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The world is cruel especially to the needy... In your capacity; in small or big way, make a different. A smile to the broken hearted is much more than any tangible stuff you may think of offering them.

#Bedifferent #MakeItWorthWhileForThem  

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What does being hands and feet of Jesus to the least, the last and the lost mean to you in this time and age?

Will you be that this week. Your little contribution really goes along way in making life better for "the least of these".
You are their heroes, not the faces they see on the television, not the politician that lied to them in the broad day light.
it is you who makes honest sacrifices to make them smile.
#Handsandfeet #theleastthelastandthelost  

There's been a case of parents putting their teenage girls as early as 12 years (not a teenager) to family planning, in the fear of them getting pregnant when they go to boarding schools, or even when they go for parties.

what is your take? Is this a wise move, are the parents doing this considering other dangers that come with sexual activities among young people. Or do we fear pregnancy more than STIs and HIV and AIDS??

How do we deal with Teenage issues really???

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What exactly is the major cause of high growing street kids in Nairobi and other towns around Kenya?

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What's worse; launching condoms for teenagers who are super active in sexual intercourse or letting them teens continue with their unprotected sexual activities and die of AIDS and other STIs, and of abortion complications?

Lets here what your say is.

"The cats and the dogs have forgiven each other. What is wrong with us?" LUCKY DUBE (A South African Reggae Artist) Murdered by gunmen. RIP

Think about that! An eye for an eye???

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