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Shree Danav Dalan Veer Hanuman Siddhpeeth is located at Lachhmangarh (or Laxmangarh or Lakshmangarh) town belongs to Sikar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated on National Highway No. 52 at a distance of 24 kms north from the district head quarters Sikar.
The true and miraculous story is before the year 1683, when there was dense forest in place of Lachhmangarh town. There were large climes of wild trees such as Kara Jarari in the nearby areas. At that time there was a huge tilla in place of present temple.
The main statue of Danav Dalan Hanuman Ji in the temple was being taken by some devotees in the bullock carriage for the purpose of establishing somewhere at the site of Salasar region.
When bullock cart reached on the road leading up to the current temple, the same was stopped automatically.
The guards and fellow devotees tried to push the cart forward but the vehicle did not go. Hence together with the help of people living in this area, they all worked tirelessly to turn the carriage forward, but the same did not go ahead.
Then all of them decided to take the idol off the cart and to carry the bullock carrier empty. Inspired by the wonder that, the idol took 5-10 people to keep in the carriage, same was not moving at least sesame even after so many people together now trying to carry it down.
Rao Raja of Sikar, traveling to some other area, also reached at the place with elephants, horses and his army soldiers, they also tried to force the statue but the result was nil because the statue or carrier did not slide from the place.
The meaningless effort of raising the idol and pushing the cart by the King and people was being observed by one of the Sadhu, who was performing puja with his disciple at nearby hillock.
Saint said to the tired and frustrated King and people that this is Siddh statue of Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj and God has a desire to establish at this place so install it on this tilla.
After hearing the divine voice of Sadhu, Raja requested that your words are true, but no one can lift the idol neither bullock cart go ahead even after so many efforts. Now the cart is in the middle of the road, and the idol is standing in a carrier, then we think that there is no way to establish the idol when it is steady on the middle of the road in the bullock cart.
Upon hearing this, the bright Saint indicating to the sitting society that they should sit here and then he stand with his disciple, reached at the carrier and praising Hanuman ji with folded hands, then both tried to undertake the idol.
There is a great wonder! The statue, to which so many people could not raise together, that become like a blossom, there was a supernatural scene; both the Saints took the statue and kept it on the mound, all the devotees present were amazed.
Accepting the desire of Bhagwan Hanuman to be installed here, present devotees praised Hanuman Ji with folded hands then Raja and people left for their town after receiving blessings from the divine Sadhu.
The good day, on which the idol was installed, was Kartik Krishna Chaturdasi in the year 1683 that proves this temple is more than 332 years ancient.
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