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Welcome to my Dramatical Murder (DMMD) Community!
RULES will be posted right here, so check below this sentence.~

1. No NSFW content (only because people are immature and report)

2. Soft yaoi, things that are censored, ect should be okay. I make no promises since sometimes GP+ gets stupid and still reports that too.

3. Don't take credit for artwork if it's not yours. You don't need to source things, but I don't like people claiming shit's theirs if it isn't. That will get you banned without a warning.

4. Anyone is allowed, but people who post memes or just troll will be banned. This is a fun community; I ain't got time for that shit.

Anything you need to know is posted here but if you have a Q, call me and tag me if you're not sure about something. Thanks bbys! ;D

Have a good time posting!~

-The Slyest Blueness
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You are so innocent Clear!!!!😂

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~I've playing with my demons
Making troubles for yourself
And these days are far from over
You know I can't help myself
I love coming for you baby
And it's killing me inside
I've been dying for you baby
Almost every single night~

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~I wanna throw it all away
For tonight, and the day another day
It's just you and me
And I'm on my knees
Would you pray for me
Would you pray ~

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Gomen Gomen, Kulia San! I haven't been fulfilling my promise until now... I will start with the hair...

Did i do good?

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Someone please speak to me, I need a friend right now. I feel really alone.

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Anyone wanna do a roleplay??
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