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Source code for the app is now available on GitHub:

Newbie question: If I set a scheduled task, how long does it stay as scheduled before it gets marked as closed? I want the notification for all scheduled tasks to pop up every day until I mark them otherwise. 

It would be great if the sync icon in the notification drawer showed an indication of whether there was anything needing to be synced from the phone's end.

Currently you can open the app, look through the list of notebooks, and check for the icon that indicates a notebook has been changed on the phone. A universal 'something needs to be synced' indicator in the notification drawer would speed things up.

I'm getting some errors with the new beta - the scheduled notification shows up, but I got two messages saying 'unfortunately, Orgzly has stopped'

Very excited about this feature!

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If you want to edit the same org file/notebook on Emacs & Orgzly at the same time (via Dropbox) and auto-merge the two versions after the fact you may like this ...

I wrote a small python git-like program, oxly(1), that uses the Dropbox API to view/merge revisions of files.

Just making sure - folding/hiding property drawers is not supported yet, right?

I haven't looked through the code - what would it take to enable support for that?

Hi, are there any plans to implement a 'hoist' feature? I.e., what org-mode would call 'narrow to subtree'. Ongoing thanks for this excellent app


• Support for .t search operator
• Display inherited tags in search results (new option)
• Default notebook when sharing to Orgzly (new option)
• Persian translation
• Turkish translation
• Few syncing speed optimizations
• Support for using root folder as a Dropbox repo
• Exported SyncService for starting it from outside the app
• Fix “Fold/Unfold All” button sometimes not being displayed
• Fix searching for tags when inherited tags are used
• Fix corrupted properties in note on rotation

Salut, Note content can include clickable links for file ? Just a feu problem the option dropbox sync doesn't exist for me (Android, Orgzly 1.4.12). Thank you ! 

May I propose pCloud sync? Just moved my files from Dropbox to pCloud, and the only thing not working atm is orgzly. Could use FolderSync to sync a local folder, but would be far better to have pCloud integrated in orgzly.

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