Yo guys anybody wanna trade a key for a breakout type s certified with goalkeeper....xbox one

Someone trade me a key on xbox please Vs Mythic

Add me on PS4 jack851581. Kinda looking for a key but anything good I have good stuff in return

What are you willing to give me for Pcc

I trade my heatwave for a dominoes by xbox1 my name is crazychese47

Looking to trade with people on Xbox One, My items include; Lobos, Discotheques, an Octane ZSR and a few very rares. I would trade Both exotics, Octane, and 5 very rares for Parallax if anyone has it.

I play on pc...

Will anyone trade a key on ps4

Any one want to trade there zsr

anyone want a cc4 for some either purple or red lightning wheels? (ps4) GoshDangitJaden
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