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Hello Agents!
Join the Obsidian Anomaly in beautiful Copenhagen at the 2nd of April 2016. Registration is now opened up for all of you awesome Resistance Agents.


Signup now. Thanks :-) Exist to Resist!

Please ReShare :)

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +John Hanke +Ruth Shepherd +Vicki Ellen 

#ingress   #obsidian   #copenhagen   #anomaly   #denmark  
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Copenhagen will be hosting yet another ingress event - this time it will be an anomaly in the obsidian series, on april 2nd !

Resistance signup is open - so please come join us 

Please share one or more of our signup posters in your local communities.

See you in Copenhagen !
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Medals were added to scanner within 24 hours after Mission Day. 

Fixes have been made after that (wrong spellings etc) but at 24:00 tonight I wont ask Niantic for further fixes, so check your scanners, and return to me in a private message in Google Hangout if fix is needed. But 24:00 tonight is last call !

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Mission Day Copenhagen

Copenhagen mission day was attended by 150 agents from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Austria and Russia.
The weather was typical danish autumn weather. Grey, misty, and with as dash of fine rain. 

We started out with a big brunch buffet at "Dalle Valle" before the event, and then went to the meeting point in front of Rosenborg Castle in Kings Garden.
Maps were distributed, rules explained, groups were formed, and a group picture were taken on the bridge to the Castle. 

Now the portals in inner city of Copenhagen started blinking in blue, green and grey. What agents just had conquered, changed color in a split second. Wild links were shot across city, path of abandoned keys were seen everywhere and L8 farms popped up in the strangest places.
Groups kept meeting around the mission sites, and a good mood was felt. Much laughing and teasing between factions.

Gathering 15 of 25 missions was not an easy task. Copenhagen Mission day medal is not a walk in the park (well... al lot of the missions were in the many parks of Copenhagen, but...). So at the gathering in Kings Garden at 16:00, people were tired, wet but happy.
Control and registering of agents went smooth, thanks to good queue behaviour.

Afterparty was at the Taphouse bar, famous for it's 61 different craft beers on tap. Here agens had well deserved beers after a job well done. The party here kept on until late, and in good cross-faction spirit.

We would like to thank +Niantic for selecting Copenhagen for Mission Day, and a special thanks to +Anne Beuttenmüller for creating wonderful artwork for the missions, that all were easy to complete.

#ingress   #missionday   #Copenhagen   #enlightened   #resistance  
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Transportation hint: Havnebusserne (ferry)

There is a bus-line (line 991 and 992) that is operated by ferry. It can be used to go between Opera (3) and Nyhavn (2), and thus avoid walking back to the bridge. 

991/992 also stops at The Black Diamond (1) 

Route 991 is going south, route 992 is going north. 993 is only nyhavn/opera

route plans at 

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Seems that missions are live now. Some, e.g. Planetariet, require passphrase. Hmm, from where do you get that?

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Clickable Google Map 

Here is a live google map with all missions (red) and venue sites (purple) plotted and named..

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A handy PDF map for mission day - download it to your scanner
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