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Excerpts from an important but forgotten spiritual text, via Ralph Waldo Trine:

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"Once again, all we need to do is unite and we could fix this mess almost overnight. There are so many movements that if they all joined forces, we would swiftly deal with the corporatization, authoritarianism and militarization of our world."

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Hunting for power, redirecting wasted energy to gain personal power. Each action or thought a person takes or has, either increases your personal power, or diminishes it.
Having power is a very good thing, because every aspect of a persons life hinges on their personal power. The more you have, the more you can do. This applies to both reality and the ethereal connected to it.

What do you think of this idea or perspective? Feasable? Horse Feathers? What?

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Some have called ignorance bliss. But if you actually look into it, there is an incredible cost and consequence to ignorance; and there is no free ride for anyone.

Thank you for this invitation

Do you pray? I don't believe in a definable God, but rather, a larger presence which humans could not ever hope to fully understand. And yet I still pray from time to time. My non-denominational prayer is usually addressed to "The Creator" or "The Spirit" or "The Force" or some such thing.
So basically I am just wondering: am I the only non religious person who prays?

I have heard so many stories about people and animals passing away, and having one last "gesture" before their spirit is gone, kind of like saying goodbye, or having closure. I was pondering the next phase of life after this, and would like to know if anyone out there has thoughts, or stories on the subject.

I have heard a lot lately about the "brain in a jar" theory. Also related to the idea that we could be living in a virtual reality.
As far as I know, scientists and philosophers alike, have not been able to disprove that this theory could be true.
Has anyone heard of any new solutions to this notion?
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