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Do any of you have students who are not able to use/does not have any device or internet connection at home?

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Please give us your best piece of advice for teachers flipping a lesson for the very first time. Thank You!

Looking for flipped classroom examples at high school level. Did you flip even one lesson? Would you be willing to share it? Does not need to be top quality, in fact, examples are more encouraging to newbies if they are not so polished!

Transforming the Modern Classroom

I have a middle school teacher that has reached out to me for guidance on redesigning her classroom.
Has anyone rearranged their classroom physical space and replaced old desks with new innovative furniture?
If you have any suggestions or pictures to share that would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have pros/cons on operating a flipped classroom for chemistry? I have a set of videos linked to our core topics. Many of my students seem to want me to explain the topic in class. I would really like to focus on offering more hands-on labs and/or time in class for students to work out problems. Also, our school is currently 1to1 with google chromebooks. Love the chrome... we are collaboratively sharing lab data between classes. I post a link with the master spreadsheet with sharing privileges and students post their data... trout tank water quality, corrosion study, air temperature during the eclipse. It is great way to show experimental error. Thanks for you input.

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Looking to try to flip my classroom this year...nervous.Going to start with math first and see how it goes. Any word of advise?

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