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• Follow links to files in storage directory
• Follow links to other notebooks within the app
• Remove scheduled time after marking repeated deadline as done
• Fix unresponsive UI after returning from Settings

And more:

• Set different icon for failed notebook sync
• Update Settings title for every sub-screen
• Use darker snackbar background color in dark scheme
• Fix missing auto-sync check after new note from notification
• Improve notes' icon sizes in list
• Handle orphaned notes' structure changes
• Set book's modification time to remote's after sync
• Align checkmark in widget


• Quick note from ongoing notification (Android 7.0 or newer)
• Display only set or selected metadata in note view
• Support checkboxes in notebook's preface
• Allow installing app on the external storage
• Fix checkbox-on-enter to work with soft keyboard
• Don't parse checkboxes in title

Is there any way to help translating the app to other languages?


• Toggling checkboxes
• Sorting notes by position in notebook (o.pos)
• Preference to display notebook name in widget
• Preference to disable LAST_REPEAT property


• Support larger font size for widget
• Add buttons for setting deadline time
• Display inherited tags in widget
• Handle large values for tags indentation


• Configure widgets' color scheme and transparency
• Configure widgets' update frequency
• New action for moving note to the end of selected notebook
• Fix delay/warning (-1d) removal when time is changed in dialog
• Support applying multiple text styles (bold, italic, etc.)
• Fix query to prevent root node to appear when OR-ing notebooks

Feature suggestion: capture templates like org Capture. Ability to specify notebook path and templated headings (like org-journal). Useful for lists/reminders

Unsure about how to integrate into UI. Maybe a widget where it's easy to select like the agenda.

I have something like 3000 notes i want to import into orgzly. However, I have not figured out how to promote and or demote the notes for the sake of organization. Any advice?


• Fold drawers, unfold on click temporarily
• Log time shifting to LOGBOOK drawer
• Update LAST_REPEAT property after shifting time
• Keep habit deadline on time shift
• Handle content lines formatted as org headings
• Remove agenda days limit (was 30 days)
• If note has no content, start in content-edit mode
• Use dialog with single-choice list for setting notebook link
• Add "Open" action to the ongoing notification
• Ask for confirmation on notebook force saving and loading

v1.6.3 and v1.6.4 (bug-fix release)

Search and sort by created-at time, hide metadata in note fragment, set specific state from quick-menu, target Oreo with new adaptive icon and more.
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