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If your looking for a good scripting language, I think Python is pretty capable. You can use others, but keep in mind most of what your doing Dosent require a lot of coding, reverse shells can be made in less then 100 lines of code, password cracker in less the 15 lines of code in python(with lists of passwords, and md5 codes) the idea is it's a good first scripting language.

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Petya is no more a Ransomware..It's proved
It is really a Data Wiper...

THis article contains:
How Petya works?
Security Research Updates about it..
Does paying ransom gives your data back? and why?
List of countries affected.
And some preventive measures to slow down this malware...

Read the complete article here:

We are The Hacker's Library..
We teach hacking, post news articles, advanced tricks, linux and Android rooting concepts.

Join us and Stay updated..

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Email Footprinting..

Topics included in this article:
How to trace an email?
Email Tracking vs. Email Tracing
Collect complete information about the sender such as his/her physical location
How to perform email tracing manually
How to perform email tracing through automated tools
And more..

Join the facebook Google+ of The Hackers' Library here...

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How to crack zip or rar file password.. Plz help
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