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Leon sits by himself in the gym, meditating with no care in the world. he was in the middle of the floor w/ his back facing the door. you saw him sitting there and wondered what he was doing because dark energy was starting to swirl around him quickly. you walked into the room and you...

(pics are forms that might be used in rp. anyone can join, any number of people can join. no need to ask)
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C'mon guys, we gotta start getting some Rps up here. 200 somthing people and barely any of you are active. We need to do better than that

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I put it in the wrong place before

Name- James Drew

Age- 18

Species- Shapeshifter

Weapons- Scythes, knives, Chakrams, double bladed staff. Depends on form

Skillz- I can shapeshift between many forms and can use the power of electricity

Likes- I love technology and to see how many cuts into people I can perform before they die.

Dislikes- annoying people that stop me doing what I like to do.

Bio- I was always thought of as a monster to people so I was lonely. Till I discovered the school and thought I could use it to my advantage.
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Well fuck I already had a profile XD

Name- Tristan
Age- 13 (soon 14)
Species- human
Weapons- scatter gun
Skillz- double jump
Likes- being a major dingus and anything with cheese and hot chicks
Dislikes- Spy's
Bio- my life + scouts life

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Name- James Bridge/ Jessica Bridge
Age- 19
Species- Shapeshifter
Weapons- Twin Swords, the dead i bring back to life, my claws of the animals i shapeshift to and a poison that i appply to weapons when i need to.
Skillz- able to shapeshift into a multitude of animals and can change my gender when the time is required. I have the ability of the storms and can bring the dead back to life as a minion to me.
Likes- Darkness, The snow and forests,
Dislikes- Annoying brats who think they know it all.
Bio- I was trying to live a normal life when I had found a stone which released all these powers inside of me. I then got thought of as a monster and a witch so i ran and had to live on my own. After a while i had discovered this School and i applied so that hopefully i could better understand why i had these powers and also so hopefully i would be protected from the monster hunters that have a hit for me.
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(Thanks for the invite. Hopefully this is allowed.)

"Burn off in hell and leave me alone."

Name: "I refuse to tell my real name."
Nickname: Keo
Age: 17
Gender: F
Skills/Abilities: Keo can cast dark spells as well as summon ghosts, she...well...uses her magic for bad...
Species: Royal Devil I need better names :V
Likes: Despair
Dislikes: People annoying her, losing her hat crown-like thing, and sunlight
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: single
Occupation: None
Alias: Arum meaning gold in latan, Robear, Fumu, Necro, 0-7, and Dane
Fun fact: none
Weapons: None
Special trait: Excellent sense of direction
Bio: Sighs. "I was born in hell or whatever, became princess of hell...I dont know who my father or mother is, some people say they died or disappeared...something like that. Can I go now?"
(Sorry if it wasn't much, I'm working on her bio. Also, please tell me if I'm missing anything, thanks.)

open for anyone, just 1 person

Artyom was squatting down like a true slav, eating blins and drinking vodka while wearing an ushankha with his AK 47 and a Makarov handgun, you approach him and he looks at you what do you want, blyat?

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thanks for the invite!
Name : Artyom
Age : 20
Skills : Great Marksmanship with semi automatic weapons. Good at lockpicking doors
Likes : Exploring new places, hunting down mutants no one has dared to fight yet.
Dislikes : Waiting too much for the perfect shot, letting a mutant escape.

Bio : He was born in a small farm in the outskirts of Pripyat, when he was 11 years old some mutants attacked the farm. Killing most of the animals and his mother, after he gathered enough supplies and ammo he started wandering around without an exact goal.

hope this is good enough uwu
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