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Welcome the the Dreams and Dragons Games Google community. Feel free to share original ideas or discuss all aspects of RPG's here. Although, I hope to maintain a specific emphasis on Free RPG's in general and Dreams and Dragons Games in particular.

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Long time no post! One thing I am having a hard time with is writing up more experienced or powerful characters right from the start. I now the idea is to create a starting hero and go from there, but I'd still like to create vets from he start, and veteran bad guys, too. 

Hey Jeff

I'm new to this group, only having recently discovered DxD. I have to say it's a very intuitive way of handling things. Are there any plans for expansions of any kinds for it?

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Looking for a star map to use in your latest space opera campaign? Look no further!

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I ramble on my blog about the search for the perfect Space Opera RPG.

Behold! A new random character approaches!

Clobbering: Muscles (changed to Lightning Blasts)
Grit: Electrical Field
Vigilance: "Electrified" Senses
Zip: Flight
Grind: Construction Worker
Vision: Astronaut
Excelsior: Boss
Nemesis: Head in Clouds

(I'm going to assign ratings as there is pretty much no chance I'll get to use these characters in a game)

Concept: Jake "Space" Jeffries was a construction worker on site at a super high-tech facility when he fell victim to an act of sabotage. Caught in the overload of an experimental power generator, Jake surely would have died were it not for the intervention and care supplied by the owner of the facility. This high-tech genius and entrepreneur spared no expense and invested a great deal of time into ensuring Jeff's survival and recovery. Due to these efforts, a strange process was allowed to complete itself, and Jeff emerged from his recovery with superhuman powers over the forces of electricity. He was also presented with an offer of employment at the entrepreneur's company. As a construction worker, he always had his head in the clouds, dreaming of somehow reaching for the stars as an astronaut. As a superhero, he pays homage to his old nickname as "Space Lightning!"

And, here I am with my first random character! (Just noticed that someone here made a character generator, so maybe I'll try that next)

My random rolls (and the Scores I assigned to them) were:

Clobbering: Stun Pistols 6
Grit: Leopard Skin (changed to Jungle Cat Toughness) 4
Vigilance: Cat-Like Equilibrium (changed to Jungle Cat Senses) 8
Zip: Super Leap 6
Grind: Body Guard 4
Vision: Teacher 2
Excelsior: Lover/Archenemy 4
Nemesis: Rages

So, my concept for this guy is shaping up like so:

A bodyguard that survived an attack on his employer, only to find that he had been infected by a were-creature of sorts. Making matters worse, the creature was a woman with whom he had fallen in love, only to discover that she was at least partly using him to get to her target. Now, he uses his unexpectedly decent mastery of his animal side to track down (and hopefully redeem) his ex-lover, while trying to use his "curse" for good along the way.

As for a Hero ID or Civilian ID: I got nothin' yet! Fire Away!

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A character generator. A bit rough but it lists all the power descriptions from the book.  It doesn't make a pretty sheet (yet) but it lets you try chucking simple character together quickly.  Requires Microsoft Excel and I'd suggest you turn off auto-calculation but it is what it is at the moment.
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