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Hello everyone, we are here to help you as needed, anywhere in Texas. We offer synthetic slate, shake, and Spanish barrel roof tile. Check out our specs at
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As temperatures drop across the country homeowners in areas prone to freezing should be aware of several tips to prevent winter roof leaks yourself.
Hoping everyone had a relaxing holiday! Since the cold weather is here to stay, here is an article on How To Prevent Winter Roof Leaks. The cold can create leaks in your home or could make insignificant issues bigger problems as the season takes its course. Here is #HowTo Prevent Winter #Roof Leaks. #roofing  

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The cold temperatures mixed with water can cause minor to serious winter #roof damage if you don’t look out for warning signs. Here is what to look for to prevent winter #roofdamage.

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Having winter roofing problems can be more difficult than #roofing problems in any other season simply because of battle against the cold. To prevent these expensive expenses from getting out of hand, here is the Top Winter Roofing Problems to look for.

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When it comes to a roof’s longevity, metal #roof average 50 years compared to asphalt roofs with a 17 year warranty. Why do metal roofs last so long? Here are the details on how metal #roofingmaterials work. #metalroofs   #metalroofing   #roofing  

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We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! The cold season is when most people start using their fireplace more to stay warm, this is the perfect time to look into a custom chimney cap.
While several homes have chimneys not all have custom chimney caps. In this article I will explain the definition, functionality and benefits of having chimney caps on all your chimneys. #chimneycaps #roofing  

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There are many ways different ways to get an accurate roof measurement, one includes climbing on your roof. Luckily, there’s more than one way to measure a #roof. #roofingtips   
Our #HowTo Measure a Roof blog explains the different ways to measure a roof, how to get started and what math to use for different #roof pitches and types. #roofing   #DIY   #homeownertips  

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It seems Green  #roofing  could be the new future of roofing... See what green roofing plans Google and #Facebook  have in store. #greenenergy   #energyefficiency   #greenroofing  
#Greenroofing or a living #roof could be the future of roofing. Learn what #Google and Facebook are doing to join this #roofing revolution.

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The future of sustainability is already here and thriving with several energy efficient options to choose from. So what are the Energy Efficient Roofing Options For Homeowners?? 
Today's homeowners need to save as much money as possible, the future of #sustainability here and ready for you to take full advantage of.
What are the #EnergyEfficient #Roofing Options for Homeowners? #homeowners   #roof  

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Which Do You Prefer? #Solar  or Electric Powered Vents? This article lays out the pros and cons of both. #DIY  #homeimprovement  #roofing 
Having Effective #Roof Ventilation is Crucial for a Long-Lasting Roof. When it comes to roof or #attic vents, you can either go with electric powered vents or #solar powered vents. Here is the break down.
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