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I was in the new York NY and I was going to share with Google plus and then it just said this I am in Oakville Connecticut at my fathers house connected to optimumwifi and this email address has so many years ago and I am going on the world of my resume life is my resume name of this email address and has been able to change an arms and still on my phones and tabletop and then we have a lot of this email address
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Please see  This isn't a community that helps debug your stuff for you; you may want to try elsewhere.
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The monthly collection of #cybercrime  and #cybersecurity #infographics is up. Big thanks once again to everyone who creates these (whether you email them to me or I hunt them down).
Every month HackSurfer shares the various cybercrime and cybersecurity infographics we come across. Did we miss yours? Email us at ; ;and we'll include it next month.&...
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It's. About. Time.
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A recap of IBM Interconnect and the rise of #MQTT due to the prominence of connected devices. #iot #api
The glitz and glamour of the Strip was the perfect locale for this enormous and lively conference hosted by IBM and showcasing some of the latest trends in cloud, API, and Internet of Things.
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Developing real time app using and Nodej.js :)
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Google Files Patent for Facial Recognition Login for Chromebook that can Capture Thefties

There are instances where an unauthorized person attempts to use your laptop and it goes unnoticed. Moreover, when we leave our system and return back after some time we have to provide our username and password to login onto our laptops or computers.

This frequent entering of username and password annoys us sometimes. Apart from this annoyance, these password based authentication systems are not reliable. Isn't it?

As a solution, Google has filed a patent that delineates a facial recognition login system that can solve all of the above mentioned problems.

Check this link to know hows and whys -

James and Eric are colleagues of Steve. Their job responsibility demands them to switch their workstations more often. And every time Steve has to use laptops that are at workstations of James or E...
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if they ever make a chromebook with the key layout of the image I'll buy it in a second
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Black Lotus

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NYC Attack - DDoS to Blame

#newyork  city officials, along with the FBI, are investigating a #cyberattack  that essentially knocked out the city's #email  system and left government employees unable to receive messages last week and in some cases, through Monday of this week.

All signs currently point to a #ddos  attack as the main culprit, as this +DNAinfo article explains:

Some city agencies such as the Department of Transportation set up temporary Gmail accounts to receive emails.

Jackie Albano, a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, said the issue, which started last Tuesday, had been resolved last week. Efforts taken to mitigate the attack may have contributed to slowed emails this week.

While inbound and outbound emails were affected, intra-agency emails were not, meaning that the work of the city could continue.

No sensitive information or data was compromised during the attack, said Albano who characterized it as a "big attack" but downplayed its impact.

The investigation is ongoing.

#news   #cybersecurity   #hacking   #hackers   #ddosattack   #ddosprotection   #ddosmitigation   #flt   #blacklotus  +Black Lotus 
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Upcoming Smartphone of Samsung may use two batteries

Our smartphones battery dies too fast and that causes problem for us. And the problem becomes worse if you are travelling and easy way to recharge your battery is not available.

As a solution, most of us carry a backup battery. Some of us prefer a portable charger otherwise.

If you carry a backup battery then you have to switch off your Smartphone to replace the discharge battery.

And you know the uneasiness that you face while doing this. If you are playing a game or drafting an email then all of the progress will be lost.

Find out how Samsung is tackling this -
Our smartphones battery dies too fast and that causes problem for us. And the problem becomes worse if you are travelling and easy way to recharge your battery is not available. As a solution, most...
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Sharing this to hn from the dojo community ( ).
I think that dojo - is the most experienced, modular and (including the 'dojo universe' on the way to dojo2) simply the best javascript toolkit.
It is made by the good ones.
They deserve the stars !
Hello, I'm passing forward this info from Dylan. It was pointed out recently that Dojo may be perceived to be less popular than it really is because so few users and contributors have actually done the simple step of starring the various Dojo projects via GitHub.
While popularity really doesn't matter, it can often be a factor in people choosing to contribute time and effort to a project, using that project, etc.
Here are a list of projects you may wish to star, as a way to show you have an interest in them:
Thanks for taking a moment to quickly star the projects you like.
The Dojo Toolkit core library. Please submit bugs to
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Need help from someone with skills. I'm too old failing vision 
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Apple is making possible to Track iPhone in Switch off Mode

There’s no doubt that iPhones are highly sought gadget and use to be in most wanted list of a user and a thief as well.

Moreover, like the iPhone users, the modern time thieves are much updated and tech savvy. They are aware that a user can easily find his missing device by find my iPhone feature and hence they use to turn off the device without delay.

What if I tell you that now you can track your missing iPhone when it has been sent to power off mode and even if Find My iPhone isn’t enabled in your iPhone?

Yes Apple is making it possible and their latest patent hints the same.

Check here for more details -
There’s no doubt that iPhones are highly sought gadget and use to be in most wanted list of a user and a thief as well. Moreover, like the iPhone users, the modern time thieves are much updated and...
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I see my house from here.
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Monika Rock

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Yeah, I know what those icons mean; you've got a voice mail waiting and it looks like a text didn't get sent. You might want to check on that. 
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Last Day of Launch Festival
I hope you all have enjoyed my live blog of the Launch Festival. Today is the last day of Launch Festival so I thought I would give you a rundown on the speakers and sessions on the schedule for today. If you find this helpful please share. Sharing is caring! -
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Jeff Douglas

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We were surprised the other day when we realized that If Programming Languages were didn't have a category for beer. It seemed like such a tragic mistake, so I naturally started a shared doc at Appirio and began to collect ideas. Here's what we came up with. Let us know if we missed anything ...
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I love mines cold but my friend likes it warm... probably cause he's British... Freaking disgusting to me
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How To Sabotage Encryption Software (And Not Get Caught)
When crypto researchers set out to discover the best way to undermine encryption software, they did so believing it would help them eradicate backdoors in the future. Here's what they found.
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No am not a hacker I just look for information 
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An introduction to functional programming in Java 8 with the new Stream API.
Learn Java 8 streams by example: functional programming with filter, map, flatMap, reduce, collect, lambdas, sequential and parallel streams are covered in-depth in this tutorial.
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Not hacker news, plus.. #pcmasterrace
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Learn the key digital trends in 2015 as well as how #BizDevOps and other movements are critical. #DevOps   #itoperations  
Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx and Anand Sundaram from SmartBear Software discuss digital transformation and the new role of app perforamnce management.
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Sohail Khan

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Looks like water'iey hot chocolate lol:-)
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Facebook Files Patent for New App that Enhances Battery Life of Your Phone

Most of the users don’t know that the Facebook’s app runs in the background and keeps using your internet data to update news feed and other updates in real time. As a result, you constantly receive notification from FB app on your device notification bar.

As it constantly runs in background therefore, it gulps the battery juice and is among the culprits of faster battery drainage.

But it seems like Facebook is tackling this problem head-on and as a solution they are coming up with different ways in which battery can be saved.

They have recently filed a patent application titled Conserving Battery and Data Usage to counter this problem.

Check out how FB is saving battery as your internet data as well -
With 1 billion downloads on Google Play store and more than 25,475,163 ratings, the Facebook app is one of the most popular apps in both Play Store and iTunes. It’s also reasonable to say that almo...
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Sad na
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Learn here at The geek Byte how to Turn On Security Notifications In Google Account.Just follow the simple & ever-lasting steps in this article.
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