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Name: Iris Bianca
Age: 14
Year: Level four (Dragon)
Abilities: Telepath, Technopath
Schedule: (Picture below)
Home: Candleshade (Temporary)
Personality: Iris is good at leading others, and is also very creative. Her friends and sister usually turn to her for guidance, and she is always happy to lend a hand. Iris is also very outgoing and likes being around other people, but since her sister went missing, she has sort of shut herself away from others. Though overall you could call her an outgoing extrovert.
Pets: None, really
Hair: Golden blonde ringlets
Eyes: Bright blue-green
Clothing: Iris usually trays to not be very noticeable, because it would draw attention to her beauty, and dresses in the simplest dresses she can, such as a plain, flowy red dress, since red is her favorite color alongside dove gray.
Other: Iris is a Polyglot, but she doesn't know. She grew up in the Forbidden Cities.


Iris sat in detention, bored out of her mind. This was the third time this week she earned detention for herself for hanging out with her friend Amber Fox, who is always getting Iris into trouble because of her own selfish reasons. For example, this time, it was because Amber stole something from a teacher, and Iris just happened to be with her. Iris's strange friend had a knack for thieving, and no one could keep her from it. She sat next to Keefe, with Amber and the next table over,and when she caught Amber's eye, Iris glared daggers at her Why do you just have to keep getting me in trouble!? She transmitted to Amber, making Amber glare back at her

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Name: Eliana Ruewen
Age: 14
Level: 4
Special Abilities: Telepath, and Hydrokinetic.
Schedule: Telepathy -with Sophie and Fitz (Monday, Wendsday, Friday)
                  Gym (Tuesday and Thursday)
                      Elvin History
Name of Home: Havenfield
Personality: Shy, quiet, secretive, smart, pretty, kind
Any Pets: Nope
Eye Color: Light Blue, same as Edaline's.
Hair Color: Blonde like Sophie's because they are two months apart.
Clothing: Bright Pink dress, with High Heels. Looks like she let Biana give her a makeover.

I have read all of the books, also I'm new. Hi!!!! 😌😌😌😌

Hi! I havn't read the books 3 and 4 yet because I'm french and they aren't come out yet in France. Is that a problem?

Az lay on the grass outside Foxfire, staring at the shifting clouds.

Lily sat in detention, tapping softly on her desk

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