias: Herself

Mental disorders: Colorblind

Likes: "Theres nothing to enjoy about life so stop talking about it."

Dislikes: Herself

Peeves: Her Ex-best friend. "She was too nice to me and I needed to leave her! I could've hurt her."

E X T R A:

Favorite color: Violet

Favorite movie: None

Favorite book: None

Favorite music genre: None

Favorite flavor: Spicy

Favorite weather: Rain

Favorite animal: Platipus

Favorite pastime: None

Favorite band: None

Favorite song: Just Like Fire by P!nk


*I realize what I did and blush out of embarrassment*

*changes into pink gym clothes *
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