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Name~ Lindsey
Age~ 16
Gender~ Female
Race~ ?????????????
Personality~ Masochist, Insane, Suicidal
Weapon~ Knives
Craziness Level~ 8
Bio~ Has lived in an asylum when she was younger. She was there for brutally murdering her entire family. She escaped in search of her little sister, the only one she let live because she loved her too much.

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Name: Vicky
Age: 18
Race; Deaths Daughter (I have no race)
Gender: Female
Bio: Vicky is crazy but acts like she is normal. She has no friends an spends most of her time in the library. People bully her and its starting to get to her. She is very smart but no one recognizes her for it but she doesn't care. Also she likes to spend her time in the woods after school everyday.
Personality: shy, quiet, nerdy
Weapon: Double Headed Axe or Kitchen Knife
Craziness: 5
(Don't steal my picture it is my real character that was made for me by a friend)
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