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Hi there =HellsRejects= & [Kickass-UT]  currently busy to setting up game servers FFA, BOMB, TDM, CTF,  & TS are up and running.
All server except FFA has frienly fire enabled TK have no kick but score punishment  ( -1 kill).
 [Kickass-UT]  is host by  Website and Game Server Hosting check it out and enjoy! peace out DoubleJ

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Hi guys, RKF Clan released UrbanTerror GOD Service (Game server On Demand)... free try at

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UTSC is proud to announce the 2nd seasonal Sr8 Only Tournament, scheduled for December. Signups will remain open through the month of November. There are 16 spots available. Please visit us at for more details. Teams are required to have at least 4 players to sign up for this tournament.

Also, there will be a KO tournament held on Nov 9, the information for which can be found here:

As always, information on UTSC and its events can be found at and #utsc on quakenet. And, stay tuned for updates on the coming match between FS-Team and the Champions of the previous tournament (.net, formerly |DB|).

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Urban Terror 4.2.015 Release

This update brings also a new gift: a new map created by our Nounou named Ghosttown. Ghosttown is a big playground imagined for 12 to 18 players which includes vertical gameplay and many possibilities to jump. It was first designed to be played in deathmatch modes and capture the flag.

All Urban Terror services are suspended until further notice. One of our servers (which contains the source code of the game) has been hacked.
source:UrT Facebook page

New update version 4.2.0013 or something like that adds 2 new guns!!! and some fixes but who cares there's 2!!! new!!! guns!!! now go crazy on that DL and start shootin'

What is your favorite map and why?

Post your in-game name and version here!
Dvader, currently on 4.2, but you might remember me from 4.1 too :)

Any tips on playing the Spas 12? It's fun, but seems way too weak and ineffective,

Sidearms! Which and why?
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