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Name: Shane Jagger
Age: 25
Personality: cocky
Likes: putting a beat down
Hates: losing
Weapon: Gipsy sword, shoulder cannon
Bio: the now only child after losing his older brother to a kaiju he wanted to become a pilot just like his brother, he was never top of the class, or a star athlete, but he was popular, and could hold his own
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Kaiju: Otaki
Name: Xika
Gender: female
Age: 28
Universe: Pacific Rim
Bio: a class G Kaiju recently came from the Rim, she stays currently near the East coast of the U.S.A.
Personality: she is cooperative and often saves injured Kaijus by crashing on the enemy Jaeger before it can finish the Kaiju
Origins: she comes, like most of the Kaijus from a distant world, her race uses the Rims to travel and invade other worlds.

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Christmas and new years in my under water home

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walks through tokyo with no jaeger in sight and starts to destroy the city

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gets hungry and brings up a kaiju half my size and eats piece by piece

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roars as people run in fear ad some die from radiation and heat GRAAAAAA

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Name: Darrin Alexander

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Co-pilot: None assigned.

Bio: Selected for the Jager program, Darrin has shown the ability to operate effectively under massive mental strain.

Notes: Has a very limited compatibility range do to a very unusual mental pattern and stability.

Jager: Thundering Pain

Primary Weapon(s):
Two 20 inch D-7M guns (mounted on upper hull mounts) - 18 laser guided SLAP rounds per gun.
Maximum range: 32 miles

Five IO-19L-7 Plasma generators (the little turrets)

Two 18 Inch RKC-12 Gauss guns. (Imagine the big brother of Gipsy's plasma cannons)

Powerplant: Two BL-12 Salt Water Nuclear Reactors

Maximum speed: 40 MPH

Bio: Built as a prototype firing platform based off of a 2nd gen hull, Thundering Pain was originally built for a sort of combined arms policy.
Standard Jager units, like Gipsy, were to hold kaiju at bay until such firing platforms could take them out from afar.
The idea was scrapped with the accidental destruction of a gen 1 from said platforms fire. Although the idea itself was scraped, Silent Pain has spent many years guarding various shatterdomes from kaiju, punishing any who dare enter it's massive gun's range.

Notes: The side pieces on the feet fold flat up against the food for actual movement and are spiked on the bottom.
Before firing the D-7M's, the spikes will be rammed into the ground to anchor the unit. Firing the guns without anchoring the unit is not recommended.


Yes yes, a character for a PR rp without an actual Jager, but hear me out here.
There were only so mamy Jagers, and none of them were really designed for ranged combat.
Somebody had to be though, right? How would that change how the battles are fought?

Also, #gauss guns. Plasma cannons writ large with insane range and destructive potential.
Stil cauterizes too :P

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name: Godzilla
age: unknown 
powers:regeneration atomic breath super spiral ray nuclear pulse super strength and almost unpeirce able skin and will become more powerful and bigger when feeding
height: four times the size of normal kaiju 
weight: 800,000 tons and more
bio: was created by atomic bombs and turned in to the king of the kaiju he is unmatched in the kaiju world he protects the planet humans and citys from monsters but he will attack them him self if there is no other monster he feeds on plasma nuclear energy or any other form of energy and sometimes other kaiju he will make friends to anyone who helps him in battle and will fight along side them forever he lives on an island alone or sleeps in the deepest part of the sea he often fights as tho he knows human fighting tecnics 
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