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Name:Auorra Morgana Blackwood
Alliance:No one
Religion: for now the old gods though she'll forgive her father and follow him in the future
Bio:She is the mortal the daughter of the Red God. As a child she was abused by her mother as she was a bastard. Their social standing is one of the minor houses. One day she left her home and went to a witch who told her heritage. Hating the Red God for making her life hell she forsake Him. She then was thought by the witch in the dark arts. After that she killed the witch and killed her family then became Lady Blackwood. She is cunning and won't hesitate to do what it takes. She also drank some water from the Foundation of Youth making her young and then she could only be killed in battle.
FC:Katie McGrath

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Name: Austin
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Family: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Husband/wife:  N/A
Children: N/A
Skills: I'm grate with a sword, and I'm pretty good at setting traps, and cooking
Likes: Nice work, money from the job, and a place to sleep.
Dislikes: Allot of things
Hobbies:  Drawing in a weird book that he has
Personality: Nice, helpful, but also rude at times, he likes to push the boundaries a bit and see where that takes him
Weapon: Duel swords.
Pet: A dog
Bio: I'll keep that to my self thank you vary much. But maybe one day i'll tell it to you.

+Solo Doll  our rp and make your oc and +dodgeworld l and  +Daenerys Targaryen  please make your oc or take an canon character or you will be banned not solo doll just dodgeworld I and daeneys targaryen!

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Name: Sakura.
Age: 13.
Gender: female.
Family: drogo.
Sexuality: bisexual.
Husband: none.
Children: none.
 Noble, bastard,dothraki or royalty: dothraki.
 Appearance or pic: pic but has the dothraki skin and has brown hair and hazel eyes and wearing an white short strapless dothraki rider dress with black high heel boots.
 Skills: swords, speaking the common tongue and dothraki and riding an horse.
 Likes: her books.
 Dislikes: mean people.
 Hobbies: horse riding, swimming, dancing, singing, fighting, using her sword, reading and running.
 Personality: can seem haste, cold, cruel, distant, quiet, doesn't trust or talk to many people, stubborn, hot tempered, childish, loud,  bold, sassy, kind, messer, sly, shy, sweet, caring, helpful and friendly.
Weapon:  her sword no name.
Pet: just her mare.
 Bio: secret.

((+Shadora Doll  this is before the meeting of drogo and his wife i going with him we on the horses.))

Sakura was looking around bored her hair was in an loose bun with two hair lock wearing an white riding short strapless dress with black high heel boots on but with some cuts for her legs on her horse was going fast but make sure she was behind her brother looking around the free city thinking on what my brother wife will be like and why should he have to be married to an wife when...

Hi +Shadora Doll  and  +joshua gutierez please make an oc or take an canon character
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